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June 2016 Pizza Party Winners chosen at 'Live in Philadelphia' at NRF Protect

Walmart Mexico & Central America (Walmex) AP, Security & Investigation Team


"Improved loss metrics are the result of an 
improved customer experience"

Toys R Us/Babies R Us
Asset Protection Team East


"Protecting and Supporting our Customers and Brand Through Proactive Criminal Investigations & Law Enforcement Partnerships"

PayPal Global Asset Protection


"Protecting and Supporting our Customers and Brand Through Proactive Criminal Investigations & Law Enforcement Partnerships"

January 2016 Pizza Party Winners chosen at 'Live in NYC' at the NRF Big Show

The Home Depot Gulf Region's Territory Operations
Manager Team


"Driving A Culture of Operational Excellence Through Process and People"

Toys R Us Regional Asset Protection Managers
Central Region


"Aligning Asset Protection team with the customer experience."

Bob's Discount Furniture Loss Prevention & Safety Team


"No gimmicks, just pure value!"

2015 GLPS Winners Drawn at the January 2016 'Live in NYC' Event

The 2015 GLPS Selfie Drawings for 3 Pizza Parties and 1 Winner to NRF Protect 2016
Gus Downing, Greg DeTardo, President – Nutech National,

Melissa Torreano, Director Business Development – NuTech National

2016 Group LP/AP Teams

Lowe's Market 1257 LP 
& Safety Team!

"Being A Part Of Something Bigger"

December 22, 2016

Pictured Left to Right: Wendell Wade, Eddie Peredo, Wendy Blanco, Tracy Bailey, Joseph Fanning, Amanda Vickers, Reynaldo Alvarez, Rachael Didion, Rhoda Childs, Cesar Mejia, Tony Bickley, Russell Walker, Zachary Mize, Patrick Jaeger, Sean Murtha and Kevin Carnes

December 21, 2016

Members of the Disney Store LP/Safety Team and their friend Olaf


Pictured Left to Right: Claudia Robles, Celeste Arredondo, Cynthia Ferguson-Villa, Megan Curtis, Bryant McAnnally, Cynthia Leyva

December 20, 2016

Rent-A-Center Asset Protection Field Support Team: Holiday Escape!  

"RAC Asset Protection: Protecting People, Product & Profit"


Team Members - Upper (left/right): Hazel Allen, Brian Peacock, David Cohen, Jim Carr, Gary Rivera, Eneida Rodriguez

Team Members - Lower (left/right): Warren Hall, Kurt Hendershot, Jeremy Han

December 19, 2016

Region 6 Lowe's Loss Prevention/Operations Support 

"Helping People Love Where They Live"

Left to Right: Jay Freeman, Ryan Funkhouser, Kevin Yarbrough, Trey White, Bo White, Paul Moore, Jay Adair, Reggie Remble, Larry Robbins, Melissa Scherer, Albert Latham

December 16, 2016

Sephora's NYC Metro Region

Loss Prevention Team 

"Sephora LP: Making a + IMPACT

on shrink reduction!"


Taking the picture: Chip Chiappetta, RLPM NYC Metro

Front row (left to right): Agents: Pedro Made, Desiree Garcia, DLPM Jessica Martinik, DLPM Scott Martignetti

Second row: Agents: Eric Rosado, Natalia Bishop, Janice Torres, Shamir Moronta, Lyanne Nieves, Noor Eldilemi, Awilda Munoz, Jessica Caliendo

Third Row: Agents: Benjamin Vargas, David Medina Lopez, Kelvin Zuniga, Anderson Fils, Ryan Cobb, Sharard Cobb, Sogui Cisse, Nico Lewis

Back Row: DLPM Kenny Fingerman, Agent Jamal Odiatu, ALPM Reggie Jackson, Agents: Martin Concepcion, Dwayne Lucas, Kris Phillips, Camara Mohamed, Johnny Gutierrez, Juan Espinal, and Clint Dahaarte

December 9, 2016

Helzberg Diamonds 
Loss Prevention Team

"Embrace innovation and change and show every customer our integrity and passion"


From Left to Right (Front): Cassandra Lee (LP Assistant), Jessica Smith (RLPM), Lori Jacobs (LP Assistant), Dyana Bishop (SSC Asset Specialist) 

From Left To Right (Rear): Steve Adkison (SSC Asset Manager), Patrick Smith (RLPM), Jon Dalton (RLPM), Jeff Hunter (Director of LP), Michael Beaber (SSC Asset Specialist), Tim Lapinski (DVP of LP). Not pictured - George Jasper (SSC Asset Specialist).

