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Moving Up

Joseph Biffar, CFE, CFI promoted to Senior Director, AP, Facilities & HQ Operations for Chico's FAS
Jamie Campbell promoted to Senior Dir. Organizational Safety & Security for Ross Stores, Inc.
J. Matthew Wolfe named Senior Manager of Corporate Asset Protection for Chipotle Mexican Grill
Jeffrey Marlow promoted to Sr Manager, Physical Security Programs Americas for Amazon

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Top Industry News


Derek Chauvin, cop who pinned down George Floyd, has been arrested

The cop who was caught on camera using his knee to pin George Floyd's neck to the ground has been arrested in the deadly incident.  Read more


Riots Wreak Havoc in Minneapolis

Large crowds of demonstrators have gathered against the backdrop of a coronavirus pandemic that has kept many residents from engaging with one another directly for months.  Read our full coverage


UK Retail Effort by the BRC to Address Retail Crime, Violence & Abuse

The report, Retail violence: abused and attacked at work, sets out the cost to business and staff of violence, threats and abuse against shopworkers.  Read more


COVID-19 Impact on Conferences
Virtual Conferences Bring Innovation & Global Reach

When asked the question - do you think there will be any in-person conferences in 2020 - half of those responding said no, with only 24 percent saying yes.  Read more

100,000 to 300,000 Disease Detectives Needed in U.S.

Not bad for a temporary job for displaced retail Loss Prevention professionals in need of employment in this market.  Read our full coverage

Online Fraud is Soaring - Up 35% in April & Continuing into May

Emboldened fraudsters are mounting phishing attacks & attempting purchases with card numbers stolen in old hacks.  Read more

Surveilling employees who work from home could do more harm than good

Virtually looking over employees' shoulders isn't just bad for privacy. Research shows it could also be bad for business.  Read more


No mask, no service? Businesses have the right to require masks on customers

Companies have the right to ask you to slip on a face covering or seek products and services elsewhere.  Read more


Trump Declares He 'Won't Close Country If 2nd Wave'

Trump expressed confidence in the country's ability to contain future outbreaks, referring to them as "embers."  Read more

Should Apple and other stores require shopper temperature checks?

A number of retailers have begun checking the temperatures of employees before shifts.   Read more


"It's the Wild, Wild West."
When store workers are forced to turn sheriff

Across the United States, store workers are having to help enforce the rules designed to keep their workplaces operating.  Read more


Between 20k & 25k retail stores may close this year

Twice the number as last year, as coronavirus continues to have an impact on consumer behavior.  Read more


ADT Delivers Safety and Peace of Mind to Instacart Shoppers With ADT Mobile Solution

ADT announced a partnership with Instacart to provide its mobile safety solution, Safe by ADT, to the delivery company's 500,000 shoppers.  Read more


Shoplifters Threatening to Spread COVID-19 Charged with Federal 'perpetrating a biological weapon hoax.'

It's not happening a lot but has shown up on both coasts over the last month on a couple of occasions.  Read more

Historical Recidivism Rates of 83% in U.S.

- Increased Retail Crime

A total of approximately 16,622 inmates nationwide have been released due to the coronavirus outbreak.  Read more

D&D Daily's Most Read & Top Stories

13,600 OSHA Complaints Filed Nationwide

Worker advocates, as well as former leaders of the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, say the agency is falling short of its duty.  Read more


D.C. Think Tank: Amid pandemic, crime dropped in many U.S. cities, but not all
A dozen cities saw increases, which included a 21 percent jump in Denver and a nearly 12 percent increase in Houston.  Read more

Cargo Theft Rings expected to be 'extremely active' over Memorial Day

Cargo theft recording firm SensiGuard is warning trucking companies and drivers of "extremely active" cargo theft rings in the coming days.  Read more

Mastercard Agrees to EMV Delay at Gas Pumps, Announces New Fraud & Security Tools

They also unveiled a new consumer protection program to address the fraud vulnerabilities on the forecourt at fuel pumps terminals that have yet to be upgraded.  Read more


Security Guard Deaths Spiking Globally
Security Officers Facing High COVID Death Rates

