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The Weekend Edition

Man carrying mom’s severed head stabbed grocery store clerk
The man walked into Harvest Market Thriftway reportedly "covered in blood" and holding "a knife and what looked like a human head."   Read more

3 charged with capital murder after 6-year-old found shot and killed in stolen car
A 6-year-old boy in Mississippi was shot to death after the car he was in was stolen from a grocery store parking lot.  Read more

San Bernardino, CA: Naked Shopper Causes Chaos at Stater Bros

Within seconds of the man stripping down naked and pouring bleach all over himself, San Bernardino police say.  Read more

Fergus, ON: Woman hits pavement face first trying to steal cartful of Walmart merchandise

A woman attempted to steal a shopping cart full of items from a Walmart in Fergus, but fell down and ran off empty handed.  Read more

Wadena, MN: Unsuspecting Walmart Customer Takes Down Startled Deer

A confused white-tailed deer that wandered into a Walmart store ran into a startled customer who tackled the animal to the ground.  Read more

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This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 22 ORC cases

  • 40 Suspects

  • $864,000

  • 88 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 9 Killed

  • 8 Shootings

Memphis, TN: Boost Mobile employee shot and killed as he stood outside business
Three men walked up to him, shot him and fled the scene. The victim was rushed to the Regional Medical Center where he later died.  Read more

Fayetteville, GA: 3 Sprint store Burglary Suspects Killed fleeing from Deputies

The three men died in Clayton County early Monday morning after their vehicle struck another motorist and crashed into a lake.  Read more

Kansas City, MO: 67 yr old Comic Book Store Owner killed in Grab & Run

The owner was killed after reportedly confronting the suspect, who grabbed a handful of comic books and fled the store.  Read more

Top ORC News

Scam Artist jailed for stealing $600,000 in Shower Doors from Home Depot

A scam artist who repeatedly stole shower doors from Home Depot stores across the Philadelphia area is headed to jail.  Read more  


Columbus, OH: Five Indicted in $150,000 Credit Card/ ID Theft Ring

A federal grand jury has charged five Columbus-area residents as part of an identity theft ring.  Read more

Top Stories

Report: Gap, Coach and Others Need to Close 2,600 More Stores

Wells Fargo says more than 2,650 additional storefronts operated by its retailer group should close.  Read more


'Expose Walmart Tour' Marches on Phoenix
Union Group Criticizes Retailer's High Number of Calls to Police 

A union launched a national tour in Phoenix to draw attention to Walmart's wages and the thousands of police calls to its mega stores.

Read more

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The Weekend Edition

DeKalb County, GA: Man shot, killed at Burger King after fight; suspect in custody
The victim walked inside the restaurant and began arguing with another man who was already there with the woman.  Read more

Chubbuck, ID: Fatal Shooting in a Walmart parking lot ruled a suicide
There were reports that the man was not alone when he shot himself, but the Coroner's Office could not confirm those reports.  Read more

Tulsa, OK: Drug deal in Grocery Store parking lot ends with 1 shot and killed
Officers say 19-year-old Kentrael Anderson got into the suspects' car for a marijuana deal and was shot several times.  Read more

Casselberry, FL: 1 dies after shooting, crash at strip mall

There was some type of exchange between two men and a shot was fired. The victim drove across the parking lot and crashed into the store.  Read more

San Jose, CA: Shootout with Police outside Big 5 Sporting Goods

San Jose Police arrested a suspect who opened fire at police officers after trying to rob a sporting goods store near the Eastridge Mall.  Read more

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This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 27 ORC cases

  • 48 Suspects

  • $303,000

  • 114 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 8 Killed

  • 12 Shootings

Suspect Arrested for Murder of Subway employee shot trying to Protect Mom

A suspect has been arrested in the fatal shooting of a Houston sandwich store employee as he tried to protect his mother.  Read more

Plant City, FL: Lowe's Shoplifter steals a knife, later found dead with self-inflicted wound