November 22, 2016

Brown's Super Stores (Shoprite) Loss Prevention Team 

"Tenacity, The Breakfast of Champions"


Front Row, Left to right: Evan Gilbert, Sr.LPM; Jeff Gagnon, LPM; Kyle Smith, LPM; Matt McCaffery, Risk Manager; Craig M. Gage, Director of LP, Safety,Risk, QA

Back Row, Left to Right: Charles Waters, LPM; Ed Fields, LPM; Jared Ferguson, LPM; Jermaine Elder, LPM; Anthony Davis, LPM; Shane Stevens, LPM

November 21, 2016

Boot Barn Loss Prevention Team taking picture with CCTV system at their Las Vegas Store 

"Boot Barn - America's Largest Western & Work Store"

From Left to Right: Greg Rendall (Regional Loss Prevention Manager), Joel Cirbo (Regional Loss Prevention Manager), Debbie De La Cruz (Corporate Loss Prevention Manager), Brian Huff (Director of Loss Prevention)

November 18, 2016

North Central & South Central LP Team 

"America's Un-carrier"


Back row: Brian Pollack - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Larry Smith - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Michelle Concepcion - Sr, Investigator, David Broom - Senior Manager Field Loss Prevention, Ed Schroeder - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Reck Staggs - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Jayne McGrath - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Michael Rimkus - Vice President, Risk Management/Internal Audit

Front Row: Brian Csorba - Senior Manager Field Loss Prevention, Bill Malson - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Tracy Abrahamowicz - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Reco Caston - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Tamara Locke - Manager Investigations, Tim Fisher - Director Loss Prevention, Kim Sharp - Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Justin Lawlis - Manager Reporting and Analytics, Adam Marvin - Manager Reporting and Analytics

Rent-A-Center Asset Protection Team at their Annual Conference in Plano, TX

"Protecting People, Products and Profits through technology and remote capabilities"


November 17, 2016

Front Row (left to right): Brian Peacock, Kurt Hendershot, Eneida Rodriguez, Gary Rivera, Warren Anderson, David Davis, Jeremy Han, Matt Quealy

Back Row (left to right): Jim Carr, David Cohen, Mark Conachen, Mike Tesdahl, Lance ford, Bob Borowski, Robert Figueroa, Jesse Vera, Jason Moore, Tim LePelley, Jesse Charo

November 11, 2016

Sears Asset and Profit Protection Team

Gets LP Social

Team Enjoys Free Pizza Party 
as Winner of 'Group LP Selfie' Competition

Sears' Asset and Profit Protection Team recently gathered together at their corporate office for a free pizza party courtesy of 'Group LP Selfie' sponsor NuTech National. The team was one of three winners selected in a random drawing at one of our recent Live LPNN broadcasts. The winning photo was submitted by Kmart's APP APM Team back in June 2015. Like all other LP teams who've submitted photos to the D&D Daily, Sears also received a plaque with their team picture mailed to their office (which Scott Glenn, Chief Security Officer, holds in the picture above).

Family Dollar Loss Prevention Team

Zone 20, 40, 50 Annual Conference in Orlando, FL

November 9, 2016

Featured in the Picture: Andrew Higgins, Archie Cook, Bernard Peterson, Bill Keyes, Bill Mousley, Chris Pomerleau, Christopher Bingham, Christopher Brashers, Christopher Lewis, Damon Wells, Dave Antel, Derrick Boyd, Esteban Valverde, Francisco Cordoves, Frederick Brewster, Heather Spencer, Jason Simpson, Jerome Stanley, John Garrison, John Hagerman, Jon Rhoads, Jorge Vega, Juliette Gendricks, Keith Grove, Kris Gentilella, Lakeisha Hagan, Madeline Sinanis, Michael Villegas, Peter Hohlwein, Ryan Ballard, Ted Jagielski, Wayne Smith

November 8, 2016

Signet Jewelers Loss Prevention, Field Audit and Regional Inventory Audit Teams

"Outstanding Service through Quality Teamwork"

From Left to Right, Bottom to Top

Row 1 
Tom Kimble – Signet Senior Director Internal/Field Audit – North America, Mark Neapolitan – Signet Senior Director of Loss Prevention – North America/Canada, Felipe Chavez – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Paul Leasum – Signet Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Jennifer Dayss – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Diane Patterson – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Chris Hackler – Signet Senior Director Physical Security North America/Canada, Kevin Valentine – Signet Senior Vice President Loss Prevention, Internal Audit, ERM – North America/International

