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2015 Group LP Selfie Team Submissions

GLPS Pizza Party Winners

Winners chosen in June 2015

“Live in Long Beach at
NRF Protect”:

7-Eleven AP Team

Kmart APP APM Team

Bed Bath & Beyond Corp. LP Team

Winners chosen in January 2015
“Live in NYC”:

REI's Asset Protection Team 


Rent-A-Center's International Loss Prevention & Security Team 


7-Eleven's AP Team - Pacific Northwest Zone

Dunham's Sports Loss 
Prevention Team

"When Shrink Is Made A Priority Shrinkage Will 
Be Reduced With This Team"

December 22, 2015


Pictured from left to right:  Brandon Monroe, Regional Manager of Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance; Tony Starrs, CFI, Regional Manager of Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance; Randal Nickerson, Director of Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance; Jennifer Sonnenfeld, Loss Prevention, Firearms Compliance & Shortage Control Coordinator; O. Keith Wanke, VP of Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance; Thomas Cairns, CFI, Senior Regional Manager of Loss Prevention, Audit and Firearms Compliance

December 21, 2015

Dressbarn's AP Team taken during their last department meeting in Mahwah NJ.

"Inspiring Women to Look and Feel Beautiful by Building an Empowered Safer Experience with Integrity"


Pictured back row from left to right: Solomon Mayo, Jr. - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Reginald Berrouet - Asset Protection Specialist, Michael Peteja - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Korey Smith - Director Asset Protection, Judi Dejoie - Senior Manager Asset Protection, Karen Clark - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Laurie Peer - Asset Protection Coordination Specialist. 
Front Row: Brian Bazer - AVP Asset Protection & Risk Management, Christie Delaney - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Michelle Benjamin - Manager of Analytics , Katie Wade - Regional Asset Protection Leader. 
Not pictured: Shawn Dempsey - Manager Asset Protection & Physical Security, Samuel McLean - Asset Protection Specialist, Donny DePaola, Asset Protection Specialist.


December 18, 2015

Carter's Loss Prevention Team with their partners from Human Resources celebrating Carter's 150th birthday this year!

"Carter's - Partnerships are delivering results!"

Left to Right: Andy Palomino (RLPM), Lynette Gage (RHRM), Grace LaTour (RLPM), Susan Mimnaugh (Senior Director, HR), Eric Koopmeiners (RLPM), David Shugan (Senior Director, Loss Prevention), Matt Rowland (RLPM), John Mattera (RLPM), Heidi Haugh (RLPM), Michelle Gaby (RHRM), Heather Ventresca (RHRM), Karen Kobza (RHRM).

December 17, 2015

Family Dollar, Group 50, Loss Prevention Team

"Win as 1"


Top to Bottom, left to right: Pete Hohlwein (Director LP, Group 50), Damon Wells (Market Auditor, LP), Bernard Peterson (Regional LPM), Christopher Lewis (Region LPM), Fred Brewster (Region LPM), Chris Pomerleau (Regional Vice President, LP), Juliette Gendricks (Region LPM), Jon Rhoads (Region LPM), Lakeisha Hagan (Market Auditor, LP), Denise Kelley-Weltzien (Region LPM)


December 16, 2015

Toys R Us Regional Asset Protection Managers, 
Central Region

"Aligning Asset Protection team with the customer experience.
To create a safe working and shopping environment for our team members and customers, and to positively impact profitability of the company through shortage reduction and operational efficiency, while systematically identifying, investigating and resolving internal and external theft."

Pictured from left to right: Jay Tubaugh, Henry Sacasa, Mike Jensen, Matt Sincic, Kenny Smith, Jon Barnett, Matt Kellogg, Cordell White, John Fritsch


December 15, 2015

Bi-Mart Loss Prevention Team

"Achieving Results Through Teamwork"

Back row L-R: Greg Spencer, LPDM; Seth Gilmer, LPDM; Jeremy Grahn, Corp. Manger; Aaron Likens, LPO
Front row L-R: Barry Bartholomew, LPO; Sharon Wright, Liabilities Clerk; Kim Jacques, LP Secretary; Aaron Baca, LPO; Orlo Flock, LPO

