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Joseph Biffar, CFE, CFI promoted to Vice President, Asset Protection for Chico's FAS
Courtney Underwood promoted to Senior Director, LP Operations for Ross Stores Inc.
Shanna Ramirez, CFI promoted to Director of Asset Protection
for T-Mobile

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Using RFID & Other Tech to Fight ORC
Shoplifting Today Is More Sophisticated, And So Are The Tools To Fight It

Shoplifting is becoming more sophisticated and coordinated. Sometimes, retail crimes are strategic and expertly choreographed.  Read more


Deploying Facial Recognition to Fight Retail Theft
Australia probes retail giants Bunnings & Kmart over customer 'faceprints'

Australia's privacy watchdog has launched an investigation into two retail giants over their use of facial recognition technology.  Read more

Bill Bratton Blasts Progressive DAs
Alvin Bragg, liberal DAs 'turned the criminal justice system on its head'

As crime skyrockets in many liberal-run cities, a former NYPD commissioner called out soft-on-crime politicians.  Read more

What Fuels Mass Shooters?
How to combat the forces that turn young men into mass shooters

Mass shootings are nothing new in the U.S., but there's been a recent remarkable shift in the profile of the men committing them: They're getting younger.  Read more

Retail & Law Enforcement Joining Forces to Fight ORC
Police use of tech to stop smash and grab robberies

Specialized loss prevention investigators are most effective when they join forces with a law enforcement agency.  Read more

Seattle Crime Closures
Starbucks to close 5 Seattle stores over safety concerns; 16 total closures

In total, 16 U.S. stores will close by July 31, the company announced Monday.  Read more

Fighting the Global Shoplifting Surge
Britain's biggest supermarket Tesco is putting security stickers on $5 blocks of cheese and butter

The use of security stickers at Tesco comes amid reports of various British supermarket chains putting security tags and cases on everyday products.  Read more

D&D Daily's Most Read & Top Stories

Killing to Protect Stores
More NYC bodega workers could kill to protect themselves as store crime up 70%: industry leader

More Big Apple bodega workers may end up killing violent customers to protect themselves and their business, an industry leader told The Post.   Read more

San Francisco's New 'No-Nonsense DA'
SF's new DA wants to grant police access to private security cameras in residences & businesses to combat theft & drug markets

It is a part of her comprehensive campaign to combat crime in the city, which she claims has devolved into anarchy in the name of criminal justice reform.  Read more

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs with Electronic Harnesses
NYPD deploys K-9s with innovative electronic harness to prevent terrorist attacks

The New York Police Department is equipping its bomb-sniffing canines with an upgraded electronic harness that can sense biological and radiological threats.  Read more

The Link Between Gun Deaths & Gun Sales
The staggering scope of U.S. gun deaths goes far beyond mass shootings

The surge in gun violence comes as firearm purchases rose to record levels in 2020 and 2021, with more than 43 million guns estimated to have been purchased.  Read more


Theft, Burglaries & Murder on the Rise
More theft, burglaries and even murders are the unexpected side-effects of rising prices

Soaring inflation threaten to trigger a crime wave, a criminologist says, and your purchases might get caught up along the way.  Read more

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FTC Warns Businesses Over Illegal Data Collection

Location, health, and other sensitive information: FTC committed to fully enforcing the law against illegal use and sharing of highly sensitive data

Among the most sensitive categories of data collected by connected devices are a person's precise location and information about their health.  Read more

Surging Retail Cyberattacks
Retailers Prepare for Increased Cyber Attacks During Prime Day

Cyber security experts are warning of increased phishing, ransomware, and social engineering attacks during Amazon's Prime Day event this week.  Read more


Removing Russia from the Cloud
IBM joins other tech giants and removes Russian state controlled network from its cloud service

More than 1,000 companies have publicly announced either a total pullout or reduced business there..  Read more

Don't Inadvertently Break the Law
Are your site's tracking technologies breaking the law?

Two irresistible yet conflicting forces are creating a real risk for businesses that operate on the web, which is every business that exists in 2022.  Read more

Cyberattacks Surge Across the Pond
UK: Almost half of businesses experienced a cyberattack last year

New research has revealed that almost half of surveyed UK businesses experienced some form of cyberattack last year.  Read more

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Retail Robberies
2022 YTD

robberies & burglaries

Q4 2020 Robbery Report

Q3 2020 Robbery Report

Mid-Year/Q2 Robbery Report

Q1 2020 Robbery Report

Monthly Robberies & Violence September 2022

  • Week 1 - 69 robberies, 32 burglaries, 1 shooting, 1 killed

  • Week 2 - 101 robberies, 31 burglaries, 6 shootings, 2 killed

  • Week 3 - 91 robberies, 35 burglaries, 1 shooting, 1 killed

  • Week 4 - 17 robberies, 8 burglaries, 2 shootings, 0 killed


Update: Trio Steals $111,000 in Jewelry From Zales at Queens Mall

The theft happened around 7 p.m. on June 6 at a Zales jewelry store in the Queens Center Mall.  Read more


South Union, Township, PA: PA State Police searching for suspects in $42,000 in jewelry theft

State police said they're searching for suspects after $42,200 worth of rings, bracelets, and necklaces were stolen.  Read more


Ocala, FL: Police asking for help identifying $5000 Sunglass Hut theft suspect

The Ocala Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying a woman who is suspected of stealing merchandise.  Read more

Newman, GA: Former Amazon employee arrested for stealing more than $100,000 in merchandise from warehouses

An ex-Amazon worker is being charged with stealing more than $100K in merchandise from the company's warehouses across the Southeast.  Read more

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