Row 2
Charlene Schneider – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Rick Dunn – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Rob Knutowicz – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Carl Brzowsky – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Nuon Yin – Signet Regional Store Auditor

Row 3
Charmetra McDow – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Dee Barbalacci – Signet Senior Regional Inventory Audit Manager, Janet Parenteau – Signet Senior Regional Inventory Audit Manager, Susan Richardson – Signet Regional Store Auditor, Fred Finney – Signet Regional Store Auditor, Garry Costner – Signet Senior Regional Store Auditor

Row 4
Peter Chau – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Susan Vicente – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Joni Herron – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Fran Spacil – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, John Waugh – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Shelia Seckler – Signet Regional Store Auditor

Row 5
Liz Mcnaboe – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Amy Penny – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Jennifer Nelson – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Claude Taybi – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager , Steve Saenz – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Sean Finnegan – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Sean O’ Neill – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager

Row 6
Brad Yarris – Signet Field Audit Manager – North America/Canada, Dave Collins – Signet Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Mark Davis – Signet Regional Store Auditor, Melissa Lanni – Signet Regional Store Auditor, Pete Danner – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Lisa Benton – Signet Regional Store Auditor , Natalie Palmieri – Signet Regional Store Auditor, John Melli – Signet Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager

Row 7
Brian Finnicum – Signet Corporate Loss Prevention Manager, Brett Walker – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager/Canada, Karin Gibbs – Signet Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Kent Moore – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Damon Trite – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Mark Fletcher – Signet Senior Regional Store Auditor, Jim Contakos – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Allen Flower – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Charles Lisitzky – Signet Regional Store Auditor

Row 8
Gary Papka – Signet Regional Store Auditor, Aaron Wichmann – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Ben Zuaro – Signet Regional Inventory Auditor, Mike Forgione – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Cliff Bennett – Signet Regional Loss Prevention Manager 

November 7, 2016

maurice's AP team

"Perform as an active and valued partner in driving positive shrink results through timely and effective communication and training, while maintaining exceptional customer service to all maurices associates."

From Left to Right: Matt Cain (MAPM), Don Kneepkens VP, Store Operations & AP, Jan Hanson (SR AP Analyst, Lea Tamarack (MAPM), Denise Degeldere (MAPM), Dave Harben (SR MAPM), Carol Koelsch (MAPM), Chad Hixon (AVP, AP), Kerry Wick (SR AP Analyst)

October 18, 2016

Macy's Central and Regional Asset Protection Team at Quarterly AP Leadership Meeting

From Left to Right: Eric Agurcia, Alisa Dart, Steve Boarman, Brian Stromberg, Joe Coll, Chris DeSantis, Tara Nutley, Rob Flitsch, John Matas, Kevin Colman, Khris Hamlin, Cynthia Grizzle, Dave Rogers, Myrna Petersen, Andy Noltkamper, Pamela Velose, Wallace Parks and Mike Coyle

October 17, 2016

Domino's Loss Prevention Team at their Team Building Event

"Protecting the brand, our businesses, and the people who make it happen"


Left to Right: John Minick, Van Carney, Jenn Mallett, Chris Valenti, Tim Erb, Tykiesha Clifton, Steve Waligora, Cleopatra Kilonzo, Matt Egnot, John Gregg and Ryan Berkey

Home Depot's 2016 Supply Chain Asset Protection Team at their Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA

October 13, 2016

West Team

Left to right: Michael Neagle, Jeff Jenkins, Tony Rengel, Christopher Schact, Roy Harding, Jeremy Fincher, Michael Muehlbauer, Brad Sansom, Doug Schuckman, Maurice Harrell, Peter Nwankwo, Mike Newsam, James Osbourne, Alex Aguirre  

October 12, 2016

Home Depot's 2016 Supply Chain Asset Protection Team at their Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA


South Team

Left to right: Michael Neagle, Jeff Jenkins, Tony Rengel, Christopher Schact, Roy Harding, Jeremy Fincher, Michael Muehlbauer, Brad Sansom, Doug Schuckman, Maurice Harrell, Peter Nwankwo, Mike Newsam, James Osbourne, Alex Aguirre  

Home Depot's 2016 Supply Chain Asset Protection Team at their Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA

October 11, 2016

North Team

Front Row (left to right): Greg Thomas, Mike Sellers, Karen Campbell, John Pocse, Brittany Bowyer, Michael Jordan, Joe Crapanzano, Don Weber

Back Row (left to right): Eric Cleaveland, Dale Brantley, Chris Phillips, Curtis Blickenstaff, Jacob Cutler, David Dreher, Paul Stewart 

Home Depot's 2016 Supply Chain Asset Protection Team at their Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA

October 10, 2016


Crown Bolt and Interline Brands, Inc 

Left to right: David Odonnell, Michael Collins, James Fierro, Dan Danielczyk 

October 7, 2016

7-Eleven team at the 2016
LPRC Impact Conference



Left to Right: Byron Smith, Mike Aldridge, Lauren Freede, Frank Pindulic and Mike Appel

October 5, 2016

Big Lots Stores Asset Protection Zone 2 at their "Annual Engagement Meeting"

"One Team/One Goal!"


