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Group LP Selfies

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2014 Group LP Selfie Team Submissions

December 19, 2014

The Exchange HQ Loss Prevention Team, Dallas, Texas

"Maximizing Earnings by Reducing Losses"

Greetings from The Headquarters of

the Army and Air Force Exchange Service


Left to Right: Bryan Gibson, Analyst; Stephanie Brawner, Analyst; Guy Pellan, Budget, Training and Equipment; Kevin Turnbull, Investigator; Richard Koloski, Vice President-LP; Tom Shull, Director and CEO; Brett Thibodeau, Logistics Regional; Suzanne West, Training; Rebecca Vilatoro, Admin Assistant; Denis Hopewell, Lead Investigator; Danielle Tompkins, Analyst


December 15, 2014

Burlington Stores LP Team from Territory 4 - Region 16 - Dallas, Ft. Worth

"Loss Prevention and Law Enforcement -

Building Partnerships"

Front row: (left to right) Bethany Simpson, Leilani Russell, Araceli Romero, Leonard Tejada, Dwayne Sakuguchi, Scott Sarrett

Back row: (left to right) Carmen Bautista, Brett Steinfels, Scot Porter, (Law Enforcement Officials: Denton, Texas Police Department: Detective Michael Sweet and Officer Shane Kizer); Kevin Williams, Gary Hoyt, Deondrick Foley, Shaneka Jackson, Christian Vieyra


December 8, 2014

Burlington Stores LP Team from Territory 3 - Northeast


Left to Right: Bob Morris, Katerina Chizhikova, Dave Weiner, Linda Campbell, Bill Silva, Judy Grassi, Jim Roe, Roger Medeira, Barry Brown, John Davis, Chris Burdett

November 24, 2014

Michaels' Loss Prevention Team

"Working together to reduce Shrink, minimize Risk, and improve Safety."


Front Row (left to right): Juston Holton, Curtis Mitchell, Karolyn Busch, Marie Reyes, Chris Wesley, Stephanie Stout, Donna Fowler, Dyana Minor, Glenn Hargrave, Nicole Douglas, Michael Botello, Julio Oliva, Michael Kennedy

Back Row (left to right): John Roberts, Karla Leitgeb, Jon Sauser, Ed Holomon, Kevin Soular, Elizabeth Morales, Ryan Draper, Carissa Wright, Vinko Lenard, Tom O'Connor, Mario Zeaiter, James Dwyer, Gary Graves, Chris Piller


November 21, 2014

lululemon athletica 
Asset Protection Field Team

"When we govern ourselves according to the practice of Asteya, we will enhance our culture of honesty and integrity and naturally achieve our asset protection goals."

Left to Right: Stephen McIntosh, APRM Southwest US; Steve Kang, APRM Canada; Matthew Hall, Operational Risk Manager; Margaux Chandler, APRM Northwest US; Beth Anderson, APRM Southeast US; Rich Groner, Area APM US, Canada, International; Erik Newcomb, Director AP; Chris Vaval, APRM Northeast


November 20, 2014

NuTech National Team

Top Row: Pedro Espada, Joy Kunz, Melissa Torreano, Christy Puller, Greg DeTardo, Brittany Johnson, Jasmary Maldonado, Derek Radcliffe, Sabrina Dick, Tonya Prive, Anthony Mancino, William Crockett

Bottom Row: Justin King, Johathan Bonilla, Randall O'Brien, Pauline Nicholson, Ken Morse, Pedro Mirabal, Donovan Pinkerton, Rick Courte, Daniel Fitzberald, Talya Johnson, Jessica Denmark, Shanta Sukhnandan

Sitting: Joan Provost, Anthony D., Malori Godby, Dennis Kelly, Jeremy Pinkerton, Casandra Conilogue, Mark Edwards

November 19, 2014


Super Kmart #4059 Loss Prevention Team - Taylor, MI

"Building a culture, through safety 
and shrink"

Left to Right: Tim Schell, LPA; Sam Ashton, LPA; Beth St. John, LPM; Dylan Chapman, LPA

November 18, 2014

Penske Logistics Loss Prevention Team

"Dedication at Every Turn"


Left to Right: Aaron Henderson, Director LP; Wayne Blough, LPM Central; Leo Cabral, LPM West; Erin Wolfe, LP Project Leader

Back Row: Scott Kirsch, LPM East

November 17, 2014

Family Dollar Loss Prevention Team

"Work Hard. Have Fun. Make a Difference"

Left to Right: Mark Mellor, Chris Pomerlaeu, Julie Giblin, Jerome Stanley, Iliana Fong, Madeline Sinanis, John Hagerman, William Mousley, Wayne Smith, Gerchel Holbert, Archie Cook, Leticia Johnson, Francisco Cordoves, Elaine Minaya, Dave Antel, John Garrison, Bryan Venburg, Johnnie Willis, Ryan Barlow, Chris Brashers, Eric Fabian, Chris Bingham, Darren Martel, Ryan Ballard, William Keyes, Frank Mason, Michael Hatwayd, Melanie Covel, C.J. Connor


November 14, 2014

Burlington Stores, Inc. Houston, Texas 
Loss Prevention Team

"Burlington - Brag About It!"