A man who stole a knife and ran off was found dead shortly afterwards with a stab wound to his upper arm that was self-inflicted.  Read more


Retail Violent Incidents Up 20%
Deaths Up 12% in Q1

Read the Daily's exclusive quarterly Retail Violent Death Report where take a deep dive into retail death incidents in Q1 2017.  Read more

Top ORC News

Toronto, ON: $10-million fraud ring busted
Hundreds of thousands in high-end merchandise found 

Two men have been charged and two are being sought in an alleged $10-million fraud ring. Were some retailers looking the other way?  Read more  


Over $80K in Merchandise Seized in Warehouse Raid, 4 Detained in Credit Card Fraud

Broward Sheriff's Office said more than $80,000 in TV's, refrigerators and A/C units were seized in the raid.  Read more

Thorntown, IN: C-Store Manager arrested for theft of $66,000 of cash and merchandise

A dozen people were allegedly involved in the systematic looting of a Thorntown convenience store that went on for two years.  Read more

Top Stories

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The Weekend Edition

Manteca, CA: Man killed in carjacking attempt outside Taco Bell
A man in his early 60s was gunned down Tuesday night after getting into his car with a take-out order at the Taco Bell in.  Read more

Fort Worth, TX: Woman Shot, Killed In Ridgmar Mall Parking Lot
Fort Worth Police said a woman was shot while sitting in her car in the Ridgmar Mall parking lot.  Read more

London, ON: Taxi driver dies after being assaulted in Mac's store parking lot
A man is facing a murder charge after the body of a taxi driver was found early yesterday in a convenience store parking lot.  Read more

Suspect in fatal shooting at Ridgmar Mall kills himself in his car

The man accused of fatally shooting a woman outside Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth late Monday killed himself hours later.  Read more

Jimmy John's worker calmly hands over cash with gun to his head; video goes viral

he man entered the restaurant, placed an order, then pulled a gun instead of a wallet out of his pocket and pointed it at the cashier.  Read more

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This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 25 ORC cases

  • 38 Suspects

  • $348,000

  • 103 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 7 Killed

  • 11 Shootings

NEW: The D&D Daily's Q1 2017 Publicly Reported Retail Violent Death Report
There were 112 retail deaths in the first quarter of 2016 - a 12 percent increase over Q1 2016. Read the full report

Top ORC News

San Fran's Black Market Out of Control 

'Street Meat Black Market' UC Operation

Store owners and retail crime investigators say shoplifters are growing more aggressive and brazen, putting public health and safety at risk.

Read more


Henry County, GA: Police search for men in Diesel Fuel Theft Ring; over $90,000

Officers said crooks have used stolen credit cards to buy large amounts of diesel fuel in the suburbs.  Read more

Rochester Target Employee Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $21,000 in Cell Phones

The Rochester PD arrested a Target North employee for allegedly stealing $21,000 worth of cell phones from the store.  Read more

Update: DuPage judge sentences 'Lego Bandit' to 5 years for theft, burglary

Top Stories

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Trump & The Media Silent on the Biggest Crisis Facing American Workers
They largely have been silent on the biggest crisis facing these workers: the collapse of the retail industry.  Read more

Five Top Senior LP Jobs in 60 Days
Canadian Senior LP/AP Market is HOT 

This is a busy time for the LP market. What a shake up. Great opportunity for new leaders.  Read more

2017 Identity Fraud Survey in 2016, 15.4M Americans lost $16B to identity fraud

The overall fraud incidence rose 16 percent to affect 6.15 percent of U.S. consumers, from 5.30 percent in 2015-the highest on record," the report said.  Read more

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The Weekend Edition

Delaware State Trooper Killed In Shooting Outside Wawa
Officials say he was an 8.5 year veteran of the Delaware State Police and was assigned to patrol at Troop 2, Glasgow.  Read more

St Louis, MO: 7-Eleven Clerk Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect While on Smoke Break
A convenience store clerk was hailed as a "she-ro" after she fatally shot a would-be robber during a smoke break.  Read more

