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"Retailers on High Alert"
Truck Rams into Stockholm Department Store

This is the first actual retail store itself attacked.  Let's hope we don't have any copycats.  Read more

Yakima, WA: Two sought in killing of AM/PM Convenience store clerk during robbery
Police are searching for two people suspected in the fatal shooting of a 25-year-old clerk
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Wilmington, NC: Woman Dies Following Shooting Outside of Independence Mall 
A woman shot Saturday in the parking lot of Independence Mall has died, a Wilmington police spokeswoman confirmed.  Read more

South Los Angeles, CA: Strip Mall shooting; 1 Juvenile killed, 2 in critical condition  
Three teens were rushed to the hospital after about a dozen shots were fired into a crowd.  

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Bradenton, FL: Police Officer fights for his life as Jewelry Store Burglar attacks 

For more than two minutes a Bradenton Police officer gave everything he had to fight off a burglar trying to get his gun, and gouge his eyes out. 

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DeKalb County, GA: Police release video of Walmart shooting: LP Agent wounded  

Police release surveillance of a gunman that investigators consider armed and dangerous, after he allegedly shot a loss prevention officer.
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Shoplifter calls 911 after getting locked in Kohl's department store

A suspected shoplifter called 911 for help after she hid in a fitting room at closing time and got locked inside a department store  Read more

Q1 Retail Violent Death Report
Coming Thursday, April 13

Daily ORC/Crime Editor

Gordon Smith hard at work

This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 28 ORC cases

  • 54 Suspects

  • $234,000

  • 86 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 2 Killed

  • 8 Shootings

Houston, TX: CVS Employees duck for cover as thieves ram truck into store 

An alarm likely scared off some would-be thieves during an attempted smash and grab, but not before they caused some serious damage to the store.  Read more

Jacksonville, AR: Copperhead snake bite investigation at Walmart turns very strange 

A customer in the produce section was reaching for a tomato and was bitten on the thumb by a copperhead snake.  Read more

Police: Man at Walmart urinated on 50 pairs of kids' shoes

A man faces misdemeanor charges after police said he urinated on 50 pairs of children’s shoes at a Tennessee Walmart.  Read more

Top ORC News

Couple admits stealing $322K in goods from employer, selling the items on eBay 

Gustavo A. Gomez and his wife, Donna admitted selling the stolen goods in more than 100 online auctions from 2006 to 2014.  Read more

San Antonio, TX: Former James Avery Jewelry employee busted for $60,000 theft 

Burlington police are trying to figure out if a Sedro-Woolley man acted alone when he stole hundreds of items from a Fred Meyer store.  Read more

NJ Man Admits to Stealing $20,000 of Canada Dry Drinks From ShopRite

A New Jersey man's scheme to pilfer thousands of soft drinks went flat after a supermarket's loss prevention manager noticed $20,000 worth of soda was gone.  Read more

Romanian Jewel Gang stole $3.7 Million from stores across Britain 

The gang was trained in an 'academy regime' teaching heist techniques.  Read more

Edgewood, MD: 5 people indicted in Pawn Shop Theft Scheme; 10 retailers affected

More Top Stories

Q1 Robberies Up 33%
Q1 Robbery & Burglary Data

In Q1 2017, there were 1,459  publicly reported robberies and burglaries.
Read more

First Quarter 2017 Update

We examine all the first-quarter trends in Sr. LP positions, retail store closures and job cuts.
Read more


Q1 2017 Comp Store Averages

In the first quarter, average quarterly comps were down 1.6% and quarterly sales were up 1.8%. Find out with retailers performed best.  Read more

Prop 47 Impacting California
L.A. Violent Crime Up 38% Over Last 2 Years

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2017 Retail Stat Tracker

Store Closures

Retail Job Cuts



Solutions Spotlight

How To Save Money When You're Dealing With A High Restaurant Turnover Rate

April 7, 2017

Shelly Volmer, M.A., Marketing Manager

InstaKey Security Systems

The turnover rate in the hospitality segment of the economy was 72.1 percent in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Think about that. Nearly three out of four employees hired in one year will no longer be employed at the same restaurant in the next year. Acknowledging this prompts a rethinking of the common protocol for securing restaurant facilities.

