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In Memoriam

LP/Security Industry Veteran Nick Puglin passes away

Nicholas Puglin Jr., a veteran of the Loss Prevention/Security industry, passed away on Wednesday, Feb. 28 in Houston, Texas. Nick has held various positions in the industry, most recently serving as the Director of Central Investigations and ORC for Macy's.
Nick was born on July 25, 1957 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Family: Laurie Puglin, Wife; Margaret Nikole Stefaniak, Niece; Anna Rose Puglin, Mother; Nicholas Michael Puglin, Father; Joseph Michael Puglin, Brother; Nicholas "Skippers" Puglin, Brother.

A memorial service will be held for Nick on March 10 at 2:00 p.m. at Heights Funeral Home in Houston, Texas. On the same day, a memorial gathering will be held at 3:30 p.m. at Johnny McElroy's Irish Pub.

For more information, click here. Read below for thoughts submitted to us by those in the industry who knew and admired Nick.


Chad McIntosh - VP of LP & Risk Management, Bloomingdale's
I want to tell you about my dear friend Nick Puglin. Nick was a great practitioner in the industry we love and that’s retail Asset Protection. I always found him to be innovative and a big thinker when addressing AP challenges. While he was an expert in our field, it was the way he lived his life that made him special. He lived life to the fullest, I never heard him complain the entire time he waged his heroic battle against cancer. He was a true foodie and an amazing cook. I don’t think he and his wife Laurie ever took a vacation that wasn’t built around food and finding out of the way places for a unique experience. Nick believed in all things Pittsburgh. A died in the wool Steelers fan – “Steeler Nation”! Nick leaves behind an amazing and patient women, Laurie Puglin. Nick’s death leaves a hole in the hearts of those who know and love him.

Ed Wolfe - VP of Business Development, WG Security Products

I’m sure everyone is reciting all of Nick’s professional qualities, the ones that helped him be the best in the business; but on a personal level Nick had all of the qualities a best friend could have. He was loyal, smart, funny and he not just a good cook, he was a Chef.

Kevin Colman - GVP of Asset Protection, Macy's
The thing about Nick was he was extremely funny. He never lost his sense of humor even when he was diagnosed and went through treatment several years back. He had me convinced that eating every kind of meat possible was a cure for cancer. He loved life and left you feeling happier every time you interacted with him. Going to miss him big time.

John Matas CFE, CFCI - Vice President Asset Protection/Investigations & ORC, Macy's
I can honestly say I loved this guy and I will truly miss him. Nick was a very warm and genuine person, with a heart of gold, incredible zest for life, and unique ability to make those around him…love him!. Nick had a personality and style that was larger than life and totally unique to him. The folks that were close to him will say they have never encountered anyone quite like him. Universally admired and respected, the AP community will miss this compassionate and dedicated crime fighter. Heartfelt sympathies to the Puglin family and Nick’s loving wife Laurie.

Cynthia Grizzle, CFI - Vice President, Asset Protection (Center of Expertise), Macy's
Nick Puglin was a friend and mentor to the many people that he met during his career and during his life. Nick’s generosity and enthusiasm made him a “larger than life” character who influenced many of his friends and acquaintances during his time. Nick was known for always planning that next great vacation, for his passion for food and cooking, and for always looking for unique and interesting experiences. Nick embodied the idea of living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment. Nick was generous with his friendship, his food, and his fun, and his loss leaves a hole in the hearts of many.

Stephen Boarman - Director of AP Operations and Administration, Macy's
The LP/AP industry lost and a good one this week and for anyone that had the pleasure of meeting Nick Puglin, they lost a close friend. Nick and I worked together in the Macy’s Central office for several years. He mentored me, always had a unique point of view and was always in charge when it came to picking the restaurant. I was lucky enough to spend time with Nick and his wife Laurie, who were undoubtedly perfect for each other. They both had an amazing outlook on life.

Nick was always a great teacher, and maybe his best teaching was how he handled the cards that he was dealt. Both Nick and Laurie lived every day to the fullest and always looked to the bright side. I’m going to miss my good friend.

