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'Inside the LPRC IMPACT Conference' 2018
An Eight-Episode Series Presented by Sensormatic

Assessing The Real-World Impact of LP Efforts
 The LPRC Delivers Evidence-Based Solutions and Actionable Results


Sensormatic – Supporting the LPRC & Industry Development

How and why Sensormatic has played such a huge role in LPRC and case studies

Randy Dunn, Sales Director - Americas, Tyco Retail Solutions & LPRC Board Member
Ned McCauley, Director of Retail Strategic Accounts, Tyco Integrated Security

Exclusive Sponsor


Exclusive Sponsor


In our 2nd episode, we sit down with two tenured members of the LPRC who speak directly to the role and impact the LPRC is having on the industry as the leading academic resource dedicated to the Loss Prevention / Asset Protection community in the U.S.

Randy Dunn, Sales Director – Americas, Tyco Retail Solutions & LPRC Board Member, gives us a little history on Sensormatic’s involvement and role with the LPRC in recent years - including sponsoring the LPRC's Innovation Lab, which has provided a space for industry collaboration, innovation and thought leadership.

Ned McCauley, Director Retail Strategic Accounts at Tyco Integrated Security, talks about the partnership from an RFID perspective and how the LPRC has helped advance his field of interest. 

Hear their advice to fellow solution providers on why they should join and how to ensure its beneficial for their organization. 

See more of our 2nd LPRC series here. Watch our 1st series here.
 Take the time to learn. As this is the LP/AP academic "Think Tank".

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