Left to Right: Kenny Smith, AAPL; Jeremy Yeomans, Market Leader; Clark Seger, AAPL; Chris Scheutzow, AAPL; Steven Allen, AAPL; and Bill Moss, AAPL

Left to Right: Katie Reinhardsen, AAPL; Dave Belniak, AAPL; Dan Romanic, Zone Leader; Maureen Desilets, AAPL; Mark Jackson, AAPL; and Mike Temes, AAPL


Northgate Markets

Asset Protection Department

"Te da mas!"

October 4, 2016

Front Row (left to right): Idmelda Perez - Sr. Asset Protection Auditor, Melissa Martinez - Asset Protection Analytics Coordinator
Second Row (left to right): Victor Romero, Sam Safai - DC Security Services Mgr, Edward Gonzalez - District Asset Protection Manager, Jennifer Ortiz - Asset Protection Auditor, Carlos Ocegueda - Asset Protection Physical Security Supervisor, Pedro Becerra - Labor Management Mgr, Rosalba Trujillo - Service Desk Manager
Third Row (left to right): Saul Ramirez - Regional Asset Protection Supervisor, David Torres, Jose Prado - District Asset Protection Manager, Heriberto Hernandez - Asset Protection Auditor, Robert Esparza - Security Operations Manager, Mike Bowers - Sr. Director of Asset Protection
Not Pictured: Jose Limon - Asset Protection Regional Manager, David Careaga - Asset Protection Auditor, Irma Salcido - Director of Safety

September 27, 2016

Amazon LP Leadership Team at their annual meeting in San Antonio; giving back at a local Food Bank

"Amazon LP Gives Back!"


Front Row (left to right): Hector Coronado (Sr. RLPM), Brent Cohen (RLPM), Tyson Robertson (RLPM), Marlaena Chiarappa (EALP), Jacqueline Pizana (Recruiter), Ria Nillo (RLPM), Vince Vita (RLPM)

Row 2: Carlos Perez-Pliego (RLPM), Ryan Schild (RLPM), Mike Kingrey (RLPM), Cassie Main (Program Manager), Wendy Gauvry (HRBP), Dayna Howard (Sr. Manager, NACF), Jason Coren (Director, Americas), Rodney Armston (Sr. RLPM), Robert Stone (RLPM), Brian Reichart (Sr. RLPM), Martin Rakaczewski (RLPM), Tim Ayo (RLPM), Rich Hayes (RLPM), Edgar Cedeno (Sr. RLPM), Doug Rajala (RLPM), Faraz Naqvi (RLPM), Andres Acevedo (RLPM)

Back Row: Aaron Ledger (RLPM), Howard Stone (Sr. Manager, Logistics), Chris Frey (RLPM), Drew Beckett (RLPM), Shaun Belk (Sr. Manager, GSO), Vince Powell (Program Manager), Pat Moran (RLPM) , Jason Winder (Program Manager), Alan Miller (RLPM), Charles King (PS Solutions Architect)

September 22, 2016


SpartanNash Annual AP Team Meeting at Corporate Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI

"Taking Food Places"

Front row (left to right): Damon Cavasin - Director, Asset Protection, Rob Labarr - Asset Protection Investigator, Jason Mann - Asset Protection Analyst, Josh Ellis - Asset Protection Investigator 

Back row (left to right): Ryan Shedd - Asset Protection Investigator, Ed Hollenbach - Regional Asset Protection Manager, Bob Fairchild - Regional Asset Protection Manager, Levi Davison - Asset Protection Investigator, Jamie Mullin - Regional Asset Protection Manager, Chad Rowe - Asset Protection Investigator, Bob Brill - Regional Asset Protection Manager, Adam Moon - Asset Protection Investigator, Brenda Gibson - Regional Asset Protection Manager, Pat Daley - Regional Asset Protection Manager, Cris Fish - Asset Protection Investigator, Adrew Karl - Asset Protection Investigator, Heidi Dingman - Asset Protection Coordinator 

