Snaptagg: We think Inside and Outside the Box!

Montreal, Canada (April 10, 2017) - Visit Snaptagg at the RILA Loss Prevention Conference 2017 in NOLA today and learn what our customers are saying about snap-tagging. Snap-tagging is no longer a Vision, it is happening in stores everyday!

Snaptagg is the industry’s most comprehensive, secure and effective tag which is simple and fast to utilize. Today we stick it on, tomorrow we will just snap it in in a split second. Our adhesive works like magic and comes off without residue or damage to the package and the whole tag comes off.

Come learn why our light sensing technology is a better option than other sensors including density sensors introduced by a competitor which are prone to false alarm if objects are moving in a package according to our lab results. Can employees learn to check boxes with moving parts? Don’t be fooled with smoke and mirrors. This is why it still makes sense to detect box opening the Snaptagg “microscropic way”. Our trials prove that consumers accept our concept. Come and learn the “secret” of how we make holes disappear too.

Consumer “EX” is top of mind in everything we do at Snaptagg. In-store alarms that disrupt the customer experience is what Snaptagg aims to avoid and reduce. In fact, our Snaptagg Ready solutions will reduce EAS source tagging pollution too. In short, box opening detection the Snaptagg way will disrupt the industry: not the customer experience.

In a Snaptagg Ready world packages will be designed with loss prevention in mind, not an after thought. This is why we have already started to work with major retailers to have packages with pre-formed bases molded onto blister packages and have an integrated and invisible base in a box rendering Snaptagg the perfect solution in the long-term. Finally, merchants and loss prevention will have a positive relationship. The base will not be stuck on and be an eye-sore, but will completely be out of site or pre-formed, just what merchants and brand owners will adore.

It will take industry consensus for Snaptagg Ready to happen. Already major retailers, brand owners and packaging companies are stepping up to lead the way because it just makes so much sense!

The best part is that a Snaptagg purchased today will be adaptable to our integrated Snaptagg Ready bases and because batteries can be changed your investment today will last for years and years to come. So why waste your money buying other devices which are “band-aids”. Take the logical leap. Adopt Snaptagg and be part of the revolution which is just beginning. Think “out-of the-box” and be a true industry leader. Join our lead into a Snaptagg Ready world which we have patented globally.

Also, our trials have proven that we are not only a deterrent for the common thief, but also ORC. Our concealment detection senses suspicious activity “outside the box” when someone is hiding merchandise in a booster bag or any other way. Our trials have proven that we improve health and safety with our concealment option. Come to see us and learn why “drop & walk” is better than “chase, grab, confront, and run” created with EAS alarms. Get more video evidence of in-store illicit activity.

Snaptagg may look similar to other devices but it is packed with much more VALUE. It transforms easily from a package solution to a demo solution with and without cables and also transforms to a soft goods (fashion) solution.

From a security standpoint, our smart keys provide the highest level of peace of mind. They time-out so if they are lost or stolen you can sleep easy. Moreover, we are ready for ORC. If our codes get copied, we will provide you with an easy way to change the codes on the keys and the Snaptaggs. We call this Digitial Locksmith ™.

Our pocket size keys are easily carried on a necklace. Use a key ring and attach it to an Alpha key for a combo solution. Integrated POS solution coming soon for quicker throughput.

In short, we complicate the lives of thieves, and make the employee and consumer experience better creating opportunities for open merchandising like never before which drive positive bottom line results.

Come to learn why we were nominated RILA industry Innovation Award finalists last year. Start snap-tagging today!

Visit us at Booth #461

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