December 14, 2015

The Children's Place Loss Prevention Team

"Leveraging People at The Children's Place"


Back Row from left to right: Kyle Mellusi, Jamie Bailey, Steve Brader, John Rutledge
Middle Row from left to right: Glen Canarte, Shawn McRay, Pete Dumais, Bill Paterson, Derek Ciceri, Jimmy Pappas, Trevor Eynon, Mark Mansfield
Front Row from left to right: Beth Nobriga, Jennifer Chin, Stephanie Della Vecchia, Kathy Dimmick

December 11, 2015

maurices Loss Prevention Team

"Perform as an active and valued partner in driving positive shrink results through timely and effective communication and training, while maintaining exceptional customer service to all maurices associates."


Pictured from left to right: Denise Degeldere (RLPM), Matt Cain (RLPM), Carol Koelsch (RLPM), 
Lea Tamarack (RLPM), Chad Hixon (AVP, LP), Dave Harben (SR RLPM)


December 4, 2015

Bob's Discount Furniture 
Loss Prevention & Safety Team

"No gimmicks, just pure value!"

Pictured from left to right: Bill Reich - Regional Loss Prevention Manager Mid-Atlantic, Shawn O'Connell - Regional Loss Prevention Manager New England, Joe Hlavac - Director of Loss Prevention, Jennifer D'Antonio- Wells - Loss Prevention Manager; Aberdeen MD DC, Joe Lindwall - Regional Loss Prevention Manager NYC/LI/CT, Bob Kaufman - CO-Founder & President Emeritus, J. Patrick Burns - Vice President Loss Prevention, Phil Ammons - Loss Prevention Manager; Taftville CT DC, Jeff Ortelli - Regional Loss Prevention Manager New Jersey / Philly, Jeff Popovich Loss Prevention Manager; Shorewood IL DC.

December 3, 2015


November 9, 2015

24 Hour Fitness Loss Prevention Team at their Annual Manager's Summit Meeting, in San Diego, CA

"Strengthening our Profitability"


From Left to Right: Dave Bunch, Sr. Regional LP Mgr.; Gabe Galan, Area LP Mgr.; Dan Gagnon, Regional LP Mgr.; Lisa Lockner, Sr. Area LP Mgr.; Curt Confer, Area LP Mgr.; Mike Nagyhazy, Sr. Director, LP; Todd Mace, Regional LP Mgr.; Don Allen, Regional LP Mgr.; Bree Hartung, Area LP Mgr.; Daniel Rojas, Area LP Mgr.; Paul Najera, Area LP Mgr.; Jeremy Gottlieb, VP, Audit & Compliance; Casey Cox, Sr. Area LP Mgr.


November 4, 2015

Dressbarn's Asset Protection Team volunteering their time in Mahwah, NJ

"Dressbarn's Asset Protection Department gives from the heart by connecting our mission with our Community: From our table to yours."

Dressbarn's Asset Protection team recently prepared, cooked and packed a 60 person meal for a local woman's shelter in Mahwah, NJ. Food preparation was a joined effort with the Finance team and delivered through Table to Table, an organization that act as a transport to bring food donations to local food kitchens and shelters in the area. 

Table to Table food delivery is an ongoing partnership initiated by two of our Asset Protection team members, Laurie Peer and Donny DePaola, where leftover food from the café or large events held on campus will be donated and delivered through this organization.

Pictured from left to right: Michael Peteja - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Christie Delaney - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Judi Dejoie - Senior Manager Asset Protection, Chef John Considine, Laurie Peer - Asset Protection Coordination Specialist, Donny DePaola - Asset Protection Specialist, Katie Wade - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Shawn Dempsey - Manager Asset Protection & Physical Security, Michelle Benjamin - Manager of Analytics, Solomon Mayo, Jr. - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Brian Bazer - AVP Asset Protection & Risk Management, Korey Smith - Director Asset Protection, Karen Clark - Regional Asset Protection Leader.
Not pictured: Reginald Berrouet - Asset Protection Specialist, Samuel McLean - Asset Protection Security Specialist, Raymond Johnson - Asset Protection Specialist

October 29, 2015

Turkey Hill Minit Market Pennsylvania/ Corporate Office Team

"There's one way to find out if a man is honest - ask him"


From Left to Right: Patty Blat, Loss Prevention Admin Assistant; Matt Dorgan, Division Loss Prevention Manager; Christina Swift, Loss Prevention Specialist; Ruthann Wolfgang, Loss Prevention Specialist.