Not pictured: Kari Dorsher - Asset Protection Analyst 

September 8, 2016


Belk's Regional Loss Prevention Manager Annual Planning Meeting in Birmingham, AL

"Protecting Our Brand"

Back Row: Weldon Rodgers, Travis Beggs, Matthew Barnett, Gerald Dunbar, Mike Young, Michelle Barton, Debra Griffin, Sam Bailey, Darin Manigault, John Porter, Bernard Brown and Toby Steckler
Middle Row: Joseph Kirby, David Reed, Anthony Lopez, David Gaskins, Walley Smith, Hector Rivera, Adam Stern, Jo Bickford, Kim Auman-Fanning and Mike Massello
Front Row: Bob Vranek, Dennis Caruso, Alex Payne, Bob Swank, Thomas Thweatt, Paul Ferreri and Ed Pickett

September 7, 2016

The Largest Asset Protection Team in the World


The Walmart U.S. AP Team at the 2016 AP National Meeting for Market, Regional and Home Office Teams.
Walmart is committed to protecting people and profit

"Direct. Deter. Detect"

This picture represents their Market AP Managers, Regional AP Managers, Divisional AP Sr. Directors, and the Home Office team

September 6, 2016


dressbarn's Asset Protection team after their recent department meeting

"Connecting the Dots"

Pictured back row from left to right: Laurie Peer - Asset Protection Coordination Specialist, Donny DePaola, Asset Protection Specialist, Reginald Berrouet - Asset Protection Specialist, Michelle Benjamin - Manager of Analytics, Shawn Dempsey - Sr. Asset Protection Specialist, Korey Smith - Director Asset Protection, Katie Wade - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Brian Bazer - AVP Asset Protection & Risk Management, Michael Peteja - Regional Asset Protection Leader
Front Row from left to right: Christie Delaney - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Joanne Andiorio - Welcome Desk Receptionist, Joshua Machtinger - Sr. Manager Safety & Security, Judy Evans - Welcome Desk Receptionist, Judi Dejoie - Senior Manager Asset Protection, Karen Clark - Regional Asset Protection Leader, Solomon Mayo, Jr. - Regional Asset Protection Leader
Not pictured: Samuel McLean - Asset Protection Specialist, Kevin Villa - Asset Protection Specialist, Maggie Kulesza - Asset Protection Specialist

September 2, 2016


PayPal Gets LP Social!


AP Teams in Scottsdale and Omaha Enjoy Free Pizza Parties 
as Winner of 'Group LP Selfie' Competition


Last week, PayPal's Global Investigations teams in Scottsdale, Arizona and Omaha, Nebraska gathered together for a free pizza party lunch, courtesy of GLPS sponsor NuTech National. PayPal was one of three winners chosen at random in our most recent "Group LP Selfie" drawing at NRF Protect in Philadelphia this past June. The winning photo was submitted back in April by Amelia Kani, Global Law Enforcement Relationship Lead for PayPal Global Investigations. Below is a photo from the Scottsdale team enjoying some delicious 'za.

(Above Left) The winning GLPS photo submitted by PayPal Global Asset Protection
(Above Right) The Scottsdale team enjoying a free pizza party courtesy of NuTech National

August 31, 2016






Creation of a Team... 

CVS Health Target-Channel's 1st LP Team!


Front: Left to Right - RLPM Ryan Harris, RLPM Fanchon Barnes, ALPD Raymond Sosa, RLPM Vernice Mason, RLPM Chris McCreary

Back: Left to Right - RLPM Vito Chieffi, RLPM Mardio Nealey, RLPM Matt Johnson, RLPM Dan Hornickel

August 30, 2016

Jeremy Grahn, Corporate Manager, Bi-Mart Loss Prevention Team

2016's GLPS Winner, NRF Protect Philadelphia
'My First Time at NRF Protect'

By Jeremy Grahn


In 2015 I submitted a photo of our LP team to the D&D Daily for their Group LP Selfie promotion. I thought my team would like it if our photo made it on the D&D, and maybe we might even win a pizza party. Instead, I was fortunate enough to have been selected to win a trip to NRF Protect 2016 in Philadelphia! Having never been to a conference like this before, I was thrilled to have the opportunity and it did not disappoint.

I arrived at NRF Protect the day before the full conference opened and attended the Emerging Leaders Boot Camp. This was a great opportunity to network with other LP professionals, as well as listen and learn from executives in the industry with proven track records. We often get so caught up with work or conducting an investigation, that it was particularly refreshing to listen to John Matas from Macy's talk about placing an importance on work/life balance.

