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LP Foundation’s Swing for Certification Tournament

a Tremendous Success

Event will support more than 50 LPQ & LPC scholarships and raises money for industry charities

There are many things to love about golf; the quiet time, exercise, and fellowship. Golf is something that allows anyone to participate regardless of our experience – and still have a blast. The game reveals character and forces us to see our own humility when we need a mulligan. The game also gives a great opportunity to bring folks together for more important reasons – like a good cause.

Last week in Dallas, Texas, the Loss Prevention Foundation hosted its first ever Swing for Certification golf tournament at the Bear Creek golf course on the eve of NRF PROTECT 2018. More than 120 volunteers and golfers of every skill level, from across the loss prevention community, gathered to have some fun and raise some money for a good cause. All proceeds benefit the Bob MacLea Scholarships for LPQ & LPC Certifications as well as the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund and the USS Foundation.

These events are always therapeutic, fun and, best of all, in the company of great people. We watched as golfers made shots from the fairways and the greens, bringing the team together and improving the group score. We took shots from golf ball cannons that could turn an impressive par 4 from the tee into a putt from the green – a shot MOST agreed was their best of the day. We also enjoyed taking playful “jabs” at each other to liven up the competition.

All of that and we still got even more out of the event.  We had the opportunity and privilege to watch as participants and sponsors gave back to the loss prevention community. We saw the pride of the entire group as we raised the money to provide more than 50 LPQ and LPC scholarship opportunities that will help others learn and grow as LP/AP professionals, benefitting both the individual and the loss prevention profession as a whole by improving the

knowledge and expertise of those who serve. We saw the class of an industry leader, Wayne Hoover, who turned over

the winnings of an $850 50/50 raffle drawing to the LPBF. We celebrated as more than $5,000 was raised for the Loss Prevention Benevolent Fund (LPBF) throughout the day, providing critical relief to help support our colleagues and their families in times of exceptional need through our extended LP family.

It’s easy to talk about the fun that occurs at these events – and it was definitely a day enjoyed by all. But it’s more important not to lose sight of the real prize that comes out of days like this. By helping others, we help ourselves, our community, our industry and more. We’ve all seen character reveal itself in light of adversity. It’s even greater to be part of something bigger. A true purpose of making our industry better and helping those in our LP family. As a community, we have the opportunity to continue to build a better LP industry of tomorrow. 

“On behalf of everyone at The Loss Prevention Foundation, we want to thank every person that participated in this tremendous event. Especially to our generous sponsors that were so instrumental in making our vision for this day a reality,” shared Terry Sullivan, president at The Loss Prevention Foundation. “We’re very excited for the many opportunities that these scholarships will provide to the loss prevention community, and the support that our efforts can bring to those in need through the LPBF. We’ve set the bar high for next year, but I’m convinced that by working together we can match any challenge put before us. Let’s make next year just as special.”

Thank you again to all the event sponsors!

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