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Tony D'Onofrio appointed President of Sensormatic Solutions
Dominique De Santis named Senior Director Loss Prevention (CAN-USA) for Psycho Bunny
Rory Stallard named Director of Loss Prevention, Organized Retail Crime for Ulta Beauty
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New ORC Laws Rolled Out in Nine States Since 2022
Retailers are shaping a wave of laws to crack down on organized theft - here's how they do it

Nine states have passed new laws cracking down on organized retail theft and Congress is considering federal action.  Read more


Are Employee Theft & Self-Checkout the Real Culprits?
Retailers say organized theft is biting into profits, but internal issues may really be to blame

Companies are quick to blame organized theft for shrink losses, but behind closed doors the parallel issues of employee theft and self checkout are their primary focus areas, experts say.  Read more

'Stores Simply Feel Less Safe'
New York Times Opinion: What We Lose to Shoplifting

In the years after the assault weapons ban went into effect, the number of deaths from mass shootings fell.  Read more

D.C. Stores Facing Pressure to Close Over Theft Surge
Shoplifting pressure threatens to shutter Washington, D.C. grocery store, turn area into food desert

Concerns are growing in Washington, D.C. about some major grocery stores being able to keep their doors open due to shoplifting.  Read more

Theft Data is Hard to Come By
Companies say organized retail crime is on the rise, but there's no data to prove it

Retail theft is real and causes major issues for businesses, but companies are not required to report data on how it is affecting them and it is nearly impossible to verify their claimsRead more

'Open Season' on Retail Security Guards 
Owner of security firm involved in two recent shootings speaks out

He says the two incidents are proof that criminals are brazen enough to steal even in the presence of guards.  Read more

NY Gov Facing More Pressure to Sign ORC Bill
Oneida County officials urge actions from Hochul to stop retail theft

The legislation, which has been passed by the Senate and Assembly, establishes the New York State Organized Retail Crime Task Force.  Read more

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D&D Daily's Most Read & Top Stories

Grocery Stores: Top ORC Target
75% of grocery chains have ORC programs

Retailers have seen a recent increase in these incidents, and grocers are particularly at risk because of the wide variety of sought-after items they sell.  Read more

Minnesota's New ORC Bill Makes More Headlines
Bill at Minnesota Capitol would create new "organized retail theft" crime with stiffer penalties 

The bill that would create a new crime of organized retail theft and detail additional penalties, which include possible felony charges punishable by up to 15 years in prison.  Read more

2023: Record-Breaking Year for Mass Shootings?
There have been more mass shootings than days in 2023, database shows

Though mass shootings don't make up the majority of gun violence incidents in America, their impact on communities and victims is evident.  Read more

Another Theft-Plagued Walmart Closing Its Doors
Walmart closing an Everett store that locals say was plagued by theft

Walmart is closing an underperforming store in Everett that some neighboring businesses say has been plagued by theft.  Read more


The Rise of Robots in Retail Continues
Lowe's, BJ's, Ikea, and other retailers are using robots to clean up, track inventory, and police parking lots

Autonomous robots have been increasingly popular in the retail industry.  Read more

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Just 22% of Retailers Train Employees on Cybersecurity
Retailers are failing to train employees in cybersecurity

A new survey by cloudbased security company Indusface has found that only 22% of retailers train their employees in cybersecurityRead more

Billions of Computers Worldwide are Vulnerable
'Downfall' Bug in Billions of Intel CPUs Reveals Major Design Flaw

A newly revealed flaw affects a good chunk of the world's computers. A patch has been released, but broad, structural change in CPU design will be required to address the root cause. Read more


C-level Executives & Managers Targeted
Microsoft 365 accounts of execs, managers hijacked through EvilProxy

A phishing campaign leveraging the EvilProxy phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) tool has been spotted targeting Microsoft 365 user accounts of C-level executives.  Read more

Threat Intel Efforts Need Stepping Up
Threat Intelligence Efforts, Investment Lagging, Says Opswat

Almost two-thirds of organizations said their threat intelligence programs need improvement and only 22% of surveyed respondents said they have fully mature threat intel programs.  Read more

Hijacking Windows Update Process
Windows Defender-Pretender Attack Dismantles Flagship Microsoft EDR

A newly patched flaw in Windows Defender allows attackers to hijack the signature-update process to sneak in malware, delete benign files, and inflict mayhem on target systems.  Read more

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Organized Retail Crime


1,507 cases total

Q4 2022 ORC Report


Q4 2021 ORC Report

Q4 2020 ORC Report

Monthly Robberies & Violence December 2023

  • Week 1 - 47 robberies, 11 burglaries, 0 shootings, 0 killed

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Liberty Township, OH: Shoplifting heist attempt thwarted with help of Tipster

A call warning police about a possible robbery ended in stolen merchandise being returned to a store. Read more


New York, NY: 7 teens attack workers in flash robbery at Manhattan dollar store

Seven teens attacked workers during a flash robbery at a Manhattan dollar store this week, police said.  Read more


Seattle, WA: Man Arrested Following Organized Retail Theft Investigation

Seattle Police detectives arrested a man at a North Beacon Hill residence last Thursday following a lengthy Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) led organized retail theft investigation.  Read more

Update: Auburn, WA: Police recover millions of dollars in stolen property after thrift shop scheme

The Auburn-led investigation resulted in the recovery and return of "millions of dollars worth of stolen property ... to their rightful owners."  Read more

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