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Michael Oren named Director - Services Compliance for Lowe's
Alba Montiel named Senior, Division Investigator - LA South
for Macy's
Jeffrey Hedges CFI, LPQ, LPC named Sr. Manager, Asset Protection & Safety for Denny's
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Top Industry News


40% of Americans Admit to Shoplifting
Survey: Shoplifting fairly common among Americans
40% of respondents admitted to having shoplifted at least once, indicating that theft is a fairly common.  
Read more

Pharmacy Robberies Plummet 82% Safe Requirement
Toronto, Canada: Pharmacy robberies down 82% thanks to new tech

Pharmacy robberies in the city are down 82 per cent in 2024 compared to this time last year thanks to new technology, Toronto police say.  Read more

Retail Body Cams Make More Headlines
Will Body Cameras Scare Shoplifters?

TJX Companies has started outfitting security guards at some of its stores in the U.S. with police-type body cameras as part of its ongoing efforts to counter a rise in shoplifting incidents.  Read more

UK: Lack of Prosecution Fueling Shoplifting Surge?
Only 14% of Shoplifting Cases in the UK Result in Prosecution

Almost 90% of shoplifting offenses in the UK are not being prosecuted, raising concerns among retailers and the public alike.  Read more

'End-to-End' Fight Against Theft
Dollar General fights back against thieves with plan to remove theft-prone merchandise, self-checkout lanes

Dollar General is employing new measures to crack down on rampant retail theft that it says has been the most problematic problem for the business.  Read more

Is the Crime Drop the Result of Lack of Data Reporting?
Declining crime may be due to drop in agencies reporting data

While the trend appears consistent and positive, the drop may be due to a decline in the number of agencies reporting their data to the Department of Public Safety.  Read more

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D&D Daily's Exclusive Crime Reports

The D&D Daily's 2023 Robbery & Burglary Report - Most Incidents Ever Recorded

Most Robberies & Burglaries Ever Reported - Robberies Up 21% Over Last 2 Years, Up 3% From 2022.  Read full report

The D&D Daily's 2023 ORC Report - ORC Cases & Dollar Amounts ↑

The D&D Daily's 2023 ORC Report found cases up 3.7% in 2023 and dollar amounts up 44%.  Read more

Q4 & 2023 Retail Violent Fatality Report - Up 37% Over Pre-Pandemic 2019

While retail fatalities dropped 1.9% from 2022, they were still up 37% from 2019.  Read more

Special Reports - Surveys - Studies

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Some Small Businesses Couldn't Survive a Cyberattack
78% of SMBs fear cyberattacks could shut down their business

94% of SMBs have experienced at least one cyberattack, a dramatic rise from 64% in 2019, according to ConnectWise.  Read more

Top Cyber Threats Facing Retail
Retail & Hospitality ISAC Report reveals top cyber threats facing retail and hospitality

Threat actors are increasingly adopting advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to intensify and strengthen their attacks.  Read more


Stealing Data from the New Windows Recall Feature
Allowing threat actors to automate scraping everything you've ever looked at within seconds

"Recall enables threat actors to automate scraping everything you've ever looked at within seconds."  Read more

AI's Impact on Zero Trust Strategies
How AI-powered attacks are accelerating the shift to zero trust strategies

Two-thirds of organizations featured in the 2024 State of Zero Trust & Encryption study cited cyber-risk concerns as the main drivers for implementing a zero-trust strategy.  Read more

75% Increase in Posts on Data Leak Sites
CVE exploits, stolen credentials fueled ransomware surge in 2023

Ransomware activity surged last year as attackers flocked to legitimate remote access tools to break into enterprise networks, Mandiant said in a Monday report.  Read more

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Organized Retail Crime


1,564 cases total in 2023

2023 ORC Report 

2022 ORC Report


2021 ORC Report

Retail Violent Fatalities

681 total deaths in 2023

2023 Retail Fatalities Report

2022 Retail Fatalities Report

2021 Retail Fatalities Report

Monthly Robberies & Violence July 2024

  • Week 1 -42 robberies, 19 burglaries, 1 shooting, 1 killed

  • Week 2 -94 robberies, 28 burglary, 5 shootings, 1 killed


Palm Beach, FL: Worth Ave. Jewelry store owner arrested, $2 million in counterfeit goods seized
A business owner is accused of selling counterfeit designer items worth over $1 million at her clothing and jewelry stores.  Read more


Los Angeles, CA: LAPD seizes more than 2,800 boxes of LEGOs in massive retail theft bust

Two people were arrested this week in connection with a retail theft ring that allegedly stole thousands of LEGO toys from several Southern California retailers.  Read more


Vancouver, BC, Canada: Vancouver police crack down on stolen goods being resold online for profit

Five people have been arrested as Vancouver police investigate fencing operations that bought up stolen goods being sold cheaply.  Read more

Philadelphia, PA: Retail theft bust: 9-year-old among juveniles recruited by ring leader

The large "crew" consists of at least nine suspects who carried out at least 20 grab-and-go thefts.  Read more

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