October 28, 2015

Domino's Safety and Loss Prevention Team

"Protecting the brand, our business, and the people who make it happen


In Picture from L to R - Van Carney, National Director, Safety and Loss Prevention, Tykiesha Clifton, TUSA LP CCTV Analyst, John Gregg, Safety and Loss Prevention Regional-South, Cleopatra Kilonzo, Loss Prevention Admin, Ryan Berkey, Audit and Loss Prevention Manager, Tad Dack, Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist, Tim Erb, Safety and Loss Prevention Regional-West, John Minick, TUSA Safety and Loss Prevention Manager, Matt Egnot, Loss Prevention Analyst

October 26, 2015

Co-op Retailing System -

Asset Protection Leaders

"Protecting People, Property and Brand"


Back L- R - Marc Cayer, Interim Asset Protection Manager, Heritage Co-op; Bruce Browne, Safety & Loss Prevention Officer, Otter Co-op; Bob Young, Asset Protection Coordinator, FCL Home Office Asset Protection
Middle row L-R - Dave Monahan, Asset Protection Manager, Wetaskiwin Co-op; Greg Bell, Health & Safety/Loss Prevention Manager, Pembina West Co-op; Brian Cook, Health & Safety, Maintenance & Security Manager, New Horizon Co-op; Ray Ruiters, Asset Protection Analyst, FCL Home Office Asset Protection; Jeff Haubrich, Asset Protection Manager, Borderland Co-op; Stephen Elley, Asset Protection Manager, Wild Rose Co-op; Ken Doerksen, Security Systems Support Coordinator, FCL Home Office Asset Protection; Albert Bedard, Asset Protection Coordinator, FCL Home Office Asset Protection; Trevor Pfeifer, Asset Protection Manager, FCL Home Office Asset Protection
Front row L-R - Nicole Anderson, Security Systems and Support Analyst, FCL Home Office Asset Protection; Rick Myall, Loss Prevention/Safety Supervisor, Red River Co-op; Travis Legare, Asset Protection Manager, Moose Jaw Co-op; Arlene Whyman, Asset Protection Officer, Interlake Co-op; Veena Channan, Corporate Asset Protection Manager, Central Alberta Co-op; Debbie Peterson, Loss Prevention & Safety Manager, Swan Valley Co-op; Denis Sunderland, Asset Protection Manager, Prairie North Co-op; David Knouse, Environmental Risk Manager, Prince Albert Co-op; Heather Smith-Schenkey, Safety and Loss Prevention Coordinator, Medicine Hat/South Country Co-op; Ron Wells, Occupational Health & Safety, Asset Protection Coordinator, North Central Co-op


October 6, 2015

Staples Division 1 Global Loss Prevention Team

"Make More Happen"

Attending the Staples 2015 Global Loss Prevention Conference in Boston

From Left to Right: Mark Morro, FLPM; Jed Weinstein, FLPM; John Dye, FLPM; Kate Hultman, Ops Auditor; Ed Turner, FLPM; Jeremy Wagerik, FLPM; Matt Auger, FLPM; Mark Zibel, FLPM; Jim Lewandoski, FLPM.

Missing From Photo: Michael Hannon, Global Loss Prevention Director

September 28, 2015

CVS Health Corporate 
Loss Prevention Team

"Partnering Together; Results Driven"


Back Row (Left to Right): Dave Scully, Jerilyn Riendeau, Chris Morle, Tom Carella, Rob Bottass, Neal Morrissey, Pat Reilly, Kevin Moring, Kris Petit, Larry St. Jean, Rob Sousa
Middle Row (Left to Right): Karlyn Scott, Joe Escobar, Erin Knight, Angie Pacheco, Jenna Cross, Mike Tompkins, Tom Ricci, Brianna Betts, Colin Penta, Lisa Bergeron, Judy Hughes, Eric Cohen, Darlene Cobain, Seza Nemr, Brittany Alves, Angela Adam, Jason Brown
Kneeling (Left to Right): Kevin Plante, Danielle Trombino, Paul Maratta, Shelley Grant

September 24, 2015

Restoration Hardware 
Loss Prevention Team

"Lead the Movement to do the Right Thing.