 The first full day of NRF Protect I took advantage of the Mentor Experience and met with Karl Langhorst, Director of Loss Prevention at Kroger. Mr. Langhorst shared with me some things he felt has helped him be successful, and I walked away with advice that has the potential to have a positive impact on my department, my company, and me as an individual. As good as the entire conference was, the Mentor Experience had the biggest impact on me.

The other session that I found to be very beneficial was "Lessons in Leadership from the Interview Room." Michael Reddington from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates gave a fantastic presentation where he explained how to take skills used in an interview/interrogation and apply them in conversations with direct reports. By using these methods, a manager can get the results he/she desires while creating a partnership with the employee. Since this session I've had an opportunity to put this into practice and it proved effective.

Of course, much of the action is found at the expo hall. This being my first time, I was impressed by the scale of the hall and how many vendors were there to showcase their products and companies. I visited several booths and tried to identify companies whose service or products may benefit my department or company. While I did not see anything we couldn't live without, I did meet with NuTech National and we discussed their alarm services after I got back from the conference. I also met with different manufacturers in the video world, and gained knowledge that may benefit us as our company migrates into IP-based camera systems. 

Overall, my first experience at NRF Protect was a very positive one. While I would like to go again, my ability to do so will depend on the event being closer to my home state of Oregon. All in all it was a great and very beneficial trip. I'm very grateful to D&D, NuTech National and the NRF for giving me this opportunity.

July 26, 2016


Sears Holdings APP National Conference - 
Kmart Southeast/Offshore Zone Managers


"Best in Class - Asset Protection Team"

Front, left to right: Almond Dennis, Steve Steppe, Marty Maberry, RDAP Marilys Rivera, Alex Sostre, and Dennisse Alvarez
Middle: Nick Cranfill, Jeff Hager, Ivan Cruz, Armon Holcomb, Sherri Reid, and John Ravaioli
Rear: Jason Anderson, Adam Rose, Charles Simms, Douglas Bradford, James Kralik, and Scott Searcy

July 19, 2016


Sephora's Loss Prevention Team at their 
Annual LP Agent Conference in Las Vegas


"Making a Positive Impact on Shrink"

Thank you, Brent Hamlin, Director of Loss Prevention, Sephora for the Group Selfie!

July 18, 2016


Louis Vuitton America's Asset Protection 
Team at NRF Protect 2016

"Make your career a beautiful journey"

Back row left to right: Jose Vasquez, Jon Shimp, Chris Scudilla, Bayo Thomas, Satesh Singh, Rob Ruiz
Front row left to right: Rosie Hernandez, Lara Foreman, Lisa Kennedy, Daniel Cruz, Monika Espinoza, Amber Adams, Fabio Sanchez, Eric Aleman

July 6, 2016

Ulta Beauty Loss Prevention Team
 with Rocky in Philadelphia
at NRF Protect 2016

"Knocking Out Shrink!"


In the picture: Jeff Foster, CFI (Regional Loss Prevention Manager); Steve Smith, CFI (Area Loss Prevention Manager); Marc Abramson, CFI (Regional Loss Prevention Manager); Dan Taylor, CFI (Area Loss Prevention Manager); Jake Welch, CFI (Regional Loss Prevention Manager); Annette Wall, CFI (Area Loss Prevention Manager); Brian Wedoff (Regional Loss Prevention Manager); Perry Manous (Sr. Director - IT Infrastructure)

June 30, 2016

Associated Grocers of New England, Inc. Loss Prevention Team, winners of the 2014 "Security Top 500" Security Leaders Award 

"If you don't look, you won't find"


Left to Right: Jim Gaudet, Sr. Loss Prevention Investigator; Alan Cote, Loss Prevention Manager; Bill Robarge, Loss Prevention Specialist

June 28, 2016

GNC Loss Prevention Team - 
USA and Canada


"Passionately creating a world of health, wellness, and performance solutions inspiring everyone, everywhere, everyday to LIVE WELL"

Left to Right first row: Laura Chabrier (LP Corp Director), Tony Kuniak (VP of Loss Prevention), John Pourgoutzidis (RLPM), Bob Bussie (RLPM), Kevin Griggs (RLPM), Preston Foster (LP Director), Cherie Hibbert (RLPM), Michael Anderson (RLPM), Scott Camerata (RLPM), Rick Yurko (Senior Director of LP), John Rainey (RLPM)
Left to Right Second row: Scott Crawford (RLPM), Greg Lechman (RLPM), Ron Perry (RLPM), Kim Tassitano (RLPM), Marty Gamache (RLPM), Jeff Graham (SRLPM), Andy Tufano (RLPM), Shannen Stenerson (RLPM), Alberto Pagan (RLPM)

