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The V-Newsletter - Your Own Daily

  • Reach all the senior leaders in the LP/AP & IT Security Industry

  • Your story, your words, your publication, our readership

  • Only one per day, sent out Before The Daily

  • Over 3 million potential readers all seeing Your News!

  • Our Entire Mailing List & Posted in 50 Groups on LinkedIn

  • Integrated in our Social Media Program for five days!
       LinkedIn – Twitter – Facebook

  • Literally Delivering Thousands of Viewers

Our Stats Speak For Themselves...

v-Newsletter Stats:
24.5% Open Rate
18.1% Unique Open Rate
1,729 Clicks to Sponsors Website

D&D has been a terrific media partner over the years, helping us in reaching our audience and growing our brand. The V-Newsletter specifically has been an important part of our content marketing strategy, thanks to its high-quality subscriber list and high delivery and open rate.”
— Bané Obrenovich, Director of Marketing & Sales, CONTROLTEK

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