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Technology: Redefining Loss Prevention
The Future of LP/AP

Mike Lamb, Vice President of Asset Protection, Kroger
Mark Stinde, Vice President of Asset Protection, 7-Eleven
Kevin Colman, Group Vice President of Asset Protection, Macy's

With retail rolling out a multitude of new technologies faster than ever before, how are the core LP/AP executives in the store and at corporate being impacted? How involved are we in these rollouts on the front end? And on the back end, does it change the essence of LP’s training, awareness, and investigative abilities?

With e-commerce fraud growing and a number of LP/AP executives now managing those processes, we now have a slight, invisible merging of IT Security and Loss Prevention that is being talked about. How far will this evolve?

In this roundtable discussion, three industry leaders share their perspectives on how technology is impacting LP’s role now and in the future.


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