Gallup, NM: Two die in murder-suicide in Walmart parking lot
Gallup police Capt. Marinda Spencer said the two people and a dog were shot to death. Read more

Killeen, TX: T-Mobile armed robbery ends in shoot-out with police, suspect shot and killed

One suspect is dead after a robbery Monday at a T-Mobile retail store in the Killeen Marketplace shopping center. Read more

Paragould, AR: Dozens of snakes found in Walmart parking lot

Someone left as many as 40 snakes in the Paragould Walmart parking lot. - a scary sight for shoppers. Read more

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*The Biggest and Baddest is published every Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 9 am*

This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 26 ORC cases

  • 41 Suspects

  • $366,000

  • 99 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 14 Killed

  • 19 Shootings

H&M LP Officer kidnapped & raped customers
Raped Three Female Shoplifters at His Home

At least three victims have been identified and police are asking for any other victims to contact their local police department.  Read more

Brooklyn CVS LP Agent Accused of Sexually Assaulting Several Women: Police Sources

Ramos allegedly made the woman sign a document that said "if she went to police about the incident, he could sue her."  Read more

Clarksville, TN: One dead following shooting outside Walmart

A man who was transported from the scene of a shooting in a Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot has died from his injuries.  Read more

Top ORC Cases

Serial Shoplifter wanted for Robbing Multiple Adult Stores; $200,000 of merchandise stolen

Authorities have been on the look out for a San Diego woman accused of shoplifting at several adult book stores.  Read more

Hudson Valley Duo Hit Home Depots In $33K Crime Spree

Through an elaborate scheme, a couple from Brewster stole about $33,000 worth of items from a dozen Home Depots.  Read more

Corte Madera, CA: Burglars steal $24,000 in goods from Apple Store

A man linked to a $300,000 fraud in Walmart and Sam's Club stores was sentenced to nearly four years in prison.   Read more

A deadly addiction: Funded by crime & ORC
Heroin Hits Home: 'It's At An Epidemic Level'

Top Stories

ATM Skimming Debate
On the Rise or "Extremely Rare"?

The latest FICO study shows an uptick in skimming - but the ATM Council disagrees. Who's right?  Read more

Home Depot Liable for Regional Manager's Off-Duty Murder?

Companies often assume they are not responsible for interactions between employees that happen off-site after hours and that are unrelated to their jobs.  Read more

Canada's HOT LP Market 
What It Means For Other LP Executives & Retailers

This is great news for the Canadian LP/AP market as it reshuffles the deck and gives other executives an opportunity to go build and reinvent an LP program.  Read more

Amazon Will Destroy 1.5M Retail Jobs in Next Five Years




The Weekend Edition

Tucson, AZ: Two killed, one injured in murder-suicide at La Encantada Mall 
A shooting at a crowded Arizona restaurant left two men dead in an altercation Friday night involving three people.  Read more

Mount Vernon, WA: Burlington Mall shooter found dead in his prison cell
He apparently hanged himself in the Snohomish County jail, where he had been held for about a month.  Read more

Two killers on the loose after murder in CVS Palms parking lot

Witnesses reported seeing at least one of the suspects fleeing in a dark, compact SUV going northbound through the parking lot.  Read more

Jewelry Store Owner accused of killing wife inside store 
Colucci was seen pulling a gun out of his pocket without his wife knowing, and shot her in the head.  Read more

Cross-dressing bandits rob Florida jewelry store, hold family hostage

Security cameras at a jewelry store in Florida captured a bizarre robbery involving some rather unique apparel.  Read more

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Runaway tire bounces into pharmacy, hits two men in the head

The large tire is seen on several security videos bouncing off into the street, and slamming into a tree before making its final destination inside a pharmacy.  Read more

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This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 26 ORC cases

  • 39 Suspects

  • $172M

  • 108 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 11 Killed

  • 13 Shootings

H&M Loss Prevention Agent Arrested; Accused of Kidnapping & Rape

A man who worked as a loss-prevention officer for several area shopping centers and malls used his position to kidnap and, at least once, rape customers.  Read more

