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Group Vendor Selfie Awards - Program Restrictions
One Vendor will WIN a Free Quick Take episode at the Daily’s
‘Live in Pittsburgh' at the NRF Protect Conference, June 22-24, 2020


  1. You must be a registered exhibitor or attendee at the NRF Protect 2020 conference to win.

  2. Only one submission is allowed per vendor.

  3. You must be a retail Loss Prevention supplier/provider

  4. The Quick Take is 5 minutes in length and at a scheduled spot and time the Daily assigns with an MC the Daily selects. 

  5. Exact time of the actual shoot may vary depending on the shoot progression.

  6. This is non-transferable and only applies to the exact date of the shoot.

  7. If you’re unable to appear, we reserve the right to select an alternate vendor.

  8. If you fail to appear at the prescribed time or miss the exact spot, we reserve the right to select an alternate vendor.

  9. You have five days to review the final video for editing purposes before we publish.  If you fail to meet the five days or do not respond, we reserve the right to publish the Quick Take.

  10. The selected vendor is responsible for any additional charges incurred as a result of changes made to the final video at the selected vendors request.

  11. You will receive a copy of the final video for your use.  However, the Daily maintains ownership of the video.

  12. This is a ‘Live’ shoot and the selected vendors accept that any mistakes made or injury that occurs during or after the Live broadcast and/or during or after the publishing of the video in the Daily, the Daily, its agents, MC’s, and any staff associated with the shoot can not and will not be held liable by you, your company or agents.

  13. This shoot and the entire team involved in the shoot are not affiliated with the NRF.

  14. A signed acknowledgement of these restrictions must be received at the Daily’s office within four weeks of the drawing in January 2020.

  15. This offer only applies to the exact date selected by the Daily during the NRF Protect Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, in June 2020 and there are no substitutions or remuneration for being unable to attend or failing to appear at the shoot.

  16. If for any reason the event is canceled, the Daily is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the selected vendor to attend the conference.

  17. This offer is only valid on the actual date the Daily selects for the shoot at the NRF Protect conference in June 2020.

  18. The Daily is not responsible for any content during the filming of the Quick Take.

  19. However, the Daily must approve the content subject matter prior to the shoot.

  20. The Daily may cancel the Live event for any reason and not be responsible to the winner for any cost or expenses.

Plaques for Vendor GVS’s are available for purchase only.

*Photo and Logo Requirements for Purchasing a Plaque:

Please submit a high resolution photo (300 dpi) and logo, both at 7" wide for your printed plaque.

Please include your tagline or slogan, for your team, company or both

Your Team - Your People
Your Message

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