Take Action!"


Left to right: Nathan Suen, Doug Fessenden, Sonnet Sun, Carolyn Korchik, Vladimir Vlasov

September 23, 2015

Brown's Shoprite Loss Prevention Team

"Tenacity, the breakfast of champions!"


Left to right: Mark Jakobowski, Loss Prevention Manager; Jermaine Elder, Loss Prevention Manager; Robert Wise, Loss Prevention Manager; Jeff Brown, CEO; Mike Gregorio, Loss Prevention Manager; Jared Ferguson, Loss Prevention Manager; Craig Gage, Director of Loss Prevention & Safety; Anthony Davis, Loss Prevention Manager; Willie Williams, Loss Prevention Manager; Jon Levins, Loss Prevention Manager; Evan Gilbert, Loss Prevention Supervisor; Ed Fields, Loss Prevention Manager

Brown's ShopRite is a family owned and operated supermarket chain with stores in and around the Philadelphia area. Brown's ShopRite supermarkets were founded in 1988 by President and CEO Jeffrey Brown with the vision of eliminating the "food deserts" in inner city areas. The Company is also well known for its state-of-the-art supermarkets that are spotlessly clean, offering a wide variety of fresh food, low prices and friendly customer service. Brown's has been well recognized for its dedication to the communities it serves and was recognized for the past several years as "The Best Employer" in the Philadelphia region by the Philadelphia Business Journal and other publications.

September 17, 2015


Indiana Retail Organized Crime Coalition


IROCC President with Lowe's LP Team 
at Community Event in Indianapolis

Picture of Matt Thompson, President of Indiana Retail Organized Crime Coalition and his team of store level LP Managers during a community event, hosted by Indianapolis Police Department, at which the IROCC put on kids clinic at Broad Ripple Park in Indianapolis.

From Left to Right: Andrea Dalton, Evan Edwards, Matt Thompson (middle), 
Braden Pothier (behind Matt), Chris Nilo and Kyle Harrell.

September 15, 2015


Members of the Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho

Published in our "History of ORCA's in North America" 
Series on August 19th

Left to Right: Cody Evans - Boise Police, Marlin Baker - Fred Meyer, Beau Lachance - Home Depot, Terry Weir - Boise Police, Marlene Bock - Walgreens, Darcy Layman - Albertson and ORCAID Secretary, Jeff White - Ada County Prosecutors Office, Doug Kuripla - Albertsons and ORCAID Vice Chair, Ed Fritz - Boise Police and ORCAID Treasurer, Michael Culton - Boise Police and ORCAID Chair


September 14, 2015

Corporate 7-Eleven Asset Protection Team 
and Family Members

Participating in the Dallas Heart Walk

This Saturday, the Corporate 7-Eleven Asset Protection Team and many of their family members joined over 70,000 participants in the largest national American Heart Association walk in Dallas, Texas. This annual event raises awareness about heart health and the need for exercise and diet. #7Eleven #DallasHeartWalk

August 11, 2015

Sears Holdings Corporation
Home Services APP Team


From left to right, sitting: Steve Starner, Cindy Shelton, Lonndon Seely, Matt Rives, James Bequette
From left to right, standing: Syed Raza and David Rotter

July 16, 2015


Bowlmor AMF Loss Prevention Team

"Analyze, Educate, Investigate, Protect"

Front Row (Left to Right): Calvin Cohen, Bill Nichols, Sandy Spatz
Middle Row (Left to Right): Michael Olson, Jennifer Sleeter, Kathy Martucci, Joshua Grabiec, Anthony Sciotto, Darlene Sharp, Ryanne Jones, Jessica Doty, Cynthia Dhanis
Back Row (Left to Right): David Ballou, Sarkis Grigorian, James Purdy, Kaivon Baki, Robert Wade, Sean Ferriera, Scott Krause, Eric Rausch
Not Pictured: Daniel Welsh, Billy Grant

July 13, 2015


Paradies Loss Prevention/Safety Team

"Trust-Respect-Integrity-First Class"

Voted "Best Airport Retailer"  for 20 consecutive years!