Barbershop owner killed in dispute over price of haircut

The suspect told the victim he only had $2 and the victim told him he needed to come up with $8 more for a haircut.  Read more


Shoplifter jabs three Macy's security guards with needle, claims he has AIDS and Hepatitis C

A shoplifter jabbed three security guards with a hypodermic needle at the Macy’s in Herald Square. Read more

Top ORC News

Russian National Confesses to Major $170M Credit Card Fraud in Letter to US Court

A Russian national has pled guilty on credit card theft amounting to some $170 million in losses to businesses and individuals.  Read more

Clarksville, TN: Police find $1.5 million in fake goods in ORC raid

Police found over $1.5 million worth of counterfeit goods, along with 70 pounds of marijuana and over $24,000 cash, during a search.  Read more

Update: Grand Rapids, MI: 'Bricks of $100 bills:' $300K credit-card scheme brings prison

A man linked to a $300,000 fraud in Walmart and Sam's Club stores was sentenced to nearly four years in prison.   Read more

Hopkins, MN: $100K of Sports Memorabilia Stolen from Small Store

Investigators said thieves made off with hundreds of vintage sports items valued at more than $100,000.  Read more

Update: Fugitive Pleads Guilty in $200 Million Credit Card Fraud Scam

More Top Stories

Mike Lamb named VP of Asset Protection for Kroger

Mike Lamb was previously the Vice President of Asset Protection and Safety for Walmart US.  Read more

Among Large, Troubled Retailers, 1 Million Jobs at Stake

Among America's eight most troubled large retailers, nearly 1 million jobs are at stake as the industry continues to collapse.  Read more

4 Tips for Using Social Media to Address Social Division and Civil Unrest 

We examine all the first-quarter trends in Sr. LP positions, retail store closures and job cuts.
Read more

Macy's RFID effort boosts sales, fulfillment 

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The Weekend Edition

"Retailers on High Alert"
Truck Rams into Stockholm Department Store

This is the first actual retail store itself attacked.  Let's hope we don't have any copycats.  Read more

Yakima, WA: Two sought in killing of AM/PM Convenience store clerk during robbery
Police are searching for two people suspected in the fatal shooting of a 25-year-old clerk
Read more

Wilmington, NC: Woman Dies Following Shooting Outside of Independence Mall 
A woman shot Saturday in the parking lot of Independence Mall has died, a Wilmington police spokeswoman confirmed.  Read more

South Los Angeles, CA: Strip Mall shooting; 1 Juvenile killed, 2 in critical condition  
Three teens were rushed to the hospital after about a dozen shots were fired into a crowd.  

Read more

Bradenton, FL: Police Officer fights for his life as Jewelry Store Burglar attacks 

For more than two minutes a Bradenton Police officer gave everything he had to fight off a burglar trying to get his gun, and gouge his eyes out. 

Read more

DeKalb County, GA: Police release video of Walmart shooting: LP Agent wounded  

Police release surveillance of a gunman that investigators consider armed and dangerous, after he allegedly shot a loss prevention officer.
Read more

Shoplifter calls 911 after getting locked in Kohl's department store

A suspected shoplifter called 911 for help after she hid in a fitting room at closing time and got locked inside a department store  Read more

Q1 Retail Violent Death Report
Coming Thursday, April 13

Daily ORC/Crime Editor

Gordon Smith hard at work

This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 28 ORC cases

  • 54 Suspects

  • $234,000

  • 86 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 2 Killed

  • 8 Shootings

Houston, TX: CVS Employees duck for cover as thieves ram truck into store 

An alarm likely scared off some would-be thieves during an attempted smash and grab, but not before they caused some serious damage to the store.  Read more

Jacksonville, AR: Copperhead snake bite investigation at Walmart turns very strange 

A customer in the produce section was reaching for a tomato and was bitten on the thumb by a copperhead snake.  Read more

