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Tyco Retail Solutions to exhibit innovative solutions and new collaborations at

NRF PROTECT 2018 Loss Prevention Conference and EXPO

IoT-driven technologies deliver real-time actionable data to digitize the store and

provide a connected shopper experience

Tyco Retail Solutions ( will showcase new innovations and industry collaborations to digitize the store and enable retailers to provide intelligent, connected shopper engagement at NRF PROTECT 2018 Loss Prevention Conference and EXPO in Dallas, Texas, June 11-13, 2018. Prescriptive analytical data solutions and technology investments are allowing retailers to operate efficiently and in real-time to better engage their customers along the shopping journey.

Know what’s in store with Tyco Retail Solutions at NRF PROTECT 2018 Loss Prevention Conference and EXPO:

  • Shrink Management as a Service: reinventing loss prevention programs, the new Google Cloud Platform-based Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) solution enables retailers to enhance productivity and increase reliability and performance of electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems for a new generation of innovative loss prevention. Proactive, predictive and preventative, SMaaS provides both remote device management, along with predictive analytics, to proactively manage shrink and make informed decisions while addressing underlying root causes.

  • Secure Mobile Self-Checkout: resulting from the collaboration of Tyco Garage and partner Shopic is a new application to enable self-checkout with automatic detachable RFID loss prevention tags. Store shoppers simply purchase items through their mobile device and easily detach security tags from a convenient self-service kiosk, providing security for retailers and self-checkout for shoppers to enable a frictionless shopping experience. The application leverages a new RFID hard tag, with an integrated retractable pin and detacher to quickly and easily attach and detach — with no pin to lose, damage or replace.

  • Sensormatic Synergy Storefront Detection Series: helping maximize EAS investments by providing a clear migration path to RFID technology and by gathering valuable shopper, inventory and EAS intelligence to drive better store performance. Synergy’s connected devices capture smart data to give retailers enterprise-wide visibility into key operational areas to drive sales and profitability. Its data intelligence capabilities also offer retailers a building block to future internet of things (IoT) applications.

  • Interactive EAS display: offering new interactive capabilities that allow retailers to maximize the storefront area and capture customer attention. The display can be used in various ways, including advertising updated store offerings, sales and brands. Mounted on Tyco’s Sensormatic Synergy detection system, the display supports streaming video along with targeted customer content. The displays can be used to present content based upon the gender of the shopper. In addition, retailers can easily create, schedule and publish content directly to the display.

  • 2018 Sensormatic Global Shrink Index: in partnership with PlanetRetail RNG, the Shrink Index is the industry’s most extensive study conducted in recent years of senior retail executives, providing insights into the sources and impacts of global shrink. This culmination of research measures world-wide retailer performance, allowing them to benchmark their shrink rates to others in the same vertical and region. The scope and coverage of the study includes how loss prevention professionals are measured and incentivized, the technologies and services being leveraged, the top stolen items and brands, and data elements being used to monitor and predict shrink.


  • New Anti-Theft Tags and Labels:

    • Sensormatic InFuzion Magnetic Tag — featuring a magnetic detaching platform,  the revolutionary InFuzion combines ease of use and high-level merchandise protection into a secure, one-piece system for faster application and removal, speeding up customer checkout. It also lays the foundation to enable self-check-out and mobile app scan-and-go solutions for a convenient and frictionless shopping experience. This new generation of tagging innovation is designed to provide operational savings while freeing associates to assist customers. InFuzion Tags allow retailers to spend less time tagging in-store and easily remove tags at the point-of-sale (POS) to help drive significant labor savings and improve front-end checkout efficiencies.

    • Health, Beauty & Cosmetic (HBC) Label — protecting cylindrically-shaped merchandise too narrow for traditional EAS labels such as cosmetics, skin care and oral health products, using proven Sensormatic technology. Its Acousto-Magnetic (AM) EAS label design secures items small enough to quickly hide or those that may be stolen without attracting attention. The HBC label provides consistent deactivation at POS and reliable detection performance.


These innovations and more will be featured at NRF PROTECT 2018 Loss Prevention Conference and EXPO at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Dallas, Texas. Visit booth #503 from June 11-13 to learn how Tyco Retail Solutions is helping retailers know what’s in store.

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