Front Row: Marcos Lozano, Loss Prevention/Safety Manager-Atlanta; Chris Rathgeb, Senior Director Loss Prevention/Safety; Annette Barry, East Regional Director Loss Prevention/Safety 
Back Row: Doug Martinez, West Regional Director Loss Prevention/Safety; Martin Davis, East District Manager Loss Prevention/Safety; Eric Tullis, West District Manager Loss Prevention/Safety; Mike Saphos, Shrink Control Manager; Billy Childers, Loss Prevention/Safety Operations Manager


July 9, 2015

Vans Loss Prevention Team

"Off The Wall"

(Left to Right): Marty Andrews-Director of Loss Prevention, Dave Hargrove-Loss Prevention Coordinator, Jen Plato-Manager of Risk & Safety, Chris Lopez-RLPM, Ryan Dzwigalski-RLPM, Roderick Wilburn-RLPM, Nick Bacon-RLPM

July 8, 2015

Kroger Co.
Division Loss Prevention 
Manager Conference 2015


Cincinnati, OH


July 2, 2015

The D&D Daily Team at our 
"Live in Long Beach" at the 
NRF Protect 2015 broadcast


Sitting (left to right): From the D&D Daily: Gus Downing, Mike Crissman and Gordon Smith 
Standing (left to right): Our two MCs: Amber Bradley and Joe LaRocca

July 1, 2015

Ann Inc. Corporate Loss Prevention Team at 
NRF Protect 2015

"Fit is Everything"


Left to right: Charles Cherry, Maurice Cloutier, Amanda Kilpatrick, Dwayne Bryant, Deana McLees-Bailey, Wayne Barnes, Larry Clark, David Horne


June 30, 2015

7-Eleven Corporate 
Asset Protection Team

"The 7-Eleven Corporate AP Team is ready for the 100 Days of Summer and 7-Eleven Day on July 11th"


June 29, 2015

C-store Kroger Division Loss Prevention Managers

"There's only one way to find if a man is honest - ask him."

Left to right: David Guillory, David Moewes, Elizabeth Traut, and Matt Dorgan


June 22, 2015

Justice Asset Protection Department

"Asset & Profit Protection - Supporting Core Company Values by Protecting People, Product, and Profits"

BE driven, focused, ETHICAL, creative, balanced

Left to Right: Eric Brill, Manager, Investigations/Corporate AP; Mike Korso, LPC, CFI - Regional AP Leader; Mark King, Corporate APO, Sean Walker, CFI - Regional AP Leader; Jeff Turk, Regional AP Leader; Jackie Goebbel, Safety/Risk Manager; Cathy Price, Corporate Receptionist; Tim Krueger, CFI - Regional AP Leader; Rob LaCommare, CFI - AVP Asset/Profit Protection & Risk Management; Holly Martin, Regional AP Leader; Rick Pfeifer, LPC - Regional AP Leader; Nick Lauvray, Corporate APO; Mike DiDomenico, CFI - Regional AP Leader; Sarah Lagrass, Corporate APO; Scott Pethuyne, AP Investigator; Lorna Gockenbach, Corporate Receptionist

June 15, 2015


Neighborhood Walmart Asset Protection Field Investigators

"Save Money. Live Better."

Featured in the picture: Tamara Huggins, Lisa Curry, Angela Padilla, Marcy Comer, and Regional Asset Protection Director, Brian Ducote

June 11, 2015


North East Division 1 Global Loss Prevention Team for Staples

"Make More Happen"

Attending the Division 1 Field Leadership Meeting at 
Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut

Left to Right: FLPM Jack Dye, FLPM Matt Auger, FLPM Jed Weinstein, Divisional Director Global LP Mike Hannon, FLPM Mark Zibel, LP Ops Auditor Katie Hultman, FLPM Mike Freeley, FLPM Phil Spadaro, FLPM Sean Brown, FLPM Ed Turner

June 3, 2015

Kmart APP APM Team

Working the John Cena Event, Baltimore MD on May 17


Left to right: APM Sean Hunter, APM Eric Mizner,ZMAP Craig Gage, AAPM Tyler Cox, APM Brandy Stover, AAPM Joseph Austin, APM Kevin Hampton, APM Andrew Lavigne, APA Ashley Ballard

June 2, 2015

UTORCA (Utah Organized Retail Crime Association) 
Board of Directors

"Law Enforcement and Retail working together 
to fight Retail Crime in Utah!"