First Row Left to Right: Derrick Harris, LP Supervisor; Cynthia Ruiz, LP Associate; Brittany Williams, LP Associate; Vivian Reyes, LP Associate

Second Row Left to Right: Twain Thompson, LP Associate; Lacresha Rosenthal, LP Associate; Andy Kessler, LP Associate; Tony Harris, LP Associate; Ricardo Perez, LP Associate; Shenna Saddler, LP Supervisor

Third Row Left to Right: Paul Becnel, LP Associate; Armando Montemayor, LP Associate; Sangster Lewis, LP Associate

November 13, 2014


GameStop West Market LP & HR Team

"People. Passion. Prevention."

Top Row left to right: Carlos Valdes (RLPM LA North); Tarsha Hardy (Field HR Manager); Isaac Chitica (Field HR Manager); Dawn Martin (Field HR Manager); Brent Craven (RLPM Pac NW); George Rodriguez (VP, West Market); Chuck Smith (VP of Field HR & Field LP); Sean Hunt (RLPM AZ); Robert Thompson (Regional Director, LA South); Omar Angulo (RLPM La South)

Bottom Row left to right: Eddie Rodriguez (Field HR Director, West Market); Rich Hasty (LP Director, West Market); Dan Jackson (RLPM Northern CA); Anji Webb (Sr. HR Director, HR Operations); Mike Lannen (Regional Director, Sacramento); Chris Martire (Regional Director, Denver)


November 12, 2014

Burlington Stores, Inc. Kansas City 
Market Loss Prevention Team

"It Takes A Team to Beat Shortage"

Left to Right: Aaron Duxbury, RLPM; Henry Tanner, LP Associate; Brooke Robinson, LP Supervisor; Brenda Beach, LP Associate; Nick Mattingly, LP Associate; Jorge Valdez, LP Associate; Travis Martin, LP Associate; Joel Bourdess, LP Associate

November 11, 2014

Jons Marketplace Corporate Loss Prevention Team

"We Shop the world for you"


Left to Right: Cesar Sanchez, LPM; Gullie Sauceda, LP Analyst; Erick Gonzalez, LP Field Investigator and Jose Caballero, LP Agent


November 10, 2014

Justice & Brothers Stores Loss Prevention Team

"LP - Your Profit Protection Professionals"

Left to Right: Robert LaCommare, CFI - AVP Loss Prevention & Risk Management; Mike DiDomenico, CFI - Regional LP Leader, Northeast; Mike Korso, LPC, CFI - Regional LP Leader, Midwest; Rick Pfeifer, LPC - Regional LP Leader, Great Lakes; Sean Walker, CFI - Regional LP Leader, Central; Tim Krueger, CFI - Regional LP Leader, Southeast; Scott Pethuyne - LP Investigator; Holly Martin - Regional LP Leader, West Coast; Eric Brill - Manager, Investigations/Corporate LP; Jeff Turk - Regional LP Leader, Mid-Atlantic

Not Pictured: Jackie Goebbel - Safety/Risk Manager; Nick Lauvray - Corporate LPO; Mark King - Corporate LPO; Sarah Lagrass - Corporate LPO; Lorna Gockenbach - Corporate Receptionist; Cathy Price - Corporate Receptionist


November 7, 2014

Macy's Western Florida Loss Prevention Team

"Making MAGIC!"

Left to Right: Amy Ritchie DDAP; Ashlee Beckham DMI; Lisa Bromiley APM; Josie Dominique APM; Cynthia Gwede AAPM; Barbara Justice APM; Rich Mejia APM; Rick Oliver APM; Robert Saalfeld APM; Paula Samuels APM; Douglas Shinn APM; RJ Smith APM; Aaron Wade APM (not pictured); Bill Wager APM; Ashley Wright LAPD; Anthony King LAPD; Lisa Jakob APD; Tawnie Murdock APD; Ray Font-Troche LAPD; Tavares Powell APD; Jaquala Riggins APD; Mickey Mays VSP; Parker Heffernan APD; Ryan Smith APD; Amy Rodriguez APD; Karen Duke LAPD; Anthony Matteo APD; Eric Wegener APD; Ashley Seaton LAPD; Deonte Artis APD; Erick Snyder APD; Jorlandy Martinez APD; Ed Hammer APD; Jose Adams VSO; Joseph Seymour APD


November 6, 2014

Ahold USA Asset Protection Investigations Team

"Getting Better Every Day"

Left to Right: Mike Murphy, Stop & Shop NY Metro Investigations Specialist; Andre Asperlli, Stop & Shop New England Investigations Specialist; Brad Weller, Giant-Carlisle Investigations Specialist; Nick Bader, Investigations Analyst; James Cosseboom, Corporate Security and Investigations Officer

Not Pictured: Roger Sadler, Giant-Landover Investigations Specialist


November 5, 2014

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores Loss Prevention Team

"Taking a business approach to Loss Prevention Issues"

Left to Right: Chris Carlson, Regional Operations and LP Manager (ROLPM); Bill Aldridge, ROLPM; Tony Cavaliere, Corporate LP Manager; Adam Ostrowsky, Director of Loss Prevention; Steve Grunst, ROLPM; Kevin O'Connor, Corporate Manager Safety & Technology; Royce Polasek, Sr. ROLPM; Tori Freeman, ROLPM; Greg Franck, Sr. ROLPM; Deb Kelly, ROLPM; Pat Rohr, ROLPM; Val Martorella, ROLPM; Davis Shepheard, ROLPM

Not Pictured: Sean Benningfield, ROLPM


November 4, 2014

Family Christian Loss Prevention Team

"Protecting the Family Christian Mission to Serve Orphans and Widows"

Left to Right: Anne McCall, LP Analyst; Cheryl Robinson, LP Analyst/AR Collections;

Chris Lienesch, AVP LP; Jenni Velting, LP/Operations Analyst


November 3, 2014

Hibbett Sports Asset Protection Team

"Great Company...Great People...Great Team!"