Police: Man at Walmart urinated on 50 pairs of kids' shoes

A man faces misdemeanor charges after police said he urinated on 50 pairs of children’s shoes at a Tennessee Walmart.  Read more

Top ORC News

Couple admits stealing $322K in goods from employer, selling the items on eBay 

Gustavo A. Gomez and his wife, Donna admitted selling the stolen goods in more than 100 online auctions from 2006 to 2014.  Read more

San Antonio, TX: Former James Avery Jewelry employee busted for $60,000 theft 

Burlington police are trying to figure out if a Sedro-Woolley man acted alone when he stole hundreds of items from a Fred Meyer store.  Read more

NJ Man Admits to Stealing $20,000 of Canada Dry Drinks From ShopRite

A New Jersey man's scheme to pilfer thousands of soft drinks went flat after a supermarket's loss prevention manager noticed $20,000 worth of soda was gone.  Read more

Romanian Jewel Gang stole $3.7 Million from stores across Britain 

The gang was trained in an 'academy regime' teaching heist techniques.  Read more

Edgewood, MD: 5 people indicted in Pawn Shop Theft Scheme; 10 retailers affected

More Top Stories

Q1 Robberies Up 33%
Q1 Robbery & Burglary Data

In Q1 2017, there were 1,459  publicly reported robberies and burglaries.
Read more

First Quarter 2017 Update

We examine all the first-quarter trends in Sr. LP positions, retail store closures and job cuts.
Read more


Q1 2017 Comp Store Averages

In the first quarter, average quarterly comps were down 1.6% and quarterly sales were up 1.8%. Find out with retailers performed best.  Read more

Prop 47 Impacting California
L.A. Violent Crime Up 38% Over Last 2 Years

*The Biggest and Baddest is published every Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 9 am*




The Weekend Edition

Ladue, MO: Employee shot outside Schnucks; person of interest found dead
Authorities are investigating after a woman was found shot outside of Schnucks Tuesday morning in west St. Louis County.  Read more

Kenton County, KY: Home Depot Loss Prevention hit and dragged by car 
A Home Depot employee in Kenton County is in the hospital after being struck by a car driven by an accused shoplifter at the store.   Read more

Burnaby, BC: Officer fatally shoots out-of-control man in grocery store

Police say a man armed with knives lunged at a police officer, before he was fatally shot.

Read more

Los Angeles, CA: Strip mall fire kills husband and wife owners of a 99 Cent Plus store 

Firefighters arriving at the scene saw flames bursting from the front entrance of the business.  Read more

Osceola County, FL: Deputies arrest man accused of trying to abduct child at Walmart 

hey said between the courage of the victim, tips from the community and investigative efforts, they were able to identify the suspect.  Read more

Suspect Shot Dead By Police Following Hostage, Robbery Incident at McDonald's

3 armed suspects stormed a McDonald’s restaurant to rob the establishment, consequently holding hostage several customers.  Read more

"For a moment, I had a feeling of total security. Then it went away." 

*The Biggest and Baddest is published every Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 9 am*

This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 26 ORC cases

  • 47 Suspects

  • $80,000

  • 111 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 1 Killed

  • 6 Shootings

Lafayette, LA: Man douses himself in gas, lights self on fire in Walmart parking lot 

A man was airlifted to a hospital after he doused himself and his car in gasoline outside of a Lafayette Walmart.  Read more

Pig-masked man among burglars to hit Bellagio jewelry store in Las Vegas

At least three masked burglars, carrying sledgehammers, smashed their way into a high-end Vegas jewelry store.  Read more

Top ORC News

ORC Leader Denny Dansak
Denny is retiring after 7+ years as Kroger's Corporate Senior Manager of Organized Retail Crime.  Read more

San Francisco, CA: Flash Mob of thieves hit Safeway, assault security 

A gaggle of seven are seen on video clearing shelves and assaulting store security and employees.  Read more

Former Fred Meyer employee busted with over $10,000 in stolen merchandise; selling online 