Left to right: Ryan Sobieski - Secretary (Cabela's), Kevin Fuller - Board member (West Jordan Police), Vicki Aubrey - Proactive Committee Chair (Salt Lake Police), Adam Ainsworth - Training and education Committee Chair (Downeast Outfitters), Mark Falkner - Chairman of the Board (Salt Lake Police), Rick Casey - Vice Chairman (Shopko), Ben Becker - Senior Advisor (Target)

June 1, 2015

Burlington Stores Inc. at Asset Protection National Meeting 2015

"Drive Results - Trust and Respect -
Teams and Partnerships"

Thanks to James Connolly, SVP Asset Protection for Burlington Stores, Inc. for sending us this amazing team picture!


May 28, 2015

Crate and Barrel Loss Prevention Team

Annual LP Summit 2015 at Corporate Headquarters, Northbrook, IL


Back row: Ruben Melero, Regional Manager Midwest/South; Tim Marcolini, Senior Director of Loss Prevention/Internal Audit
Front Row: Angel Slappy, Regional Manager West Coast; Heidi Diehl, Regional Manager East Coast; Carrie Koziol, Regional Manager Corporate/Direct Marketing

May 13, 2015


Dick's Sporting Goods Ohio Valley Regional LP Team during a recent Business Review Meeting held at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

"Every Season Starts at Dick's Sporting Goods"

Pictured from left to right: Denny DeMarcy (Senior Director), Chuck Miller (DLPM), Scott Prue (DLPM), Chuck McMenamin (DLPM), Pete Barker (DLPM), Debbie Freeman (DLPM), Matt Welch (DLPM), Alex Koski (LP Manager), Rob Faulise (DLPM)


May 11, 2015

Rite Aid Corporate AP Team

"Asset Protection Artists"

Rite Aid's Corporate Asset Protection team gathered at Paint & Create in Lemoyne, PA. Rite Aid has an associate recognition program that has evolved over the years, and the new slogan is APPLAUSE! SEE IT. SHARE IT. GIVE APPLAUSE! It's a way to give recognition/praise/appreciation to their associates for hard work and well-done jobs. Bob Oberosler, Group VP, Asset Protection for Rite Aid, recognizes the Corporate AP team's dedication and hard work that is put forth on a daily basis, and this team-building activity was a small token of his appreciation. Who knew Rite Aid's Corporate AP Team was so talented?

Standing, Back Row: Bob Oberosler, Laurel Knudsen, Amanda Troxell, Kara Taliani, Waddell Stewart, Kelsy See, Stacy O'Malley, Leslie Harris, Julie Hendrickson, Cathy Krug 

Second Row: Laura Zane, Shannon Speelman, Kathy Harig, Maureen Miller, Kelley Portner

 Front Row: Lisa Weader

April 14, 2015


Kmart Southeast - Asset Protection & Profit Protection Team

At the 2015 SHMC AP National Conference - (ZMAP) Zone Manager's Asset & Profit Protection

Left to right: Almond Dennis - ZMAP, Orlando, FL, Denver Cullpepper - ZMAP, Huntsville, AL, Ray Hope - ZMAP, Jacksonville, FL, Scott Searcy - ZMAP, New Orleans, LA, Jim Kralik - ZMAP, Charlotte, NC, VK Moore - ZMAP Tampa, FL, Alex Sostre - ZMAP Puerto Rico, Stewart Roberts - ZMAP, Virginia Beach, VA.
Center (Left to Right): Sherri Reid - ZMAP, Marilys Rivera - ZMAP Miami, FL. Marty Maberry - ZMAP, Atlanta, GA, Denissee Alvarez, Puerto Rico, John Raviaoli

