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Domino’s Safety, Security &
 Loss Prevention Team


D&D Daily & LPNN Filming at NRF PROTECT 2019
in Anaheim, California 

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Moving Up

Randy Johnson named Corporate Director of Loss Prevention for BMC Stock Holdings
Robert Oberosler named Senior VP of Loss Prevention for Dollar Tree Stores - Family Dollar
Meredith Plaxco, LPC promoted to Senior Director, LP and Safety for PetSmart
Nelson Badillo, CFI, LPC named Director of Field Loss Prevention for Bealls, Inc.
Debbie Maples named VP Global Loss Prevention & Corporate Security for Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

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Top Industry News


Protecting + Serving Makes Chris #oldnavyproud

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served in the military, and there are many Gap Inc. vets to celebrate and thank.  Read more


Boston, MA: Security Guard Indicted for Violent Choking, Punching 11-Year-Old Shoplifter at Primark Store

A security guard who was working at a Boston store has been indicted on charges that he choked and punched an 11-year-old shoplifter last summer.   Read more

"Most Influential People in Security Honorees"

Security magazine is pleased to announce the 2019 Most Influential People in Security.  Read more


Why states are rushing to seal tens of millions of old criminal records

Why the bipartisan rush for reform? Polls suggest 70% of voters like clean-slate efforts, and both parties want ways to shrink prison populations.  Read more

Rapid retail hiring may have caused first static US workplace injury rate in years

Only one industry sector - retail trade - recorded a year-over-year increase in its injury and illness rate, BLS said.  Read more

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store calls in the artillery

A 16-ton Abbot military tank rolled up to the Jordan candy store to help ward off any would-be criminals.  Read more


Key Congressional Committee Schedules Vote On Marijuana Legalization Bill

This week, the House Judiciary Committee will hold the first-ever vote in Congress on a bill to end federal cannabis prohibition.  Read more

Duncan, OK: Three dead, including shooter, outside of Walmart store

One of the people killed is the shooter. Two were killed inside a vehicle in the store's parking lot.  Read more


Yellow vest protests:

147 arrested as violence returns to Paris

Police in Paris arrested more than 100 people as protests to mark the first anniversary of the anti-government yellow vest movement.  Read more


Global Retail Shrink 2019 and the Future of Loss Prevention

The continued renaissance of the global retail industry will require increased innovation to protect employees, customers, and products.  Read more


From LP to Mayor:
Regional LPM for Sephora Elected Mayor of Camas, Wash

Barry McDonnell launched his write-in campaign to be the new mayor of Camas just a little over a month ago.  Read more


FBI Releases 'Lone Offender Terrorism Report'

Lone offenders were seldom completely isolated and alone, evidence that following the government's "see something, say something" advice can help prevent attacks.  Read more

Study: Injured retail workers are out an average 24 days

When a retail worker is injured on the job, the resulting leave lasts for an average of 24 days, according to an analysis of 20,000 workers compensation claims.  Read more

What a Security Products Blacklist Means for End Users & Integrators

A recent blacklist of several Chinese entities leaves a looming question: What happens if your products are now prohibited?  Read more


D&D Daily's Most Read & Top Stories

At height of crisis, Walgreens handled nearly 1 in 5 of the most addictive opioids

As its own distributor & failed to report suspicious orders & prevent diversion to the black market.  Read more


90 Voice Fraud Attacks Occur Every Minute

Pindrop®'s annual Voice Intelligence Report has uncovered skyrocketing fraud rates, with 90 voice channel attacks occurring every minute in the U.S.  Read more

Expect 'roller-coaster' holiday shopping season, advises NPD

Retailers can expect a good Black Friday weekend, but a mediocre Cyber Monday will follow as online growth continues to level off.  Read more


Bad News For Retail Theft in the Bay: It's Going to Get Worse for Prosecutions

The son of a couple who helped kill two cops and a guard in the infamous Brink's armored-car robbery was just elected district attorney of San Francisco.  Read more


Study: Hours When Security Officers Are Most Attacked

A new study released on Friday, clearly outlines the hours of when uniform security, loss prevention and campus officers are most likely to be assaulted, injured and killed.  Read more


First Vendor Caught:
U.S. Security Manufacturer Selling Chinese Tech Claiming it's Theirs - $88M Fraud

Aventura Technologies Senior Management Charged with Fraud, Money Laundering & Illegal Importation of Equipment Manufactured in China.  Read more

The point-of-sale transformation continues

While there are many examples of POS advancement, a few specific specimens seem to be generating the most excitement in the marketplace.  Read more