Burlington police are trying to figure out if a Sedro-Woolley man acted alone when he stole hundreds of items from a Fred Meyer store.  Read more

More Top Stories

Home Depot Responsible for Murder & Rape?
HD Facing Suit Over Employee's Murder

The Seventh Circuit revived a case seeking to hold Home Depot responsible for the murder and rape of a pregnant employee.  Read more

RadioShack warns it could be lights out in Fort Worth by May

RadioShack could shut down for good at the end of May unless it's able to work out a restructuring plan.  Read more

Wal-Mart Program Aims to Deter Shoplifting
Restorative Justice Reducing Police Calls by 35% Nationwide




The Weekend Edition

Baton Rouge, LA: Sheriff's deputy shot and killed outside AMC Theater
East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office deputy Shawn T. Anderson was rushed to the hospital after being shot while on duty late Saturday.  Read more

Aldi Security Guard fatally shoots suspected shoplifter who allegedly pulled gun
When that man pulled a gun and pointed it at the guard, the guard retreated, but the man continued walking toward the guard.  Read more

Father shoots and kills his daughter then turns the gun on himself in mall parking lot
Police arrived and found Garcia and his daughter in the car suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.  Read more

Chanel store the victim of a Smash & Grab 

Around half a dozen burglars rammed a wheel loader into a Chanel store in central Stockholm.  Read more

Three Men Take Horses On A Ride Through Houston Walmart 

The three men make their way around a good portion of the store and after a couple minutes went back out the front.  Read more

One person dead, two others wounded after shooting outside Goodwill Store 

One person died after a shooting in the Monkey Junction area early Wednesday morning. 

Read more

Man in leopard print robe holds up McDonald's with hairbrush

Value of the drugs estimated to total $24,000.  Read more

"You remember Dave. You stole his identity last year."

This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 38 ORC cases

  • 71 Suspects

  • $1,375,000

  • 89 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 6 Killed

  • 19 Shootings

Teen killed in late-night shooting in Kroger parking lot

Several storefronts of the surrounding businesses - Metro PCS, H&R Block and Kroger - had been struck by bullets.  Read more

4-year-old boy accidentally hangs himself in a fitting room 

Police said the boy apparently got the hooded sweatshirt he was wearing caught on a hanger attached to a wall.  Read more

Top ORC Cases

Burglars Steal Up To $1 Million Worth Of Jewels From Store; 2nd hit in 3 months  

Thieves target a Northeast Philadelphia jewelry store, pulling off a brazen heist under the cover of darkness.  Read more

Store looking for thieves caught on camera stealing $50K in merchandise

The Galley, a luxury kitchen store, was victimized last Thursday overnight.  Read more

More Top Stories

NRF & FMI Announce Partnership on Risk-Mitigation Events

FMI and the NRF will partner on PROTECT in 2018, according to a live joint announcement made today Tuesday.  Read more

FMI's ASAP Conference Conference Recap

Over 150 AP Safety and Internal Audit professionals from Food Retailers around the country gathered  in Orlando, Florida for the FMI ASAP conference. Read more

The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America

Sears issues dire warning about its ability to survive

*The Biggest and Baddest is published every Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 9 am*




The Weekend Edition

Napa, CA: Police fatally shoot "crazy" man outside of Home Depot store
Dispatchers received multiple calls of a man with a knife acting "high" or "crazy" outside the store. Read more

Robber left behind as getaway car speeds off without him
They say there’s no honour among thieves‚ and that proved all too true for one hapless member of a gang who robbed a jewellery store.  Read more

Baltimore police shoot 3 robbery suspects, killing one
Police shot three robbery suspects, one fatally, in a vehicle that began to accelerate toward them as they approached it to investigate.  Read more

Bizarre: Disorientated otter wanders out of a lake and into supermarket

Locals say they saw the otter crossing a series of busy roads before entering the supermarket.

