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Transforming LP From Cost Center to Profit Driver

Johnny Custer, CFI
CIO - Chief Implementation Officer
Spark Resultants

Those of us that have had the privilege of working in retail loss prevention for a number of years have seen a clear evolution in the industry’s perception of our purpose.  The perception has shifted from us being thought of as the “cops” of the store; to being full business partners with valuable insights on how to best protect assets without impeding sales or customer experience.

The one thing that hasn’t changed though… we are still seen as a cost center.  A necessary cost, but a cost nonetheless.  And as the trouble continues for brick and mortar locations across the retail space – many of us have fallen victim to what happens when a company needs to cut “costs”.  On the other hand, we don’t often hear about a company cutting programs that are considered “profit centers” though, do we?

Tackling data continues to be a daunting task – not just with LP, but with retail in general.  Exception based reporting was a great way to take “big” data and shrink it into smaller digestible pieces.  But we, as an industry, are getting smarter; and we demand MORE from our data.  More than the limited scope and false positives we have been forced to live with up to this point.  We need to know exactly what stores our team needs to focus on and we need to know exactly what issues they need to focus on when they get there.  We need to know what people are driving these issues; and we need to be able to focus on the trends and detailed information contained within transactions, inventory adjustments, deliveries, price changes, and/or invoices (etc.).

Spark Resultants has developed a proprietary, closed loop program which will is GUARANTEED to evolve the traditional Retail loss Prevention team from a cost center to a profit center.  Through a strategic attack, impacting all areas of your business enterprise, like: POS and customer management programs; to inventory management and price changes; all the way through the inbound and outbound flow of goods in the back of the house…   Spark will provide predictive, proactive, and actionable insights that result in measurable dollars to your bottom line.

This is a proven methodology that has shown impressive measurable bottom-line impact in each environment in which it has been applied.  To demonstrate our confidence, if your company generates $3 Billion in annual sales, we will guarantee $3M each year for 3 years.  To learn more about Spark Resultants please go to  Or reach out directly to:

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