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Delaware State Trooper Killed In Shooting Outside Wawa
Officials say he was an 8.5 year veteran of the Delaware State Police and was assigned to patrol at Troop 2, Glasgow.  Read more

St Louis, MO: 7-Eleven Clerk Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect While on Smoke Break
A convenience store clerk was hailed as a "she-ro" after she fatally shot a would-be robber during a smoke break.  Read more

Gallup, NM: Two die in murder-suicide in Walmart parking lot
Gallup police Capt. Marinda Spencer said the two people and a dog were shot to death. Read more

Killeen, TX: T-Mobile armed robbery ends in shoot-out with police, suspect shot and killed

One suspect is dead after a robbery Monday at a T-Mobile retail store in the Killeen Marketplace shopping center. Read more

Paragould, AR: Dozens of snakes found in Walmart parking lot

Someone left as many as 40 snakes in the Paragould Walmart parking lot. - a scary sight for shoppers. Read more

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This Week's Crime Totals​ 

  • 26 ORC cases

  • 41 Suspects

  • $366,000

  • 99 Robberies/Burglaries

  • 14 Killed

  • 19 Shootings

H&M LP Officer kidnapped & raped customers
Raped Three Female Shoplifters at His Home

At least three victims have been identified and police are asking for any other victims to contact their local police department.  Read more

Brooklyn CVS LP Agent Accused of Sexually Assaulting Several Women: Police Sources

Ramos allegedly made the woman sign a document that said "if she went to police about the incident, he could sue her."  Read more

Clarksville, TN: One dead following shooting outside Walmart

A man who was transported from the scene of a shooting in a Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot has died from his injuries.  Read more

Top ORC Cases

Serial Shoplifter wanted for Robbing Multiple Adult Stores; $200,000 of merchandise stolen

Authorities have been on the look out for a San Diego woman accused of shoplifting at several adult book stores.  Read more

Hudson Valley Duo Hit Home Depots In $33K Crime Spree

Through an elaborate scheme, a couple from Brewster stole about $33,000 worth of items from a dozen Home Depots.  Read more

Corte Madera, CA: Burglars steal $24,000 in goods from Apple Store

A man linked to a $300,000 fraud in Walmart and Sam's Club stores was sentenced to nearly four years in prison.   Read more

A deadly addiction: Funded by crime & ORC
Heroin Hits Home: 'It's At An Epidemic Level'

Top Stories

ATM Skimming Debate
On the Rise or "Extremely Rare"?

The latest FICO study shows an uptick in skimming - but the ATM Council disagrees. Who's right?  Read more

Home Depot Liable for Regional Manager's Off-Duty Murder?

Companies often assume they are not responsible for interactions between employees that happen off-site after hours and that are unrelated to their jobs.  Read more

Canada's HOT LP Market 
What It Means For Other LP Executives & Retailers

This is great news for the Canadian LP/AP market as it reshuffles the deck and gives other executives an opportunity to go build and reinvent an LP program.  Read more

Amazon Will Destroy 1.5M Retail Jobs in Next Five Years

2017 Retail Stat Tracker

Store Closures

Retail Job Cuts



Solutions Spotlight

Top trends in security tech to expect in 2017

Johan Paulsson, Chief Technology Officer, Axis Communications 

On a global level the world is going through turbulent times, with conflicts, political uncertainty, an ongoing refugee crisis and a somewhat fragile economic recovery from the most recent financial downturn. At the same time, technological developments continue unabated, with high-speed networks, big data and deep learning moving beyond that initial phase of just being marketing buzzwords to enabling new and improved security offerings.​

Retail Crime & ORC Stats 

Organized Retail Crime 

$514M in theft / 1,590 cases

17 fencing operations
3,682 suspects

Quarterly ORC reports

Annual Report Coming Soon

Organized Retail Crime
2017 (YTD)

$193M in theft / 353 cases

896 suspects

Jan - $169M / 117 cases

380 suspects

Feb - $2.9M  / 111 cases

241 suspects

March -  $20.7M / 125 cases

275 suspects

Retail Violent Deaths

2016 Retail Death Report

374 reported in 2016

Top 5 States
TX – 25  /  CA – 18
FL – 15  /  GA – 10
IN – 8

Retail LP Deaths: 3

Walmart LP executive

Food Lion security guard

1 Guard Killed

Retail Robberies
2017 (YTD)