A lack of Personal Protective Gear has been identified as part of the problem, both here in the United States and abroad.  Read more


Guards Are 'Just Enforcing' the COVID-19 Measures
Demand for guard services surges in wake of COVID-19

Guard services, demand for which has been so substantial that, in many cases, firms are hiring thousands of new workers to fill the needed positions.  Read more

Coronavirus Finishes the Retail Reckoning That Amazon Started

Thousands of stores will close permanently as the Covid-19 pandemic turbocharges a shift to e-commerce.  Read more

Retail sales plunge a record 16.4% in April, far worse than predicted

Consumer spending tumbled a record 16.4% in April as the backbone of the U.S. economy retrenched amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Read more

Top News

Data Loss Spikes Under COVID-19 Lockdowns

Two new reports suggest a massive gap between how organizations have prepared their cybersecurity defenses and the reality of their efficacy.  Read more

Stay-at-Home Orders Coincide With Massive DNS Surge

A variety of sites saw as much as seven times the number of domain requests in late March and early April, suggesting attackers attempted massive denial-of-service attacks.  Read more

The Reality of IT Security
6 hard truths security pros must learn to live with

Crafty hackers, unwitting users, a relentless workload - working in IT security is all about accepting this as business as usual and pushing forward anyway.  Read more

Long-Term Remote Work: Keeping Workers Productive & Secure

With a nearly 100% remote workforce - and a world that is social distancing - how do we keep employees productive and teams innovating while keeping businesses secure?  Read more

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Stores Fear Face Coverings Could Drive Robberies
Some retailers push for face masks, others are concerned about crime impact

Some convenience stores in the Halifax area are asking customers to temporarily lower their masks before entering the store so they can be easily identified.  Read more

'Mass Screening' for Coronavirus Coming to a Store Near You?

Toronto-based artificial intelligence (AI) firm Predictmedix has launched screening technologies that will assist businesses by detecting potential COVID-19 infection.  Read more

As Lululemon Reopens Hundreds of Stores, Here's How It's Keeping Shoppers Safe


Coronavirus highlights the need for a surveillance debate beyond 'privacy'

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Organized Retail Crime
2019 YTD

$101.2M in theft / 825 cases

1,712 suspects

Q3 2019 ORC Report

Mid-Year.Q2 2019 ORC Report

Q1 2019 ORC Report

Retail Robberies
2020 YTD

3,100 robberies & burglaries

Q3 2019 Robbery Report

Mid-Year/Q2 Robbery Report

Q1 2019 Robbery Report

Retail Violent Deaths


375 total deaths YTD

Q3 Retail Fatalities Report


Q2/Mid-Year Retail Fatalities Report


Q1 Retail Violent

Death Report

Monthly Robberies & Violence May

  • Week 1 - 48 robberies, 41 burglaries, 2 shootings, 1 killed

  • Week 2 - 58 robberies, 41 burglaries, 2 shootings, 1 killed

  • Week 3 - 58 robberies, 27 burglaries, 1 shooting, 0 killed

  • Week 4 - 42 robberies, 39 burglaries, 2 shootings, 1 killed


Fort Lauderdale: Crooks swipe $7k of power tools

he business owner said the thieves knew exactly what they were looking for and where it was located in the store.  Read more


Sarasota, FL: Sarasota County Sheriff's Operation arrests 14 for Retail Theft

A four-day operation by Sarasota County Sheriff's Office targeting retail theft ended in the arrests of 14 people.  Read more


Manchester, NJ: Arrested Fugitive Led Ocean Co. Burglary Ring; over $100,000 in ATV’s, Cigarettes, CBD Products stolen

The burglaries occurred over the span of 3 months and resulted in the theft of vehicles, trailers, cartons of cigarettes, CBD products, and cash.  Read more 


Antioch, CA: Police make arrest in $50,000 burglary of JC Penney jewelry department

One man was arrested and at least two more are sought in connection with a break-in burglary early Friday morning.  Read more

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Lessons from a Four-Star General

By Phil Thomson, Co-CEO at 
Auror, the Retail Crime Intelligence Platform working with retailers across the world.