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Melissa Mitchell, CFI, LPC named Director of Asset Protection for MAPCO Express
Larry Carroll named Vice President, Asset Protection for Casey's General Stores
Chris Rathgeb promoted to VP of AP & Safety Risk Management for Paradies Lagardère
George Burns promoted to Assistant VP of Loss Prevention & Safety for Pep Boys

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Walmart's Former Sr. Manager, Global Technology, Pleads Guilty to $8M Fraud

A project manager employed by a major retailer has pleaded guilty for filing fraudulent bank loan applications seeking more than $8 million in forgivable Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.  Read more

'Brushing Scams': Residents report mysterious packages from China from seeds to sunglasses to dirty socks

The scheme relies on "customers" who receive goods they never ordered so that the sender then posts a fake customer review in their name to boost sales.  Read more


Watch the Full APEX Virtual Event: On-Demand Now

APEX Grocery is a virtual event produced by TalkLP, specifically tailored to addressing the unique challenges grocers face.  Check it out here


Nine Charged with $24M COVID-Relief Fraud Scheme

The defendants allegedly participated in an extensive nationwide scheme to file at least 90 fraudulent applications for millions of dollars in PPP loans.  Read more

Nearly 18,000 California inmates could be released early due to coronavirus

California Police Chiefs Association warns some violent criminals being released 'without a consideration for the larger impact on public safety'.  Read more


Avoiding Workplace Violence When Customers Refuse To Wear Masks

Across the country, security guards face rising violence over enforcing protective mask requirements. Restaurant workers have also been met with violence  Read more

Remote Work Is Here to Stay. Bosses Better Adjust.

Even when the pandemic ends, many employees will continue to work from home.  Read more


LP's Opportunity to Shine as 'Revenue Preservers'
Managing Risk, Business Continuity and Resiliency During a Pandemic

Physical security leaders - increasingly mandated to keep facilities safe and operational during the pandemic - are being propelled into a unique position to become revenue preservers for their business.  Read more


FBI Sees Rise in Online Shopping Scams

The FBI says that an increasing number of victims are being directed to fraudulent websites via social media platforms and popular online search engines.  Read more

Defund the police, COVID-19 lead to biggest police budget cuts in decade

Nearly half of 258 agencies surveyed this month are reporting that funding has already been slashed or is expected to be reduced.  Read more

Homicide Spike Hits Most Large U.S. Cities,
While Robberies Drop 11% as More People Stay Home

A Wall Street Journal analysis of crime statistics among the nation's 50 largest cities found that reported homicides were up 24% so far this year, to 3,612.  Read more

Lord & Taylor, Men's Wearhouse owner file for bankruptcy

Many of the companies that have filed for Chapter 11 in recent weeks were already struggling, but the forced closure of stores in March pushed them to the brink.  Read more

Academic-Led Report Calls for Retailers to Adopt
More Strategic Use of Video Analytics

ECR Retail Loss Group reports retailers should rethink their near $2B annual spending on video as an integrated business tool rather than just a security blanket.  Read more

Kroger Ranked Top Performer in 2 Measures in Axios Harris Poll 100

"The dual crises of COVID-19 and racial injustice have only accelerated Kroger's long-standing commitment to supporting our associates, customers & communities."  Read more

Bezos 'Stumbled' & 'Kind Of' Committed to Working with Law Enforcement When Grilled

Bezos also defended the company's history of fighting counterfeit sales and even stolen goods.  Read more


CNBC: Op-Ed: Congress must address organized retail crime at Big Tech hearing

To protect the safety of associates working in retail stores and ensure that consumers shopping online are not at risk of buying stolen or counterfeit products, Congress must intervene.  Read more

Shoppers Are Scared Most of Malls
Consumers' Retail Fears Aren't Fading

Shopping malls, warehouse clubs and big box retailers may have more of an uphill battle with 32% feeling unsafe visiting shopping malls.  Read more


Rite Aid deployed facial recognition systems in hundreds of U.S. stores

Rite Aid quietly added facial recognition systems to 200 stores across the United States over about eight years.