Read more

Bedford Park, IL: 1 shot, 1 run over in gang fight at Walmart

One person was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and another was hospitalized after being struck by a vehicle.  Read more


Wilmington police seek man who exposed himself in doughnut shop

He then told the 15-year-old girl behind the counter to "call him sometime."  Read more

Cooler full of weed donated to Goodwill in Monroe

Value of the drugs estimated to total $24,000.  Read more

Happy St. Patrick's Day from The Daily!

*The Biggest and Baddest is published every Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 9 am*

This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 25 ORC cases

  • 55 Suspects

  • $12,200,000

  • 91 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 6 Killed

  • 21 Shootings

TJ Maxx LP Detective stabbed 3 times

One is dead and another seriously injured after a Brinks armored car rolled over on U.S. 41 in Indiana.  Read more

Man Tries to Burn Convenience Store Down Because Owner Was Muslim
The suspect told police he was targeting the manager, who he thought was Muslim. The manager was actually Indian.  Read more

Top ORC Cases

'Operation Sticky Fingers': $12M nationwide ORC gang of 12 busted in NY 

The gang stands accused of reselling products on eBay and Amazon stolen from shops including BestBuy, Staples and Office Depot.  Read more

El Segundo, CA: Police arrest two suspects in Colombian Shoplifting Ring; $65,000 recovered

A man and woman were part of a Colombian shoplifting ring responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise. 
Read more

More Top Stories


2016 Retail Violent Death Report

There were 374 retail deaths reported in 2016 - more than 1 per day. See which day of the week & which type of store saw the most - and much more in our first-ever study.  Read the full report

LP associate fatally stabbed at Virgina Burlington Coat Factory 

A shoplifter was confronted by two LP employees as he left the store and fatally stabbed one of them. The suspect was later caught.  Read more

Innocent bystander shot during gun battle in mall parking lot
A woman was hit by a stray bullet as people in two different vehicles shot at each other.  Read more

Robbery suspect resists arrest, then becomes unresponsive; Police administer CPR
The man became agitated and fought with Officers until a taser was deployed, which was when he stopped breathing.   Read more

Shirtless shoplifter escapes Walmart LP associate 

When a loss prevention associate tried to stop him, the subject initially complied, but then turned and ran. The associate grabbed the shirt of the suspect, which in turn came off.

Read more

Grandmother viciously attacked at Georgia Walmart

Sandra McClung will never forget her trip to Walmart that ended in a vicious attack.  Read more

The Daily Team reviewing our exclusive Retail Violent Death Report

*The Biggest and Baddest will be published every Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 9 am*

This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 25 ORC cases

  • 65 Suspects

  • $5,700,000

  • 87 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 10 Killed

  • 22 Shootings

Brinks armored truck rolls over in fatal crash High winds may have been a factor 

One is dead and another seriously injured after a Brinks armored car rolled over on U.S. 41 in Indiana. Read more

Theives play dress-up: Men disguised as women rob jewelry store

The armed robbers’ method of operation sounds like a Bizarro World version of “Some Like It Hot.”  Read more

Top ORC Cases

Burglars steal nearly $5 Million of Anastasia Beverly Hills make-up products

Detectives were asking for the public’s help in nabbing the thieves who stole enough makeup to dab thousands of faces.  Read more

Portland, OR: 9 accused in organized $102K theft from Safeway

A group of 9 people is accused of stealing more than $102,000 from Safeway-Albertson stores, according to police.  Read more

More Top Stories

President of restaurant chain kidnapped, found tied up in Montreal ditch 

A man found tied up in a ditch in Laval is Nicholas Tsouflidis, the president of the Cora chain of breakfast restaurants. Read more community raided and shut down - 153 Suspects Busted 

An online forum named "crimenetwork" has been targeted by police and prosecutors in 14 German states.  Read more

UK: Association of Convenience Stores; $281 Million in loss in 2016

Massive police sweep in Canada leads to the recovery of $3.2M of stolen merchandise

Queens, NY: 30 charged in $3.5M Credit Card Fraud