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Manteca, CA: Man killed in carjacking attempt outside Taco Bell
A man in his early 60s was gunned down Tuesday night after getting into his car with a take-out order at the Taco Bell in.  Read more

Fort Worth, TX: Woman Shot, Killed In Ridgmar Mall Parking Lot
Fort Worth Police said a woman was shot while sitting in her car in the Ridgmar Mall parking lot.  Read more

London, ON: Taxi driver dies after being assaulted in Mac's store parking lot
A man is facing a murder charge after the body of a taxi driver was found early yesterday in a convenience store parking lot.  Read more

Suspect in fatal shooting at Ridgmar Mall kills himself in his car

The man accused of fatally shooting a woman outside Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth late Monday killed himself hours later.  Read more

Jimmy John's worker calmly hands over cash with gun to his head; video goes viral

he man entered the restaurant, placed an order, then pulled a gun instead of a wallet out of his pocket and pointed it at the cashier.  Read more

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This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 25 ORC cases

  • 38 Suspects

  • $348,000

  • 103 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 7 Killed

  • 11 Shootings

Top ORC News

ORC - San Francisco's Market Street - 'Street Meat Black Market' Undercover Operation

Store owners and retail crime investigators say shoplifters are growing more aggressive and brazen, putting public health and safety at risk.

Read more


Henry County, GA: Police search for men in Diesel Fuel Theft Ring; over $90,000

Officers said crooks have used stolen credit cards to buy large amounts of diesel fuel in the suburbs.  Read more

Rochester Target Employee Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $21,000 in Cell Phones

The Rochester PD arrested a Target North employee for allegedly stealing $21,000 worth of cell phones from the store.  Read more

Update: DuPage judge sentences 'Lego Bandit' to 5 years for theft, burglary

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April's "Moving Ups" sponsored by TycoIS

In April, there were 28 new Senior LP's, which included 17 appointments and 11 promotions.

See them all here

Trump & The Media Silent on the Biggest Crisis Facing American Workers
They largely have been silent on the biggest crisis facing these workers: the collapse of the retail industry.  Read more

Five Top Senior LP Jobs in 60 Days
Canadian Senior LP/AP Market is HOT 

This is a busy time for the LP market. What a shake up. Great opportunity for new leaders.  Read more

2017 Identity Fraud Survey in 2016, 15.4M Americans lost $16B to identity fraud

The overall fraud incidence rose 16 percent to affect 6.15 percent of U.S. consumers, from 5.30 percent in 2015-the highest on record," the report said.  Read more

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NEW: The D&D Daily's Q1 2017 Publicly Reported Retail Violent Death Report
There were 112 retail deaths in the first quarter of 2016 - a 12 percent increase over Q1 2016. Read the full report

2017 Retail Stat Tracker

Store Closures

Retail Job Cuts



News from the NRF

NRF has partnered with Milwaukee, Wisc.-based Vistelar, a provider of training programs designed to prevent and manage conflict by using non-escalatory and de-escalatory verbalization skills. That program, created with feedback from the NRF is a version of Vistelar’s Verbal Defense & Influence Training (VD&I) program customized to meet the specific needs of retailers and their loss prevention department. Two training directors from Vistelar will be running a workshop from noon to 4:00 PM on June 26th, 2017 at this year’s NRF PROTECT 17, at the Gaylord National Harbor in Washington DC.

Retail Crime & ORC Stats 

Organized Retail Crime
2017 (YTD)

Q1: $193M in theft / 353 cases

896 suspects

Q1 ORC Report Coming Soon

Organized Retail Crime 

$514M in theft / 1,590 cases

17 fencing operations
3,682 suspects

Quarterly ORC reports

Annual Report Coming Soon

Retail Violent Deaths


Q1: 112 Deaths

Top States

TX – 15  /  CA – 12

GA – 9  /  FL & NC – 7

IN – 8

Q1 Retail Death Report

Retail Violent Deaths

2016 Retail Death Report

374 reported in 2016

Retail Robberies
2017 (YTD)

1,860 robberies & burglaries

Monthly Robberies & Violence - May 2017

  • Week 1 - 61 robberies, 13 burglaries, 2 shootings, 2 killed

    ​April - 265 robberies, 89 burglaries, 16 shootings, 5 killed 

    March - 313 robberies, 103 burglaries, 72 shootings, 25 killed 

    February -361 robberies, 69 burglaries, 86 shootings, 32 killed 

Q1 Robbery Report

Retail Robberies

2016 Robbery Report

5,974 robberies & burglaries

'16 robberies up 28% over '15

Top 5 Retailers 

Dollar General / 7-Eleven 
CVS / Walgreens / Family Dollar

Top 5 States

Texas / California / Florida

Ohio / Pennsylvania

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Pizza Party Winners Drawn LIVE at 'Live in NYC 2017'

IOBSE Holds Successful Spring Conference at Wal-Mart HQ
IOBSE's 2017 Spring Conference was an amazing event and one of the best ever.  Check out the full recap with pictures

The industry's troubles are just beginning
NRF's CEO - Launched Certif. Program to Help

Matthew Shay, CEO of the National Retail Federation, says historically, changes in retail have happened slowly. Not so today.

Read more

NEW: The D&D Daily's Q1 2017 Publicly Reported Retail Violent Death Report
There were 112 retail deaths in the first quarter of 2016 - a 12 percent increase over Q1 2016. Read the full report

Target, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers among retailers vandalized in Portland riots
Twenty five people were arrested during a May Day march in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Read more

NRF Protect Trip Winner Drawn LIVE at 'Live in NYC 2017'

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Watch the Video of the 2016

Winners Being Drawn

at 'Live in NYC' January 2017

Trump & The Media Silent on the Biggest Crisis Facing American Workers

They largely have been silent on the biggest crisis facing these workers: the collapse of the retail industry.  Read more


Why Elite Training Day Actually Works

A Recap of IAI's Conference

The 2017 Elite Training Day at McDonald’s Headquarters in Oak Brook, IL hosted more than 150 professional interviewers and investigators from around the globe.  Read more

Where America's Retail Sales Have Gone
Amazon Q1 North America Retail Up 23.5%
Amazon Q1 revenue $35.7B UP 22.6%

By themselves, the gains are impressive, but it’s the fact that sales moved sharply higher in tandem with strong profit growth that should grab retailers’ attention.  Read more


ATM Skimming: On the Rise or "Extremely Rare"?

The latest FICO study shows an uptick in skimming - but the ATM Council disagrees. Who's right?  Read more

Home Depot Liable for Regional Manager's Off-Duty Murder?

Companies often assume they are not responsible for interactions between employees that happen off-site after hours and that are unrelated to their jobs.  Read more


Retail Watch List
Retail and Shopping Centers Are Suffering

Retailers on the "watch list" for potential bankruptcy filings include: Bon-Ton Stores Inc., Gymboree Corp., Nine West, True Religion, Toms, Claire's and Fossil.  Read more

Walmart Canada, Director, Loss Prevention - Profit Improvement posted in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Director, Loss Prevention, Shoppers Drug Mart Company Location Toronto, CA

D&D Daily's Most Read & Top Stories

How To Save Money When You're Dealing With A High Restaurant Turnover Rate

Nearly 75% of employees hired in one year will no longer be employed at the same restaurant a year later. This prompts a rethinking of the protocol for securing restaurant facilities.  Read more

Q1 Robberies Report
Top Cities, States, & Retailers

We found a 33% increase in first-quarter robberies and analyzed the top cities, states & retailers with the most reported incidents. Read more

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