Read more

D&D Daily's Most Read & Top Stories

Harvard Coronavirus Experts Say 13 States Need to Lock Down Now

report released this week by the Trump administration's coronavirus task force warns that 21 states are now in the "red zone".  Read more


NIST: New Facial Recognition Algorithms May Be Able to ID People Wear Masks

NIST tested 89 commercial facial recognition algorithms for the 'Ongoing Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) Part 6A.  Read more

Operation Legend Expanded to Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee

Operation Legend is a sustained, systematic and coordinated law enforcement initiative in which federal law enforcement agencies work in conjunction with state and local law enforcement.  Read more


New Mexico Attorney General Launches ORC Unit

Crime rings have operated in plain sight in Albuquerque for years, often targeting big box retailers.  Read more


Protest Chaos Rocks Cities Across U.S.

Tens of thousands of people continued to demonstrate against racism and police tactics in protests across the country that at times turned violent, with shootings in Texas and Colorado and officials declaring "riots" in Portland, Ore., and Seattle.  Read more

Top News

94% of organizations experienced at least one business-impacting cyberattack in the past year

Only four out of 10 security leaders say they can answer the fundamental question, "How secure, or at risk, are we?" with a high level of confidence.  Read more

Google & Amazon Replace Apple as Phishers' Favorite Brands

Google and Amazon tied for the two most commonly imitated brands in phishing attacks during the second quarter of 2020, while former leading brand Apple fell to seventh place.  Read more

Breaches Tied to Pharmacy Looting: Security Lessons

As more reports emerge regarding data breaches at pharmacy chains as a result of earlier break-ins and looting incidents during civil unrest, security experts are calling attention to important security issues.  Read more

'Payment sent' - Travel giant CWT pays $4.5 million ransom to cyber criminals

U.S. travel management firm CWT paid $4.5 million this week to hackers who stole reams of sensitive corporate files and said they had knocked 30,000 computers offline.  Read more

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Canadian Connections

Coronavirus conspiracies spreading at alarming rates

The anti-mask movement is not unique to Quebec, nor are masks the only source of conflict in the country when it comes to public health directives around the novel coronavirus.  Read more

Mass Bankruptcies and Store Closures Expected in Canada by Early 2021

"I think January of 2021 is going to be a blood bath. I think we're going to see a substantial amount of store closures in Canada."  Read more

All Chico's and White House Black Market Stores to Close in Canada Amid Bankruptcy

Calgary, AB: 20 people treated after tear gas deployed in jewelry store robbery at Sunridge Mall

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Organized Retail Crime
2019 YTD

$101.2M in theft / 825 cases

1,712 suspects

Q3 2019 ORC Report

Mid-Year.Q2 2019 ORC Report

Q1 2019 ORC Report

Retail Robberies
2020 YTD

3,969 robberies & burglaries

Q3 2019 Robbery Report

Mid-Year/Q2 Robbery Report

Q1 2019 Robbery Report

Retail Violent Deaths


375 total deaths YTD

Q3 Retail Fatalities Report


Q2/Mid-Year Retail Fatalities Report


Q1 Retail Violent

Death Report

Monthly Robberies & Violence August

  • Week 1 - 61 robberies, 24 burglaries, 0 shootings, 0 killed


Williamsport, PA: 3 admit to roles in a scheme to defraud Sprint by using stolen IDs to order over $1 million worth of iPhones

The phones, which retail for $749 each, would then be taken to New York City and sent overseas where they were sold.  Read more


Florida man prints fake check to dupe dealership out of $140,000 Porsche; caught purchasing $61,000 of Rolex watches

Deputies said Casey William Kelley, 42, printed the checks from his home computer.  Read more


Tallahassee, FL: Police crack gun heist after suspect shows off stolen pistols on Facebook

Police investigating back-to-back burglaries and gun thefts at a pawn shop caught a major break after one of the suspects showed off a couple of the stolen pistols in a live Facebook video.  Read more


Manteca, CA: Officer makes big dent in Organized Retail Crime teams

Manteca Police Officer Dave Brown noticed a disquieting trend that was sweeping across retail businesses being targeted by seemingly organized teams.  Read more

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