1,798 robberies & burglaries

Monthly Robberies & Violence - April 2017

  • Week 1 - 63 robberies, 23 burglaries, 8 shootings, 2 killed

  • Week 2 - 42 robberies, 19 burglaries, 2 shootings, 0 killed

  • Week 3 - 85 robberies, 23 burglaries, 2 shootings 2 killed

  • Week 4 - 59 robberies, 19 burglaries, 3 shootings, 1 killed

    ​March - 313 robberies, 103 burglaries, 72 shootings, 25 killed 

    February -361 robberies, 69 burglaries, 86 shootings, 32 killed 

Q1 Robbery Report

Retail Robberies

2016 Robbery Report

5,974 robberies & burglaries

'16 robberies up 28% over '15

Top 5 Retailers 

Dollar General / 7-Eleven 
CVS / Walgreens / Family Dollar

Top 5 States

Texas / California / Florida

Ohio / Pennsylvania

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ATM Skimming: On the Rise or "Extremely Rare"?

The latest FICO study shows an uptick in skimming - but the ATM Council disagrees. Who's right?  Read more

Home Depot Liable for Regional Manager's Off-Duty Murder?

Companies often assume they are not responsible for interactions between employees that happen off-site after hours and that are unrelated to their jobs.  Read more


Retail Watch List
Retail and Shopping Centers Are Suffering

Retailers on the "watch list" for potential bankruptcy filings include: Bon-Ton Stores Inc., Gymboree Corp., Nine West, True Religion, Toms, Claire's and Fossil.  Read more


Muslim Security Guards Working at Amazon for SIS Security File Lawsuit Over Prayer Rooms

Security workers at Amazon's headquarters filed a lawsuit against the company because they reportedly don't accommodate their faith adequately.  Read more

L.A. Riots Coming? The Young Think So
More L.A. residents believe new riots are likely, poll finds

For the first time since the riots, there is an uptick in the number of Angelenos who fear that another civil disturbance is likely.  

Read more


Brooklyn CVS LP Agent Accused of Sexually Assaulting Several Women: Police Sources
Jose Ramos, 29 is accused of confronting a woman he suspected of shoplifting on March 15 and ordering her to a back office, where she was sexually assaulted.  Read more

Alibaba quashes $2.9M counterfeit cosmetic racket

More than 400 suspected counterfeit rackets were busted, arresting 332 suspects and seizing fake goods worth $207m.  

Read more

Update: St. Louis - H&M LP Officer kidnapped & raped customers
A man who worked as a loss-prevention officer for several area shopping centers and malls used his position to kidnap and, at least once, rape customers.  Read more

Q1 Robberies Report
Top Cities, States, & Retailers

We found a 33% increase in first-quarter robberies and analyzed the top cities, states & retailers with the most reported incidents. Read more

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Q&A: Assessing Cybersecurity Risks in the Supply Chain

One of the things we always do when it comes to risk management is to identify the nature of the risk in different parts of the company, prioritize those risks and evaluate what are the best ways for mitigating those risks.  Read more

U.S. prosecutors ask for 30 yr sentence for $170M POS Russian Hacker

U.S. prosecutors are asking a federal court in Seattle to sentence prolific Russian hacker Roman Seleznev to 30 years this week, saying he personally helped create a multibillion-dollar ecosystem for credit card fraud.  Read more

DHS Secretary Seeks Help from Tech Sector to Fight Cyberthreat

John Kelly, in his first speech as the U.S. homeland security secretary, says the American government can't combat the cyberthreat without the active cooperation of the private sector.  Read more

Intercontinental Hotels Suffer Major Card Breach

The Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) has been forced to reveal yet another major data breach of customer card details over the latter part of 2016.  Read more

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INTERPOL Operation Sweeps Up Thousands of Cybercrime Servers Used for Ransomware, DDoS, Spam
An INTERPOL-led investigation has led to the discovery of some 9,000 command-and-control servers, hundreds of infected websites, and the identification of several suspects running phishing websites.  Read more