Back row left to right: Allen Flower, Regional LP Manager; Jonathan Hernandez, Regional LP Manager; Joey Gonzalez, Regional LP Manager; Lisa Johnson, Regional LP Manager; Scott Myers, VP of HR & LP; Chuck Bailey, Regional LP Manager; David Jeffreys, Regional LP Manager; Jeff Mote, Regional LP Manager; Kenny Craun, Regional LP Manager; Bobby Schueler, Regional LP Manager

Middle row left to right: Lisa Harris, Loss Prevention Analyst; Jenny Lockmon, Regional LP Manager; Ben Turner, Regional LP Manager; Jeremy Bailey, Regional VP of LP; Latisha McAbee, Regional LP Manager; Tara Shoop, Loss Prevention Analyst; Alexis Christiansen, Distribution Center Loss Prevention Manager; Andrew Doherty, Regional LP Manager, Sarah McCoin, Regional LP Manager; Chris Edmonds, Regional LP Manager

Front row left to right: Stacey Weathers, Regional LP Manager; Kip Wells, Regional LP Manager; Jennifer Grant, Regional LP Manager; Tony Maddox, Regional LP Manager; Healther Bennett, Regional LP Manager; Carmen DuBose, Regional VP of LP

October 31, 2014

David's Bridal Loss Prevention Team


Left to Right: Michelle Wallace, Loss Prevention Manager; Joseph Flynn, Director of Loss Prevention; and William Hickman, Fraud Analyst


October 30, 2014

Tilly's Loss Prevention Team at Huntington Beach

"If It's Not Here, It's Shrink"

Left to Right: Bryan Mallery, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Central/Northern CA/Pacific Northwest; Oral Wright, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Northeast; Lew McFarland, CFI, Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Southeran CA; Matt Frankart, CFI, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Southwest; Michael Burch, CFI, Director Loss Prevention & Safety; Martin Marrujo, Corporate Office/DC Loss Prevention Manager; Jason Cody, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Midwest; Rod Cabrera, CFI, Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Southern CA

October 29, 2014

Federated Co-operatives Limited

Loss Prevention Team

"Protecting People, Property and Reputation"


Left to Right: Ken Doerksen, Security Support Coordinator; Nicole Anderson, LPQ, Security & Support Analyst; Ray Ruiters, LPQ, Retail Loss Prevention Analyst; Travor Pfeifer, LPQ, Loss Prevention & Operations Manager


October 28, 2014

CVS Area 4 Loss Prevention Team 
at Constellation Field in Sugarland, Texas

"Health is Everything"

Front Row Left to Right: Tonya Morales, Joey Alanis, Kevin Smith, Pedro Herrera, Charlie Keller, Cheryl Diefenthaler

Second Row Left to Right: Phillip Burdge, Orlando Apodaca, Ron Coker, Tom Greer, Sean Balducci, Richard Yaws, Eric Hess, Mark Kneale, Tony Sheppard, David Welsh, Raymond Sosa


October 23, 2014

Albertson's Loss Prevention Team District 2 and 3 in the Seattle Market at the WSORCA Conference in Tacoma

"See It, Feel It, Think It"

Left to Right: Julie Clayton, District Loss Prevention Manager for Seattle North/SEATAC; Michael Aguigui, ORC Investigator for Washington and Oregon; Kimberly Huteson, Sr. LPS Tacoma; Robert Mosley, Sr. LPS SEATAC; Amy Shawley, Sr. LPS Peninsula; Magalie LaFont, District Loss Prevention Manager Tacoma/Peninsula/Portland; Matt Heiser, Sr. LPS North Seattle; Zach Rancourt, Sr. LPS Seattle


October 15, 2014

Burlington Stores Region 28 Austin/ San Antonio Market LP Team

(Back Row) David McMillan, LPS; Mark Hernandez, LPA; Wendell Wade, LPS; Crystal Johnson, LPA; Eric Gamboa, LPA; Ricardo Leija, LPA; Johnnie Chromcak, RLPM

(Front Row) Sarah Quintanilla, LPA; Debra Villarreal, LPA; Stacey Pankratz, LPA; Carolina Torres, LPA


October 2, 2014

Columbus Ohio, Macy's District LP Team
Giving back at the Food Bank

"Making Magic by 'Giving Back"

Back Row: Joe Sheridan, LPM; Kenny Davis, LPM; Brian Corso, LPM; Dee Loescher, LPM; David Hle, ALPS; Sean McGreevy, LPM; William McCoy, LPM; Jason Louis, LPD