Retail Theft Prosecutions Down 86% in Philly Over 5 Years
U.S. Attorney Calls Out Philly DA

This is a great example of how frustrated the U.S. Attorneys must feel in a number of cities across the country where 'prosecution elevates politics over public safety.'  Read more

The 2019 Security 500 Report

Security Magazine's annual Top 10 Trends, as identified by Security 500 members. What are the critical issues and trends for the retail sector in 2019? How does your enterprise compare to your peers?  Read more

Philadelphia Burglary Crew-Drug Gang Charged By Feds

After each of the burglaries, the defendants divided the stolen narcotics among themselves for the purpose of selling them to others.  Read more


Mall of America® Utilizes the Sensormatic Solutions ShopperTrak Offering to Accurately Measure Mall Traffic

The ShopperTrak solution measures mall shopping center traffic patterns, delivering mall owners and retail property managers reliable data.  Read more

In October Alone 6 CEO's Got Booted For Misconduct

One of the possibilities is that now, more than ever, CEOs are seen as the face of a company. The CEO is often like this very, very visible, sacrificial lamb." Read more

Graphic: Pittsburgh, PA: Police charge McDonald's worker in recorded assault that paralyzed man

A man was paralyzed Monday night during an altercation with employees at a McDonald's.  Read more


Top News

Twitter spy scandal a wake-up call for companies to clean up data access

A tremor rippled across the information security community last week when the Justice Department announced criminal charges against two Twitter employees.  Read more

There are 4x more fake retailer sites than real ones

The analysis led to the discovery of 109,045 lookalike domains that use valid TLS certificates to make them appear more trustworthy.  Read more

Macy's E-Commerce Site Hacked

Customer Payment Info Stolen in Magecart Data Breach

Macy's has announced that they have suffered a data breach due to their web site being hacked with malicious scripts that steal customer's payment information.  Read more

IntSights Finds Organized Retail Crime Costs Retailers $30 Billion Each Year

The retail industry is experiencing more breaches than any other industry in 2019 as criminals consistently deploy new advanced hacking methods.  Read more

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A crime of opportunity:

Why some shoppers steal at self-checkout
Self-checkout theft is an acknowledged problem, but what's less talked about is who's committing the crime.  Read more

Union wants policy changes, more police in grocery stores to address shoplifting

Shoplifting has become such a problem at Winnipeg-area grocery stores that a union representing retail workers is calling for changes to improve safety and reduce theft.  Read more


Superstore manager terminated after altercations with violent customers

Penticton, BC: Police watchdog looking into death of shoplifting suspect

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Organized Retail Crime
2019 YTD

$101.2M in theft / 825 cases

1,712 suspects

Q3 2019 ORC Report

Mid-Year.Q2 2019 ORC Report

Q1 2019 ORC Report

Retail Robberies
2019 YTD

5,696 robberies & burglaries

Q3 Robbery Report

Mid-Year/Q2 Robbery Report

Q1 Robbery Report

Retail Violent Deaths


375 total deaths YTD

Q3 Retail Fatalities Report


Q2/Mid-Year Retail Fatalities Report


Q1 Retail Violent

Death Report

Monthly Robberies & Violence November

  • Week 1 - 62 robberies, 41 burglaries, 0 shootings, 0 killed

  • Week 2 - 67 robberies, 33 burglaries, 1 shooting, 1 killed

  • Week 3 - 70 robberies, 30 burglaries, 2 shootings, 2 killed


Update: Miami, FL: Police searching for group who targeted Sephora at Miami Int’l Mall

Investigators are seeking the public’s help to identify the crooks who robbed a cosmetics store inside Miami International Mall in Doral.  Read more


Lubbock, TX: 5 arrested, 2 officers injured during incident at Kohl's late Saturday

A store employee told LPD that a group of individuals were in the store who were previously observed stealing merchandise.  Read more


Chicago, IL: Teams of shoplifters target Chicago stores near downtown, North Side

Police confirm there have been 9 separate shoplifting cases recently, involving teams of criminals with anywhere between two & seven suspects  Read more


14 Indicted in $6M Counterfeit iPhones Scheme; Biggest Fraud of its Kind in Southern District

The organization imported more than 10,000 counterfeit iPhones and iPads from China, exchanged them for the real thing at Apple stores.  Read more


Redlands, CA: Suspects Sought in Brazen Robbery at Nike Store in Redlands

Cellphone video captured at least 5 men nonchalantly leaving a Nike store in Redlands carrying armloads of merchandise.  Read more

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