April 13, 2015

Bed Bath & Beyond Corporate LP Team

Pictured at the 9/11 Memorial during their November meeting in Union, NJ for the Regional LP Directors, Regional LP Managers and select Area LP Managers 


Kneeling Left to Right: Taylor Magaziner - Area Loss Prevention Manager, Scott Simon - Regional Director of Loss Prevention, John Trigueiro - Vice President Loss Prevention - Cost Plus World Market, John Roaix - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Mike Nelson - Area Loss Prevention Manager 

Standing Left to Right: Tracy Bentheimer - Area Loss Prevention Manager, Brendan Gregor - Loss Prevention Manager, Alan Buck - Area Loss Prevention Manager, Randy Sargent - Area Loss Prevention Manager, Kelly Johnson - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Will Graeber - Regional Director of Loss Prevention, Chris Regan - Regional Director of Loss Prevention, Scott Nihart - Area Loss Prevention Manager, Bob Gardner - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Pete Kim - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Aida Dominguez - Loss Prevention Manager

April 6, 2015


Shop 'n Save Loss Prevention Leadership Team

"It's really that simple"

Left to Right: James Ishum, District Loss Prevention Manager; Cameron Sparks, Loss Prevention Specialist; Al Lewis, Loss Prevention Specialist; John Neuhaus, Loss Prevention Specialist; Miranda Cox, Loss Prevention Specialist; Barry Fischer, Loss Prevention Specialist; Leigh Santhuff, Loss Prevention Data Analyst; Tommy Roam, Loss Prevention Specialist; Sarah Meyer, District Loss Prevention Manager; Alan Kehrer, Director of Loss Prevention


March 27, 2015

Elvis is alive and well at the FMI!

Left to Right: Kris Vece, Client Relations Manager for Security Resources, inc; Tony Sheppard, National Manager, Organized Retail Crime Unit for CVS; ELVIS, The King; Connie Ribble, VP of Loss Prevention for Monument Security; Frank Luciano, President/CEO for Civil Demand Associates, Inc.


March 26, 2015

Big Y Foods, Field Team at Holiday Social in Springfield, MA at their Store Support Center

"Raising Awareness, Providing Solutions"

From Left to Right: Barry Moynihan, Specialist; Maureen Fuller, Field Manager; Mark Gaudette, Director; Mike Marks, Store Detective; Tanner Fitzsimons, Store Detective; Bob Varady, Field Investigator; Marc Santagata, Specialist; Sharon Lemon, Shrink Assessor; Jasmin Garcia, Store Detective; Josh Dudek, Store Detective; Chris Morin, Store Detective; Jaime Forsythe, Specialist; Sam Bonk, Store Detective; Mike Pereira, Store Detective; Bryan Wisk, Store Detective; Ben Lemieux, Store Detective; Cassie Freeman, Store Detective; Kris Seibert, Store Detective Supervisor; Dave Dudis, Store Detective; Mike Girouard, Store Detective; Joe Heneghan, Lead Store Detective; Nick St. Jean, Store Detective; Mike Tanski, Store Detective; Bob McFarlin, ORC Investigator; Ryiah Langway, Store Detective; Dave Ferguson, Store Detective; Justin Malinowski, Store Detective; Rob Ackerman, Shrink Assessment Team Lead; Michelle Bruneau, Analyst; Gina Russo, Scan it All Coordinator

March 19, 2015


eBay Inc. Global Asset Protection -
North America Investigations

"Protecting Community Users and Brand Reputation by Conducting Criminal Investigations & Partnering with Law Enforcement"

From Left to Right: Christian Hardman, Investigator; Hawken Averett, Sr. Investigator; Mark Magnier, Supervisor, NA Investigations; Stoney Burke, Sr. Manager, PROACT; Amelia Kani, Investigator; Robert Hatch, Investigator; Jeffrey McGuire, Investigator; Jason McDevitt, Investigator; Monica Lundgren, Investigator; Thomas Hutchings, Sr. Investigator; Haley Torson, Sr. Investigator; John Mearls, Director of Investigations, NA and EMEA; Lisa Kelly, Sr. Manager, Information Security; Matt Flinders, Investigator; Lauren Cunningham, Sr. Investigator; Abhisek Trivedi, eCrime Engineer