Front Row: Christina Porter, LPD; Todd Pultz, District Manager of Investigations; Brett Marksberry, District Dir. of LP; Rachel Beltran, LPM; Mary Lou Meeker, LPM; Nicole Corse, LPM; Beth, LPD; Chase Williams, LPD; Maya Devenport, LPD; Molly Crites, LPD; Zach Workman, LPD

Center: Tara Lehman, LPD

September 26, 2014


Lane Bryant Loss Prevention Field Team

"P3...People, Process & Profit"

Left to Right: Donnie Wade, RLPM, Central East; Mark Boland, SR Regional East Coast; Mark Elliot, RLPM, West Coast; David Powers, RLPM South East; Jennifer Dotson, SR Regional West; Mason Willard, National Investigations Manager; Marlene Giordano, RLPM, North East; John Davis, Vice President of Loss Prevention; Randy Council, RLPM, Central West

Not Pictured: Al Robinette, RLPM, Central; AJ Giammetta, SR Manager E-com Fraud (and team); Michael Schwabe, Risk and Safety Manager; Jacqueline Gonzalez, Sr Analyst; Dena Ena Seiple, Operations Manager


September 25, 2014

Kroger Loss Prevention Team

"Protecting Assets, Driving Sales"

Bottom left to right: Sandie Karr, Nova Snider, Margie Requardt, Sharon Sevier, Crystal Cook, Rayn Henry (RX Supervisor), Karl Langhorst (Corporate Director of Loss Prefention)

Middle bottom left to right: Tony Rieger, Lesa Lambert, Julie Brandenburg-Horn, Karly Vaught, Rosa Stephens, Becki Conway, Kim Johnson, Amy Gline

Middle top left to right: Denise Ruthemeyer, Pamela Campbell (MAX Supervisor), Racheal Whittaker (MAX Supervisor), Peggy Merschbach (MAX Transaction Monitoring Manager), Matt Kartal, Bruce Morehead

Top left to right: Greg Billups, Christina Mueller, Maria Borisevich, Chris Merrifield, Chris Bellew

September 23, 2014


DSW Loss Prevention Team

"Living Our Values. Protecting Our Assets."

Top left to right: Greg Dolcich, Investigator; Matt Brooks, LP Operations Manager; Jim Mires, VP of LP; Tarah Whatmough, LP Operations; Dave Holt, Sr. RLPM Mid-Atlantic; Ken Kohler, RLPM Midwest

Middle left to right: Chip Chiappatta, RLPM Northeast; Sam Lineberger, RLPM West; Tom Zimmerman, Investigator; Fidelio Salinas, RLPM South, Ahmed Salad, Mgr. Online Risk

Bottom left to right: Julie Saitta, DLPM MD/VA; Neeti Vetter, LP Analyst; Jordan Rivchun, Sr. Manager Investigations; Jenny Deyhle, Investigator; LuCresha Richards-Hodges, DLPM No. California; Megan Coburn, DC LP Supervisor


September 22, 2014

Charming Charlie's

Loss Prevention & Safety Team

"Reducing Shrink one Color at a Time!"

Top Row Left to Right: Liz Waddick, Loss Prevention Receptionist; Lachelle Trahan, DC Loss Prevention Specialist, Sam Ross, Regional Loss Prevention Manager

Second Row Left to Right: Chris Dyess, DC Loss Prevention Specialist; Bob McCort, Director of Loss Prevention & Safety; Ron Van De Vanter, Regional Loss Prevention Manager

First Row Left to Right: Marcela Tavera, Loss Prevention Receptionist; Jamie LeBlond, Loss Prevention Manager; Anastasia Ford Jones, Regional Loss Prevention Manager


September 19, 2014

The Reitmans (Canada) Ltd. Loss Prevention Team

"It Begins With You!"

Back row: Isabelle Godin, LPM Maritimes; Shelley Cesarone, LPM Ontario; Lesley Dove, LPM Ontario; Steve Valade, LPM Ottawa/Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec; Trish Perry, LPM Alberta; Jacques Boucher, Director, Loss Prevention

Front row: Monique Gravel, Manager, Corporate LP & Administration; Erika Reeve, retired LPM Ontario; Judy Spurr, LPM British Columbia; Nathalie Gregoire, LPM Quebec; Kelly Ramsay, LPM Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Edmonton; Mary Ann Tratnjek, LPM Quebec


September 18, 2014

The Children's Place Corporate Team

"Think Shrink...We Do!"

Front Row Left to Right: Gregg Smith, Angie Ojeda, Stephanie DellaVecchia, Jennifer Chin, Derek Ciceri, Kyle Mellusi

Back Row Left to Right: Joseph Sciacca and Doug Murray


September 17, 2014

The Staples Global Loss Prevention Team -
Division 1 at their Global LP Conference in Mystic, CT

"To become a world class Global Loss Prevention team through partnership with our customers and associates"

Left to Right: Paul Esner, FLPM; Jeremy Wagerik, FLPM; Jack Dye, FLPM; Jim Lewandoski, FLPM; Dennis Salvuccdi, LPM; Joe Grimmer, FLPM; Michael Hannon, Global Director of LP; Mark Morro, FLPM; Phil Spadaro, FLPM; Mark Zibel, FLPM; Jed Weinstein, FLPM; Ed Turner, FLPM; Matt Auger, FLPM; Katie Hultman, Ops Auditor; Howard Schwartz, FLPM