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Retail Crime & ORC Stats 

Organized Retail Crime
2017 (YTD)

$193M in theft / 353 cases

896 suspects

Jan - $169M / 117 cases

380 suspects

Feb - $2.9M  / 111 cases

241 suspects

March -  $20.7M / 125 cases

275 suspects

Organized Retail Crime 

$514M in theft / 1,590 cases

17 fencing operations
3,682 suspects

Quarterly ORC reports

Annual Report Coming Soon

Retail Violent Deaths

2016 Retail Death Report

374 reported in 2016

Top 5 States
TX – 25  /  CA – 18
FL – 15  /  GA – 10
IN – 8

Retail LP Deaths: 3

Walmart LP executive

Food Lion security guard

1 Guard Killed

Retail Robberies
2017 (YTD)

1,532 robberies & burglaries

Monthly Robberies & Violence - April 2017

  • Week 1 - 53 robberies, 20 burglaries, 7 shootings, 1 killed

    ​March - 313 robberies, 103 burglaries, 72 shootings, 25 killed 

    February -361 robberies, 69 burglaries, 86 shootings, 32 killed 

Q1 Robbery Report Coming Soon

Retail Robberies

2016 Robbery Report

5,974 robberies & burglaries

'16 robberies up 28% over '15

Top 5 Retailers 

Dollar General / 7-Eleven 
CVS / Walgreens / Family Dollar

Top 5 States

Texas / California / Florida

Ohio / Pennsylvania

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First Quarter Senior LP/AP Job Report

Thousands of Store Closures & Retail Job Cuts in First Quarter
We show you the trends in Senior LP jobs and report how many retail closures and job cuts the industry saw in the first quarter. Read the full report


U.S. Q1 Comp Stores Performance Crashes

If the numbers prove correct, the quarter would represent the industry's biggest drop in earnings since the fourth quarter of 2013.  See the numbers

Redefining Loss
Total Retail Loss Typology is a radical departure

Shrinkage is almost a euphemistic term describing a simple contraction in the size of the stock held by a company, without offering any real sense of what the cause might be.  Read more

Pizza Party Winners Drawn LIVE at 'Live in NYC 2017'

Q1 Robberies Up 33% Since 2015
Robbery & Burglary Data

In the first quarter of 2017, the number of publicly reported robberies and burglaries climbed to 1,459 incidents.  Read more

CSI: Walmart

Some of the best digital-forensics labs don't belong to the police-they're run by banks, tech companies, and retailers.  Read more

GAP Connect & Collaborate 2017

NA GAP hosted it’s 3rd “Connect and Collaborate Conference” at the eBay campus in Draper, Utah, bringing together 130 law enforcement & retailer partners from around the country.

Read more

Prop 47 Impacting California
Statewide police have fallen to a 50-year low and violent crime in Los Angeles is up 38% over the last 2 years.  Read more

"30% of Retail Chains Gone Within 3 Years"

More than two decades after online giant Amazon made its debut, brick-and-mortar retailers are still trying to figure out how to integrate their core store business with the Internet.  Read more

Supermarket chain finds talent in ex-drug dealers
"Now it's not crack or dope. It's broccoli and ice cream"

When Jeffrey Brown looks to promote employees within his 13-store supermarket chain, he looks for people with hustle, ability and commitment.  Read more


'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Encounter Bloomingdale's "B-Tag"

A Bloomingdale's security tag made a special appearance on the Bravo TV show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Read more

NRF Protect Trip Winner Drawn LIVE at 'Live in NYC 2017'

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Top News

The 12 jobs most at risk of being replaced by robots
With #4 - Retail Salespersons with a 92% probability

Robots and "smart" computers could replace up to half the US workforce within the next decade or two. Read more

Retailers Efforts Paid Off in 2016
Retail Breaches Down 10% - Records Stolen Down 18%

Cybercriminals infiltrated some 1.4 billion data records last year - a whopping 86% increase over the previous year. Read more

Report: In-store electronic pricing helps bottom line
Major Grocery Chains to Roll Out

With multi-color graphic display prices falling, in-aisle promotion barriers are disappearing, with many major grocery chains in the U.S. and U. K expected to roll out ESLs over the next three years.  Read more

1,000 Sites Attacked - 1.7M Gift Cards Per Hour
Major Retailers Facing GiftGhostBot Attacks Attempting to Defraud Consumers

Distil Networks today announced that its analyst team has uncovered an Advanced Persistent Bot (APB) that targets gift card payments processes on websites.  Read more

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