June 27, 2016

Vans Loss Prevention Team 

"Off the Wall"


From left to right: David Hargrove, LP Operations Manager; Marty Andrews, Director of Loss Prevention & Risk Management; Roderick Wilburn, Regional LP Manager; Ryan Dzwigalski, Regional LP Manager; Jen Spoolstra, Risk & Safety Manager; Ryan O'Hara, Regional LP Manager; Chris Lopez, Regional LP Manager; Nick Bacon, Regional LP Manager

June 15, 2016


Dunkin' Brands LP Team Scooping Ice Cream at the 2016 Boston

Jimmy Fund Charity Scooper Bowl Event


"Protecting the Integrity of Our Brands while Driving Overall Profitability"

First Row left to right: Joe Paolucci (LP Manager), Jeff Kukielka (LP Manager), Erina Ramly (LP Manager), Kevin Mimm (LP Manager), Sara Hamadane (Analyst), Lindsay Alpert (Coordinator), Leah Snowdale (Analyst), Amanda Marschilok (Sr. Analyst), Jeff Feldman (Sr. Manager - Field)
Back Row left to right: David Johnston (Sr. Director), Karen Gelzer (LP Manager), Mark Davis (LP Manager), Jason Vega (Analyst), Gary Van Eerde (LP Manager), Charlene Cotter (E-Pay Fraud Specialist), Bill Macaluso (LP Manager), Patrick Finnigan (Sr. Manager - Corporate)

BJ's Wholesale Club Asset Protection 2016


June 7, 2016

In photo from Left to right: Michelle Connolly (AP Operations Mgr.), Nick Grote (EH&S Mgr.), Ariel Demers (AP Field Support Coordinator), Archie Hogue (VP Asset Protection & Safety), Thao Lam (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Amy Rohne (Regional QA & Food Safety Mgr.), Erica Austin (Regional QA & Food Safety Mgr.), Brendan Fitzgerald (AVP Asset Protection Operations), Michele Grimes (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Cristina Illiano (Regional QA & Food Safety Mgr.), Marshall Shepherd (AVP Asset Protection), Heather Zwerling (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Marcia Wood (AVP Asset Protection), Linda Potter (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Dawn Sneddon (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Bill Peters (AVP Safety), Megan Parker (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Mike Geoffroy (AP Operations Mgr.), Dale Sonnenberg (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Chris Thomas (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Melissa Gordon (EH&S Mgr.), Eric Sweichowski (Regional QA & Food Safety Mgr.), Mariano Cuesta (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Teresa Thompson (Regional QA & Food Safety Mgr.), Tom Battinieri (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Jhanelle Brown (Regional QA & Food Safety Mgr.), Devon Deihl (Regional QA & Food Safety Mgr.), Lee Reeves (Regional Asset Control Mgr.), Derek Schreck (Regional Asset Control Mgr.)

June 6, 2016

Restoration Hardware 
Loss Prevention Team


"Lead the Movement to do what's right, take action!"


Left to right: Nathan Suen, Justin Henkenberns, Doug Fessenden, Carolyn Korchik, Emily Taow

May 13, 2016

Dick's Sporting Goods LP Director Business Review Meeting at the NFL Hall of Fame on May 11

"Every Season Starts At Dick's!"


Pictured Left to Right: Back Row: Ron Clayton (Regional Director), Tommy Conaway (Regional Director), Denny DeMarcy (Senior Director), George Hill (Senior Vice President Stores)

Middle: Kevin Dodson (Director Compliance), Keith Hunter (Regional Director), Mike Jackson (Regional Director), Matt Welch (Regional Director), Ken Parsons (Regional Director), Jih-Hao Cheng (Regional Director), Howard del Aguila (Regional Director)

Bottom: Jake Gillette (Director SSC Operations), David Lund (Vice President LP)

April 25, 2016

Burlington Stores Memphis Loss Prevention Team


"Develops Trust and Respect, Builds Teams and Partnership. 
Thus Drives Great Shrink Results"

Featured in the picture: Otis Wallace - LP Associate, Bradon Myers - LP Associate, Kenya McClora - LP Associate, Brittany Butler - LP Supervisor, Erik Snurley - LP Associate

April 12, 2016

Belk Western Division Loss Prevention at Store Manager's Meeting 2016


"Belk Western Division - Doing Big Things!"