September 16, 2014

The Asset Protection Manager Team for Home Depot District 220

"Enhance and Protect the Home Depot Brand"

Left to Right: Brandon Moore, District Operations Manager; Kelby Trant, Asset Protection Manager; Robert Kruzic, Asset Protection Specialist; Annette Puga-Allen, Asset Protection Manager; Emmanuel Rodriguez, Asset Protection Specialist; Jennifer Teneyuca, Asset Protection Manager; Louis DeLao, Asset Protection Specialist; Jerry Arredondo, Asset Protection Specialist


September 12, 2014

Walmart's Global eCommerce Investigations and 
AML Risk Analytics Team

"VUCA: Volatile-Uncertain-Complex and Ambiguous"

Team Pictured with the eCommerce Express

Left to Right: Patrick Bundy, Analyst; Eduardo Cuevas, Analyst; Amber Roehrs, Analyst; Fred Helm, Director; Brandy Moreland, Analyst; Maggie Cronin, Senior Manager of Intelligence; Shane Osterhaus, Senior Global Investigator; Michael Connor, Senior Global Investigator


September 11, 2014

The 7-Eleven Asset Protection Team from Corporate Headquarters

"7-Eleven Cares"

Showing that #7Elevencares by helping at North Texas Food Bank, sorting and bagging apples for their program

Left to Right: Alan Lott, Eric Woolverton, Maritza Guerrero, Tiana Tran, Chuck Bowers, Elisa Owens, Byron Smith


September 10, 2014

The Brookstone Loss Prevention Team

"KHPH - Keeping Honest People Honest"

Left to Right: Marc Lambert, CFI, Senior RLPM; Kennith Boremi, LPC, CFI, Director of Loss Prevention; Jonathan Carroll, RLPM; Rachel Lamb, CFI, RLPM

Not Pictured: Christine Danielson, LP Project Supervisor


September 9, 2014

Instakey Security Systems' newest
Loss Prevention Qualified employees

"Making KeyControl Simple!"

LP Qualified (LPQ) is a certification that was designed to be a benchmark education for loss prevention professionals, driven by the Loss Prevention Foundation. Instakey looks forward to next year when more personnel will be testing for their LPQ Certifications and others will be moving on to their Loss Prevention Certification credential!

Left to Right: Cita Doyle, Director of Sales & Marketing; Ryan Carter, Vice President of Client Services; Scott Crull, Senior Account Manager; George Woodruff, Distributor Program Administrator; Jesse Larson, Program Developer for Instakey Security Systems


September 8, 2014

Dunkin' Brands Loss Prevention Team

"Protecting the Integrity of our Brands while Driving Overall Profitability"

Front Row Left to Right: Karen Gelzer, Erina Mohamed Ramly, Lori Laverdiere, Charlene Cotter

Back Row Left to Right: Joe Paolucci, Connor Timulty, David Johnston, Gary Van Eerde, Patrick Finnigan, Amanda Marschilok, Mary Melander, Kevin Mimm, Patt Maloney, Jason Vega, Mark Davis


September 5, 2014

Macy's Carolina's Loss Prevention Team

"The Magic of Macy's LP"

Left to Right: John Maze, DMI; Kris Bishop, LPM; Justin Nackoul, LPM; Paul Lott, LPM; Brian Sherwin, LPM; Martina Bullard, LPM; Tym Conklin, LPM; Alex Alexis, LPM; Eddie Hales, DDLP; Joe Renner, LPM; Joe Walker, LPM


September 4, 2014

Dick's Sporting Goods Ohio Valley Region Loss Prevention Team

"Every Season Starts at Dick's Sporting Goods"

Left to Right: Debbie Freeman, DLPM; Denny DeMarcy, Regional Director; Scott Prue, DLPM; Rob Faulise, DLPM; Matt Welch, DLPM; Pete Barker, DLPM; Chuck McMenamin, DLPM; Chuck Miller, DLPM


September 3, 2014

K-V A-T Food Stores, Inc. (Food City) LP/Security Team at FOOD CITY 300 Race

"Run the best store in town"

Left to Right: Jim Kennedy, LPS; Todd Brengle, DLPM; Gary McCarter, LPS; Georgie McMahan, DLPM; Alex Lawson, LPS; Robby Gosnell, Division LP Director; Tim Snoderly, LPS; Joe Thomas, DLPM; Haskel Bledsoe, Sr. LP Director; Daniel Sluss, Division LP Director; Jim Trail, DLPM; Tommy Hurd, DLPM; Brandon Shoun, DLPM; David Edwards, DLPM

Not Pictured: Mike Blazer, LP Systems Administrator; Sara Hall, LP Analyst; Michael Abel, LPS; Luke Gent, LPS; Cory Harris, LPS; Burk Murray, LPS; Paul Laymon, LPS

August 29, 2014

Macy's Loss Prevention Leadership at Corporate and VP Level

"The Magic of Macy's LP"


Front Row Left to Right: Tara Nutley, Director of LP Training; Cynthia Grizzle, RVP - South Central; Kevin Colman, VP of Stores LP; Tom Roan, Former GVP of LP - retired 8/14; Alisa Dart, RVP - South East; Jay Reed, RVP - Southwest; Karen Thomas, Exec. Asst - Central LP; Larry Sechuk, VP of Special Operations

