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This Rocateq USA executive understands retail Loss Prevention

Nov. 14, 2016 

Solving shrink and margin erosion challenges for retailers is nothing new to Tim Bartkowiak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rocateq USA. With previously held Director-level leadership positions with SpartanNash and Dollar General, Tim’s understanding of the complexities of retail is a breath of fresh air for Loss Prevention executives looking to enhance their company profits through shrink reduction and expense reduction.

In a recent whitepaper entitled, "Pushing Out Profits: Loss Prevention's Missed Opportunity", it was revealed that losses due to shopping cart thefts, as well as large shoplifting “push-outs”, cost retailers millions of dollars in losses each year. In fact, it takes an average of $4600 in retail sales to generate enough profit to replace one shopping cart. Since loss prevention departments are not typically responsible for purchasing replacement shopping carts, many loss prevention executives are unaware of how much money their respective companies spend on this preventable problem each year.

The truth is, losses caused by shopping cart thefts and shoplifting push-outs is enormous, and many loss prevention executives don’t have visibility into these numbers. Once Loss Prevention executives obtain and analyze their organization’s shopping cart replacement costs, an enormous cost-reducing opportunity is revealed. Rocateq USA’s patented solutions not only prevent shopping cart thefts, but they prevent shoplifting push-outs, thereby helping to ensure your merchandise remains in-stock and available for customers.

Bartkowiak, a well-known loss prevention industry veteran, understands the intricacies of finding ways for loss prevention executives to add even more value to their organization. In fact, he has built a career on it!

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Rocateq USA: Closing the Gap on Profit Erosion

Rocateq USA is a leading international cart containment, and business intelligence solution provider. Rocateq USA is committed to providing retailer’s quality, valuable and actionable technology, and software that contributes to smarter shrink control solutions and profit enhancement. As any retailer knows, smarter shrink control equals profit growth.


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