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March 9, 2018

A Brazilian national admitted on Monday to stealing $43,000 from unsuspecting bank customers in the Boston area during a single month last spring as part of an ATM skimming operation. Helisson Benazi de Souza, 38, pleaded guilty in US District Court in Boston to charges of using counterfeit access devices (debit cards); one count of possessing 15 or more counterfeit access devices (debit cards); three counts of possessing device-making equipment (ATM skimming devices); one count of illegal transactions with an access device (other persons’ debit cards); and two counts of aggravated identity theft, according to authorities.

Wilmington, NC: Three men arrested in multi-state skimming ring; $9,000 in cash seized

Three men are behind bars after Wilmington Police received information from Myrtle Beach that a multi-state credit card skimming ring was operating out of the Port City. Police stopped a vehicle around 1:30 p.m. Monday and found more than $9,000 in cash, credit cards, pin numbers, debit card skimming devices and pin-hole cameras in the vehicle. The men are from the Miami, Florida area.

'Large number of victims'
Card skimmers reported at ATMs, gas stations throughout Delaware

Police are investigating several locations throughout the First State where skimming devices have been reported, according to Delaware State Police. The devices, which steal payment card information, were primarily placed at ATMs and gas stations in all three counties. There are a "large number of victims," according to police. The Financial Crimes Unit is working with local businesses and financial institutions to identify potential victims and suspects. Click here to view the affected locations.

Fremont, CA: Credit card skimmers found at gas stations in 5 counties; 4 arrested

Georgia ranks #2 in nation for consumer fraud - driven by gas station skimming

Iowa nears new law to combat 'skimming' at fuel pumps

Cape Coral, FL: Council approves 'skimmer' ordinance

San Antonio, TX: More skimming devices popping up at gas pumps, say police

Shimming, Not Skimming: Thieves Target Chip Cards

March 5, 2018

Nashville, TN: 1 Arrested, 1 Sought in Massive $10,000 Skimming Ring
Metro Nashville police arrested one suspect and are looking for a second suspect in connection with an identity theft trafficking ring involving credit card skimmers. Karrell Fabra was arrested Thursday night on charges of identity theft trafficking and theft of more than $10,000 of merchandise in connection with the stolen credit card case.

In all, investigators believe Fabra used stolen credit cards to steal more than $10,000 worth of diesel. However, the alleged scheme didn't stop there. According to arrest records, investigators believe Fabra would take the diesel to an address on Dickerson Pike to be stored. Investigators said they witnessed another man using the diesel to fuel his commercial vehicle operations.

Florida man steals up to 57K credit card numbers via skimmer
Feds set up website for potential victims

The U.S. Department of Justice, trying to notify the owners of as many as 57,000 credit card numbers believed stolen by a Florida man, including many skimmed from gas pumps in Wisconsin and Minnesota, has set up a website here for people who believe they may be victims.

At the website, potential victims can fill out forms documenting harm they believe they suffered, and can seek possible restitution.

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