Back Row Left to Right: Joe Corbett, VP of LP Administration; Jesse Brandt, RVP - Northwest; John Lillard, DDLP - Ft. Worth/OK; Brian Stromberg, RVP - North Central; John Matas, VP of Investigations; David Rogers, RVP - Mid Atlantic


August 28, 2014

Home Depot's District 164 
Asset Protection Team

"Preventing Loss at the Biggest Home Improvement Retailer in the World"

Having fun at Team Night at the Phillies

Left to Right: Sanel Velic, Rich Subers, Vince Onorato, Terrill Hardy (Center); Pat Twisler; Adam Scull

August 27, 2014


CVS Caremark's Area 18 Loss Prevention Team in front of the first CVS Pharmacy store in Washington State!

"Partnering Together, Results Driven"

Back Row Left to Right: Brett Harvey, RLPM; Brad Brice, RLPM; Steve Vignato, RLPM; Tabitha Walters, LP(L); Frank Moreno, RLPM; Ken Christenson, LPM; Matt Hillbrink, SR RLPM; Lisa Bryant, Area LP Director; Isabel Marquez, RLPM; Dan Rice, SR RLPM; Steve Roybal, RLPM; Shamond Brooks, RLPM; Ritesh Chandra, RLPM

Front Row Left to Right: Matthew Dawson, RLPM; Robert Hernandez, Store Manager; Steve Sullivan, RLPM


August 19, 2014

Rite Aid's Corporate AP Team

"Rite Aid Pride"

Top Left to Right: Leslie Harris, DC analyst; Cathy Langley, Sr. Director of AP; Steve Middleton, Director of AP

Middle Left to Right: Amanda Troxell, Profit Proection Analyst; Cathy Krug, Profit Protection Analyst; Lisa Weader, RX Profit Protection Analyst; Stacy O'Malley, Office Manager; Laura Zane, Sr. Profit Protection Analyst; Eric Dukes, AP Intern; Julie Hendrickson, RX Profit Protection Analyst; Kelsey See, Profit Protection Coordinator II

Bottom Left to Right: Laurel Knudsen, Project Coordinator; Cherie Morgan, Project Coordinator; Kayla Lehigh, Profit Protection Analyst; Rick Stine, Profit Protection Analyst; Kelli Gasswint, Sr. Profit Protection Analyst

Left of Screen: Bob Oberosler, VLP of Asset Protection


August 18, 2014

Rite Aid Division 1 AP Team

"Excellence in Execution"

From Left to Right: Matt Green, Shelby Tate, Rich Baxley, Bill Baker, Kevin Molle, Billie Cast, Justin Ciampi, Julian Moreno, Josephine Lopez, Anthony Trujillo, Jason Gonzales, Stacey Gordon, Jason Parsons, Mark Leuschner, Adam Schaffer, Sandy Chandler, Nichhole Huber, Chris Wade, Tracey Olsen, Manny Cortez, Chris Gradillas, Chris Morris, Gustavo Montanez, Baron Strickland, Shaun Sabins, Jason Conaway, Miguel Llull, Clint Congdon, Lee Parks, John Fernandez, Chuck Vega, Tim Henderson, Jeff Drake, Chris Sant


August 15, 2014

Banana Republic Loss Prevention

"Stomp Out Shortage"

Back Row Left to Right: Bryan Peranzo, District LP Manager; Joel Contreras, LP Manager; Jason Walker, LP Lead; G. Borluca, District LP Manager; Jodi Palermo, LP Lead; Marshall Cruz, LP Manager; Barry Berkowitz, Sr. Regional LP Manager; Dante Taylor, LP Manager

Front Row Left to Right: Tim Pagan, LP Manager; Bryan O'Brien, VP of Banana Republic LP


August 14, 2014

Kmart District Loss Prevention Team 
Representing Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas

"Our vision is to Serve, Delight, and Engage our members while they SHOP THEIR WAY!"

"We build teams of engaged associates who embrace change and technology and achieve operational excellence to drive profitable sales."

"Deliver a “Wow” member experience!"

Left to Right: Tommy Grizzard, LPM; Tyler Carnovale, LPM; Jon Black, LPM; Gregg Gillen, LPM; Steve Bradshaw, ALPM; Matt Niper, LPM; Shawn Campmire, LPM; Leo Barr, LPM; James Bequette, ALPM; Adriana Gordon, LPM; Spencer Baker, MLPM; Brad Harb, LPM; James Zazueta, LPM; Lou Phillips, LPM; Jolene Hargis, LPM; Tony Degn, LPM; Tiffany Steele, LPM, Dustin Lockhart, LPM; Brian Chambers, DLPM; Dusty Weston, LPM


August 13, 2014

Panera Bread Loss Prevention Team
at the RLPSA Conference

"Our goal is to protect our associates, our customers, and the company's assets to help maintain the profitability of our Bakery-Cafes. Loss Prevention supports a cafe environment in which respect, honesty, and safety come first among associates. We provide services to support the above goal directed at assisting field operators to better focus on the company's Key Initiatives."