Tara Nutley - Director of AP Training, Macy's
I had the privilege of working with Nick in NY. From the minute he moved in, the entire atmosphere of the office changed. He brought a sense of humor and friendship that was missing before. So many of us were friendly colleagues for years before Nick’s arrival, but with his infectious personality and sense of adventure we all became closer friends. Thanks to Nick, we began to explore the city we worked in everyday and experience the most fascinating (and sometime scary) restaurants. Nick was an expert in all things related to our industry and always provided solid advise and encouragement to me during the most professionally challenging times in my career. We lost a great one! Rest easy Nick, I’ll never forget you.

James Selman - District Director of Operations and Asset Protection, Macy's

I met Nick Puglin when I was a mere 19 years old as an entry level LP new hire. Immediately I was awestruck at what a cool guy he was. He could light up a crowd and entertain a whole party. As I advanced in my career I worked for Nick off and on over the next 30 years…. Always staying in touch, even after sometimes years of not seeing each other, when we did it was like old times. In my professional career I always modeled myself after Nick, using his incredible LP skills, as my guide on how to get things accomplished. The funny thing is that he could light you up but never made you feel bad or lesser than…. He just had that way about him….. That people skill he had was so admirable as well has his ability to be cool all the time even under pressure………. I had the opportunity to visit with Nick and his Wife Laurie a few days ago….. I’m so glad I did….. Nick, the man, the myth, the Legend, the friend, you will be missed!

Bobby Mothershed - Regional Director of Asset Protection, Macy's
I had the pleasure of meeting Nick 20 years ago on a business level. As time went on, he became a friend. Sometimes you meet people in life that impact you on many levels. Nick was no exception. His contagious personality was inviting and his quick wit always kept you on your toes. He lived every day to its fullest. I will always cherish the time we spent together, the great talks, and the life lessons I learned. For anyone who crossed Nick’s path understand when I say, “He’s one of a kind!”.

Steve Harwell - Vice President, Corporate Operations, Francesca's
When I first met Nick in 1994, he interviewed me for an entry level Asset Protection position in a May Company distribution center. Like many others, I took an instant liking to Nick. I quickly developed a great respect for his ability to build relationships, and engage with team members at all levels. Nick treated all of us with respect and we all worked very hard for him... he inspired us to achieve great results, and we never wanted to let Nick down.

Over the years, Nick was a boss, a mentor, and a friend. He gave me opportunity in this industry I have now built a career in, and always modeled the behaviors that were instrumental in my success... relationship building, integrity, and value for people as more than "just as employees." Thank you, Nick. You will be missed my friend. Till we meet again... cheers.

Harold Wright - former HR Executive, Macy’s
I had the honor to work with Nick for over twenty years through several merger/name changes with Macy's. There was no one that I loved more to give a hard time to than Nick! I called him Nicky and I will forever miss hearing "What's up Harry"?! He is the only person in my life that got away with calling me Harry. I enjoyed and valued both my working relationship and friendship with Nick. I learned a lot over the years from Nick and I will never forget him! He was one of the good guys! God's speed Nicky!

Linda Baker, retired Macy's executive
I will always remember the day he met you Laurie! He came back to the office from Northwest Mall was very excited. He said ‘Bake City’ ( a name he had given me ) I met the most awesome girl today and her name is Laurie! You two were destined for each other! You were awesome together! He will be missed by so many who respected and loved him. RIP dear friend! 

Susie Compton

Thinking about Nick and all the memories he has left behind is overwhelming.  Nick was the type person with a different type of

personality in a good way. He always had that quick come back comment and could work a crowd, he was a mover and shaker. 

Nick had  nicknames for some of us in the office, mine was Suzette, my name is Susie.  Nick was a connoisseur  of  great food

and beverages not mention giving reviews on his FB page about certain new eateries or frequented.  He introduced me to Nuts

and Berries drink, oh how I paid dearly for this the next day, but oh was it good !!!!!  Nick left his mark with all he met, he was truly

a great person as a co-worker and outside the work environment.  It's difficult to accept we will not hear your funny stories and travels. 

God Bless Laurie for she has lost  great friend and husband  Laurie you were truly his inspiration. 

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