March 11, 2015

GameStop Field Loss Prevention Team at their 2015 Field Management Conference

Left to right and front to back: Noe Ro0driguez, Mike McGinley, Jose Rodriguez, Phil Armour, Victor Wichi, Mary Wilkans, Eric, Flores, Rich Hasty

Chuck Smith - VP, Steve LaPres, Cesar Barajas, Dan Armour, Sean Hunt, Brandon Gentry, Ryan Allen, Trent Taylor, Omar Angulo, Tom Vaughan

Adam Fulton, John Schroeder, Carlos Valdes, Jeff Mangold, Reginald Scurlock, Brent Craven, Dave Hodge, David Henger, Kevin Thelan

March 10, 2015


Dick's Sporting Goods LP Team at their LP Conference & Awards Ceremony in Pittsburgh, PA

"Mid-Atlantic LP Team"

Front left to right: Keith Saunders, DLPM; Keith Hunter, Regional Director; Ed Rainey, DLPM; Frank Gunning, DLPM, Jim Johnson, DLPM; Paula Evancich, DLPM; Michael Annagu, LPM; Juan Interiano, DLPM; Adam Cole, LPM; Matt Christman, DLPM

Not pictured: Brandon Aldridge, DLPM

March 4, 2015

Spencer's/Spirit Halloween Asset Management Family

"250+ Years of Experience and Goin' Strong"


Back row, left to right: Richard Capellan, RLPM; Jason Baker, RLPM; Matt Higgins, RLPM,; Jay Minsky, Sr. RLPM

Front Row left to right: Dan Christman, Sr. Analyst; John Wise, Physical Security Supervisor; Scott Terrell, DVP Asset and Risk Management; Dianna Wise, Claims/Risk Manager; Gayle Downey, Sr. RLPM; Robert Williams, RLPM; Darlene Braley, Sr. RLPM

February 18, 2015

The 7-Eleven Asset Protection Team 
at a Corporate Training Event

"Crew 7-Eleven"


Left to Right: Mike Hufford, Karl Suhanyi, Mike Broda, Brent Smerczynski, Dorina Hertner (Risk Management), Braden Diaz, Mike Aldridge, Jeff Hetherington, Art Lazo, Mark Stinde, Steve Kellison, Chris Spaccaforno, Bill Coates, Davina Stevens, Bill Macaluso, Patrick DeVine, Mike Suppe, Jodi Ouellette, Tim Hall, Jim Passarella, Terry Drivas, Alan Lott, Steve Sturgill, Earl Winterling

February 13, 2015

Burlington Stores LP Team - Alabama and Florida

"Leaders and Best"


From left to right: Daniel Lumbard, RLPM; Duke Vaiga, LPA; Jesse Cohan, LPA; Kara McCoy, LPA; Myia Wilcox, LPA; Joanna Collins, LPA; Kevin Basden, LPA; Larry Smith, LPA; Richard Spells, LPA; Rashad Kearney, LPA; Gabe Brown, LPA

January 19, 2015

W-Z Speakers being silly during their recent "Executive Headshot" Session


Left to Right: Chris Norris, CFI; Dave Zulawski, CFI; Shane Sturman, CFI; Brett Ward, CFI; Dave Thompson, CFI; Wayne Hoover, CFI; and Angela Nino, CFI

January 14, 2015

Check out this "Live in NYC" Group LP Selfie!

Straight off the shoots, here's our group!


D&D Daily "Live in NYC 2015"

Bob Oberosler, Group VP - AP for Rite Aid; Amber Virgillo, Brand Strategist for Calibration Marketing, LLC; and Joe LaRocca, VP and Senior Advisor, LP for RetaiLPartners

January 5, 2015

SpartanNash Loss Prevention Team 
West Region

"Taking food places"


Left to Right: Damon Cavasin, Regional Director, AP; Kari Dorsher, Analyst, AP; Patrick Daley, Regional Asset Protection Manager; Adam Moon, Asset Protection Investigator; Josh Ellis, Asset Protection Investigator; and Robert Fairchild, Regional Asset Protection Manager

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