Left to Right: Mike Keller, LPQ, Manager - Loss Prevention Analytics; Cindy Drury, Director - Rick Management; Mary Krieger, Coordinator - Loss Prevention; Jeff Levitt, LPC, CPP, Senior Manager - Loss Prevention


August 11, 2014

Bob Evans Farms Loss Prevention Team

"To integrate the Security & Loss Prevention Department policies and procedures into the consciousness and culture of Bob Evans Farms while protecting our valued customers, employees, assets and reputation"

Left to Right: Tyler Shafer, Investigator - Security & Loss Prevention; Krysta Grimes, Administrative4 Assistant, Security & Loss Prevention; Vince Vittatoe, Director - Security & Loss Prevention; Staci Ballou, Manager - Security & Loss Prevention


August 6, 2014

Wet Seal's Loss Prevention Team

"Think NO Shrink"

Left to Right: Bill Tessier, Field LP Director - East; Howard Stone, Director of Loss Prevention; Jim Lapcevic, Field LP Director - South; Tanyn Boulay, LP Coordinator; Jim Tanner, Manager of Investigations; Matt Colacchia, LP Supervisor - DC; Brett Lloyd, LP Agent - DC; Mike Mata, Field LP Director - West

August 4, 2014


Sears Holdings Corporation's Supply Chain LP Team 
at Corporate HQ

"To serve, delight and engage our Members while they shop their way"

Gathered at the Corporate HQ in Hoffman Estates, IL for their annual Logistics LP Conference

First Row Left to Right: Ron Horn, Regional Logistics LPM; Javier Garcia, Logistics LPM; Karsten Morris, Logistics LPM; Joe Sherpinskas, Logistics LPM; Nick Ewing, Logistics LPM; Gary Folmer, Logistics LPM; Dan Hornickel, Regional Logistics LPM; Jim Perillo, National LPM

Second Row Left to Right: Jack Litton, Logistics LPM; Dave Fuller, Logistics LPM; Matt Tarlton, Logistics LPM; John Lee, Logistics LPM; Sue Staton, Logistics LPM; Cecilia Gutierrez, Logistics LPM; April Carter, Logistics LPM; Martin Gutierrez, Logistics LPM

Third Row Left to Right: Tim Klawiter, Logistics LPM; Devin Engel, Logistics LPM; Jon Heggestuen, Logistics LPLM; Robert Kucharczyk, Logistics LPM; Dave Whitman, Area Logistics LPM; Patrick Duncan, Territory LPM; Bill White, Territory LPM; Damon Burger, Territory LPM; Wilhelmina Timmons, Logistics LPM; Joe Nowicki, Director, LP-Logistics

Fourth Row Left to Right: TJ McCann, Logistics LPM; Wilson Burggraff, Regional Logistics LPM; Robert Hannafius, Logistics LPM; Jimmy Starr, Logistics LPM; Loree Hunter, Logistics LPM; Pable Lafitte, Logistics LPM; Matt Edwards, Logistics LPM

Fifth Row Left to Right: Brad Bullock, Regional Logistics LPM; Brad Norton, Logistics LPM; Sean O'Dell, Logistics LPM; Troy Fogal, Logistics LPM; Vince Colleyacme, Regional Logistics LPM; Matt Crow, Logistics LPM; John Moore, Area Logistics LPM

Not pictured: Mark Thomas, Logistics LPM; Richard Stuck, Logistics LPM


August 1, 2014

REI's Asset Protection Team Kayaking in Seattle

"We are Agents of Change"

Left to Right Top Row: Pierre Simon, Market AP Specialist-Soho; John Mulheran, Regional Manager, AP; Alyssa Artiano, HR Business Partner; Jonn Trinka, Sr. Systems & Administration Coordinator, AP; Andrew Henderson, Regional Manager, AP; Matt Saxon, Mgr., EHS, Risk & Business Continuity; Barb Andrews, Sr. Online AP Specialist; Tricia Kline, Online AP Specialist; Jeannie Dunlap, Sr. Online AP Specialist; Perry Resnick, Director, AP

Left To Right Bottom Row: Jan Durant, HQ Receptionist; Mary Kleier, Sr. Admin. Assistant; Kristen Silva, Regional Manager, AP; Odessa Powell, Admin. Assistant-HQ Security; Karen Inglin, Safety Specialist II; Misty Hardie, Sr. Workers Comp Administrator; Zara Lujan, Online AP Specialist; Stephani Enriquez, Supervisor, AP - Security; Sarah Shier, HQ Receptionist

July 31, 2014


Bob's Discount Furniture Loss Prevention Team

"Trust but Verify"

Left to Right: Joe Hlavac, Director of LP; Jeff Ortelli, Regional LP Manager; Phil Ammons, LP Manager; J. Patrick Burns, VP of LP; Shawn O'Connell, Regional LP Manager; Joe Lindwall, Regional LP Manager

Missing from Picture: Bill Reich, Regional LP Manager; Jennifer D'Antonio-Wells, LP Manager


July 30, 2014

Bloomingdale's LP Executive Team

"A stronger you, makes a better us"

Central Team, Regionals and LP Managers gathered together for some team-building cooking exercises at the HCC Culinary Arts Institute in New Jersey

We're Cooking Now!