Left to Right in Front Row: Hector Rivera, Bob Swank and Alex Payne
Left to Right in Back Row: Michael Fox, Mike Young, Ed Pickett, Jo Bickford and Debbie Griffen

April 11, 2016


The Sears Holdings Field and Corporate Teams at our National Conference in Hoffman Estates, IL

April 8, 2016

PayPal Global Asset 
Protection Team


"Protecting and Supporting our Customers and Brand Through Proactive Criminal Investigations & Law Enforcement Partnerships"

Pictured from left to right: Kenny Logan, Jeff Cahill, Jeff McGuire, Jacky Huang, Betty Toy, Jason Billian, Sean Meyer, Giselle Nevada, Josh Wagner, Nisa Rojanavongse, Amelia Kani, Raja Bolla, Anke Roth, John Mearls, Ana Marco, Relana Brokman, Mark Magnier, Gillian Wang, Nicola Bellicini, Emilia Dombek, Cianan Black, Lorraine Smyth, Tomasz Szustak, Istvan Selicean, Jeff Petit, Ashley Weres, Zuzana Crawford, Jason McDevitt, Michael Aguirre


April 4, 2016

Members of the LPRC, CVS Health, Walgreens 
and Rite Aid LP Teams at the LPRC 
Anti-Robbery Research Planning Summit

Pictured from left to right: Jim Berry (CVS Health), Kevin Plante (CVS Health), Tim Gorman (Walgreens), Read Hayes (LPRC),

Hal Friend (Walgreens), Tim Mueller (Walgreens), Robert Stano (Rite Aid), Stephanie Lin (LPRC), Steve Middleton (Rite Aid)

and Robert Oberosler (Rite Aid)

Red Nose campaign brings the drug store and loss prevention industry together
Walgreens challenges Coca Cola, Wrigley to get 'Seriously Silly'

Walgreens' on Wednesday challenged fellow Chicago native Wrigley Co. and Atlanta's very own Coca Cola Co. to a "Red Nose Rumble." The two iconic brands were called to the comedy carpet to get "seriously silly" April 6 on their respective social media outlets in support of eliminating children's poverty.

Some of the drug store industry's own Loss Prevention professionals, with members of the LPRC, joined in the cause and took their own picture with red noses to share their support:

"Personally, I didn't know about the Red Nose campaign until visiting their Corporate center and stores near Chicago to meet with the LPRC, Rite Aid and Walgreens. On the last day of our meeting, Hal brought in red noses for each of us and we all agreed to have a photo taken. We were all there working collaboratively to find ways to help combat drug store robberies and this moment in time was to support our nations' impoverished children. Both problems are issues we are all facing and we showed our passion this week to fix them! The group of people are all top notch professionals and I certainly enjoyed the conversations and look forward to continuing our collaboration." - Kevin Plante, Dir. of LP Reporting & Analytics, CVS Health 

March 31, 2016

T-Mobile Southeast Loss Prevention Team in Las Vegas for National 
T-Mobile Loss Prevention Conference

"Protecting the People, Property, and Profitability of T-Mobile"


Pictured Left to Right: James Pac - North Florida RLPM, Eric Shultz - Carolinas RLPM, Chad McManus - Georgia RLPM, Danny Rodriguez - South Florida RLPM, Kyle Pearson - Carolinas RLPM, Terry Murphy - Senior LP Manager - Southeast

March 16, 2016

The Kroger Company Loss Prevention Team at the LPRC Innovation Lab


Pictured Left to Right: Wally Walker, Sr. Manager of LP Operations; Steven Donavon, Asst. Division LP Manager - Atlanta; Karl Langhorst, Sr. Director of LP; Kevin Larson, Sr. Manager of LP Operations

March 15, 2016


Toys R Us/Babies R Us Asset Protection Team East

"Investigating the National Archives" while 
at a recent Staff Meeting in Washington, DC

Left to Right: Market Investigation Manager Mike Flanagan, Market Investigation Manager Amanda Hobert, National Investigations Manager Ed Fuentes, Regional Asset Protection Manager Greg Anderson, Regional Asset Protection Manager Scott Tassinari, Asset Protection Director Vic DeBlassi, Regional Asset Protection Manager AnnMarie LaFranca, Regional Asset Protection Manager Bruce Yorgey, Regional Asset Protection Manager Larry Evangelista, Regional Asset Protection Manager John Baschoff, Regional Asset Protection Manager Rich Fernandez

February 22, 2016


Walmart Mexico and Central America (Walmex) Asset Protection, Security and Investigation Team at their Annual Year Beginning Meeting

"Improved loss metrics are the result of an 
improved customer experience"