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ORC Leaders Series

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Denny Dansak, Kroger

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Previous Leaders

Tarik Sheppard, NYPD

Scott Carpenter, AORCA

Charles Anderson, TCORCA

Matt Thompson, Lowe's

Ben Dugan, Walgreens

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Incident Response is Like Investigating a Burglary
Find out what is necessary as you respond to a breach

Incident response is like investigating a real burglary. You look for evidence of the intruder at the crime scene, find his targets and his getaway car, and repair any holes.  Read more

"Game changing facial recognition technology"
Facial Recognition & Iris Scanner - 3D Sensors - Coming in "iPhone 8?"

Apple supplier Largan has affirmed that it will ship 3D sensors capable of scanning a user's face and unique iris, capabilities rumored to be a part of the anticipated "iPhone 8."  Read more

15 AGs Blast E-Commerce Host's For Lack of Notifying Customers Obligation

The attorneys general of New York, Pennsylvania and 13 other states have issued a warning to e-commerce hosting company Aptos Inc.  Read more

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Retail Crime & ORC Stats 

Organized Retail Crime
2017 (YTD)

Q1: $193M in theft / 353 cases

896 suspects

Q1 ORC Report Coming Soon

Organized Retail Crime 

$514M in theft / 1,590 cases

17 fencing operations
3,682 suspects

Quarterly ORC reports

2016 ORC Report

Retail Violent Deaths


Q1: 112 Deaths

Top States

TX – 15  /  CA – 12

GA – 9  /  FL & NC – 7

IN – 8

Q1 Retail Death Report

Retail Violent Deaths

2016 Retail Death Report

374 reported in 2016

Retail Robberies
2017 (YTD)

2,570 robberies & burglaries

Monthly Robberies & Violence - June 2017

  • Week 1 - 24 robberies, 12 burglaries, 0 shootings, 0 killed

  • Week 2 - 70 robberies, 28 burglaries, 2 shootings, 1 killed

  • Week 3 - 93 robberies, 19 burglaries, 5 shootings, 5 killed

  • Week 4 - 56 robberies, 33 burglaries, 3 shootings, 0 killed

  • Week 5 - 17 robberies, 1 burglary, 1 shooting, 0 killed

    May - 346 robberies, 83 burglaries, 16 shootings, 14 killed 

Q1 Robbery Report

Retail Robberies

2016 Robbery Report

5,974 robberies & burglaries

'16 robberies up 28% over '15

Top 5 Retailers 

Dollar General / 7-Eleven 
CVS / Walgreens / Family Dollar

Top 5 States

Texas / California / Florida

Ohio / Pennsylvania

Press Releases

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Solutions Spotlight

Maximizing Education at Professional Conferences 

By Walt Palmer, CFI, CFI, CPP
President, PCG Solutions

$12B in Fraud Loss Came from Data Breach Victims in 2016

Three-quarters of the total fraud losses for 2016 arose from victims who had been victims of a data breach within the previous six years.  Read more

Extortion, CEO Fraud Among Top Online Fraud Complaints in 2016

Online extortion, tech support scams and phishing attacks that spoof the boss were among the most costly cyber scams reported by consumers and businesses last year.  Read more

IT Risk: It's not 'Cyber' - It's Worse

While hackers haven't put big companies out of business, there are plenty of examples of companies that failed because they were slow to respond to tech-driven market shifts.  Read more

CISOs Offer Tips for Communicating With Board Members
Keep the board-level discussion focused on business, not technical details

Now that cybersecurity is a board-level issue, chief information security officers must learn how to translate their efforts into a language the board of directors can understand.  Read more

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Big Y Foods Loss Prevention Team

"Raising Awareness, Providing Solutions"

Got a confidential
news tip?

ORC News

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Watch the Video of the 2016

Winners Being Drawn

at 'Live in NYC' January 2017

NuTech National's Greg Detardo, President & Melissa Torreano, Business Development

with Gus Downing

Canadian Push

Strathmore, AB: Bandits open fire during 7-Eleven heist

A rifle brandishing bandit opened fire inside a Strathmore gas bar early Saturday before making off with a haul of cash and cigarettes.  Read more

The D&D Daily's Q1 2017 Publicly Reported Retail Violent Death Report
There were 112 retail deaths in the first quarter of 2016 - a 12 percent increase over Q1 2016. Read the full report

Attendance at an industry conferences offers several opportunities - education, networking, vendor exhibit halls, one on one meetings with other attendees, and, of course, many receptions and social events. Each of these activities can bring value to your professional development, but, this week, I want to focus on how you maximize the amount of professional education you achieve at a conference.

Filing expected to result in liquidation of retailer
Sears' Canadian business is about to collapse, reports say

Sears Canada is preparing to seek court protection against creditors in a move that will likely lead to a liquidation. Read more

How the Whole Foods deal will force Canadian grocers to change - 'Amazon is making a statement'

Though Whole Foods only has 13 stores in British Columbia and Ontario, the implications are massive for the online grocery market in this country.  Read more

Rise of the Machines

Canada could lose up to 7.5 million jobs due to automation

Last year, Canada's oldest retailer, Hudson's Bay Company, said it was spending more than $60 million in robotic upgrades to its 725,000-square foot Toronto distribution centre.  Read more

Melanie Millaway, CFI promoted to Area Director - Loss Prevention & Safety for PetSmart

LPNN's Top Episodes of ALL Time 
Who Got the Most Views?

The Loss Prevention News Network - LPNN - is proud to release the TOP episodes of all time over the next four weeks.  Read more

The NRF's ORC Efforts

Jonathan Shimp, Gabe Esposito, &

Bob Moraca

Michael Zang named DTC Loss Prevention Director Greater China for Nike
David Thompson, CFI promoted to Vice President of Operations
for Wicklander-Zulawski
Victor Chung named Manager of Global Investigations for Facebook
Andrew Chapman named SVP of Sales for 3VR

The D&D Daily's 2016 ORC Report
Publicly Reported ORC Cases & Suspects Hit All-Time High

​Publicly reported ORC cases in 2016 were up 7.4% at 1,590 cases, with the number of suspects up 4.3% at 3,682 suspects arrested. Read more

Abbotsford, BC: OK Tire Destroyed In Massive Blaze, Arson Suspected

A massive fire that broke out at OK Tire in Abbotsford is being investigated for possible arson, Abbotsford Police say.  Read more

76 arrests in Europol's 'eCommerce Action 2017' Operation -
$5.6M U.S. online fraud

In total Europol says the suspects were responsible for over 20,000 fraudulent transactions using compromised credit cards worth over $5.6M U.S.  Read more


King Kong & Godzilla Fighting it Out
Wal-Mart to Vendors: Get Off Amazon's Cloud

The battle between the King Kong and Godzilla of retail has moved into the cloud.  Read more