Chad McIntosh, Cindy Zambrano, Fred Becker, Mary Kelly, Ann Shoshkes, Tom Meehan, Brendan McLellan, Lee Duong, James Kim, Abe Gonzalez, Mark Ginzberg, Steven Pace, Michael Kelly, Megan Lynch, Matthow Miller, Benjamin Szulanczyk, Janine Marin, Joshua Winner, Kaitlin Cox, Chris Castellani, Harold McIntyire, Michael Thompson, Dorothy Connolly, Joe Abrahamsen, Marvin Amador, Nicole Baber, Bill Alven, Michael Long, Noah Bell, Joseph Payor, Samantha Mitchell, Henry Montoto, Sean Burleson, Paul Eiseman, James Muncil, Tory Oberg, Valerie Knowles, Lauren Gurgone, Tim Baker, Steve Curtis, Justin Wade, Michael Amanek, Linda Bearss, Kevin Marin, Ruben Quinonez, Kyle McKee, John Lynch, Michael Reppucci, Robert Cormie, Brad Zaretsky, Angela Carter


July 24, 2014

Ace Hardware Corporation Retail LP Team

"Together we are Ace"

The Team at the 2013 Ace Convention where they won the JD Power Award for

"Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Improvement Retail Stores"

Left to Right: Bill Cafferty, Retail Loss Prevention Consultant; Alex Kapp, Retail Loss Prevention Specialist; Teri Tapella, Global Business Continuity & Loss Prevention Manager


July 23, 2014

Rent-A-Center's LP US Operations Team

"To maximize company profits through the innovative use of physical security, training, data analysis and investigations while remaining true to RAC Core Values"

Back Row: Bobby Templet, VP of LP; Brenda Romine, LP Specialist; Mike Tesdahl, Data Analysis and Reporting Manager; Brian Peacock, Director, LP US Operations; Kurt Hendershot, LP Specialist

Middle Row: Warren Anderson, Physical Security Specialist; Jeremy Han, Physical Security Manager

Front Row: Hazel Allen, Alarm Coordinator; Rachael Ewertz, Physical Security Coordinator

July 21, 2014

Walgreens Southern California 
AP Solutions Team

"Safety, Security, Profitability and Resiliency"


Back Row: John Ravlik, CA Inland West District; Jordan Van Cleef, S. CA North District; Jose Barreto, S. CA East District; Cindy Schultz, S. CA Market Director; Fernando Alexis, CA Inland East District; David Kraal, San Diego District; Hector Pizano, S. CA Central District

Front Row: Sharjeel (Serge) Ahmad, CA Inland North District; Jimmy Soto, Orange County District

July 18, 2014

Rent-A-Center's International Loss Prevention & Security, Team Building in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"One Team, One Mission, One Goal!"


Left to Right: Jesus Lopez, Physical Security Specialist; Victor Siguenza, RLPM; Jimm Carr, Director International Loss Prevention & Security; Juan Valverde, Director Loss Prevention Mexico; Hart Brown, International Security & Crisis Mgr.; Ross Albert, International Security Intelligence Analyst


July 17, 2014

7-Eleven's AP Team

Pacific Northwest Zone

"Fighting shortage with a Slurpee in one hand and a network cable in the other"

Left to Right: Sharon Wiltshire - AP Specialist; Melissa Dickinson - AP Specialist; Mike Hufford - AP Manager


July 9, 2014

Dressbarn's AP Team

"Inspire Integrity"

Left to Right Standing: Russell Del' Re - Safety Manager; Michelle Benjamin - POS Analyst; Shawn Dempsey - Manager AP & Physical Security; Reginald Berrouet - AP Specialist; Judi DeJoie - Sr. Manager AP; Donny De Paola - AP Specialist; Michael Peteja - Regional AP Leader; Karen Clark - Regional AP Leader; Brian Bezer - AVP Asset Protection & Risk Management; Christie Delaney - Regional AP Leader; Solomon Mayo, Jr. - Regional AP Leader; Korey Smith - Dir. of AP; Ciara Breen - AP Summer Associate

Sitting in Front: Katie Wade - Regional AP Leader; Laurie Peer - AP Administrator

Not Pictured: Andrew Mayer - AP Specialist; Samuel McLean - AP Specialist


July 8, 2014

PacSun's LP Team at Crystal Cove State Beach

At Crystal Cove State Beach in Newport Beach, CA
From Left to Right:
Mike Gamber - DC LP Manager; Tom Cisternino -RLPM; Sean Ross - RLPM; Jim Skawinski - Director of LP; Liz - HQ LP Manager; AJ Printsky - RLPM; Ray Gonzalez - RLPM; John Powell - RLPM; Ross Balocco LP Assistant


July 3, 2014

PetSupermarket's LP Team

From Left to Right: Erik Franklin, RLPM; Jorge Uria, RLPM; Brittany Moore, LP Analyst; Thomas Floystrop, Director of LP

June 27, 2014

Bloomingdale's LP Team


Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management for Bloomingdale's (center) pictured with his team!

Cindy Zambrano, Exec. Assistant (immediate right); Lee Duong, LP Analyst (immediate left)

Back Row Right to Left: Abe Gonzalez, LP Analyst, Tom Meehan, LP Mgr. Data, Systems & Investigation; Brendan McLellan, Assit. Mgr. Risk Management; James Kim, Sr. Analyst; Mary Kelly, Mgr. LP Operations; Fred Becker, LP Director; Daniel Baron, Analyst