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Group LP Selfies

Building Community Pride

The Party City Loss Prevention
 & Safety Team


D&D Daily & LPNN Filming at NRF PROTECT 2019
in Anaheim, California 


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Moving Up

Rubin Press Joins CONTROLTEK as Vice President of Global Sales
Mark Hibbs promoted to Director of Investigations, Global Security, and Training for JCPenney
Brad King promoted to VP of LP for RTW Retailwinds
Bryan Hajek, CFE, CFI promoted to Corporate Director of North American LP - PCG, CBG, & GSC for Sherwin-Williams
Harry Freed promoted to Director of Operations-Asset Protection for JCPenney

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Special Reports - Surveys - Studies

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Top Industry News

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RILA Report: Retailers Embracing New Approach to Managing Loss

"Our goal ... was to establish a more uniform approach to measuring loss across the industry in hopes of mitigating challenges retailers face managing loss."  Read more

How Facebook Bought a Police Force

There's a police unit that is funded by Facebook to patrol the area surrounding its campus. The bill comes in at over $2 million annually.  Read more

Thousands of cameras from banned companies operating in U.S. facilities

There are currently more than 2,700 cameras from companies banned from U.S. government contracts still in operation.  Read more


Power blackouts likely again for hundreds of thousands of Californians

Still reeling from criticism for shutting off power to up to 2 million people this month to prevent fires, PG&E says it could have to do it again.  Read more


Gun Country: Where In The U.S. Are Guns Most Popular?

A new study by takes a comprehensive look at the data behind gun sales, gun crimes and gun deaths. Read more


A High-Tech Solution for Rooting Out Counterfeit Goods

Researchers have already begun looking to wavelength data and the analysis of microscopic features intrinsic to substances as a solution to the counterfeiting epidemic.  Read more


Chicago's Retailers - Feeling the Theft Impact
State Attorney Rejecting 69% Of Felony Retail Theft Cases

In a new report, CWB Chicago takes Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx to task for a recent spike in retail thefts across the city and in its busiest shopping corridors. Read more

Theft is a major risk for retailers using scan-and-go, expert says

But companies can mitigate that risk with additional layers of protection, including security cameras, customer notices and enhanced employee training. Read more

Boards and Execs Do Not See Risk the Same Way

The Institute of Internal Auditors released a report in which they examined corporate risk management: OnRisk 2020: A Guide to Understanding, Aligning, and Optimizing Risk. Read more

In a new report, CWB Chicago takes Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx to task for a recent spike in retail thefts across the city and in its busiest shopping corridors.


The D&D Daily's Exclusive - Publicly Reported
Q3 2019 'Retail Fatalities Report'

According to publicly reported data compile by the Daily, Q3 2019 retail fatalities increased by 34% since the third quarter of last year.  Read full report


D&D Daily's Most Read & Top Stories

Baltimore, MD: Mall workers express fear, anger at mall management, city officials after armed robbery

An armed robbery at the Mondawmin Mall has employees worried about their safety, but some staff and merchants said they were concerned long before.  Read more


The State of USA Retail: Apocalypse or Renaissance?

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer

Current digital trends are leading to a collision between the smartphone empowered consumer and retail theft opportunities.  Read more


Lululemon Workers Claim They Are Beaten

Bangladeshi female factory workers claim they are beaten and physically assaulted.  Read more

CNN's Critical Look at Target's Wages & Cut Hours

Some workers say the wage increases are not helping because their hours are falling, making it difficult to keep their health insurance and in some cases to pay their bills.  Read more

ADT Further Expands Mobile Reach with Lyft Partnership

ADT today announced a partnership to integrate mobile safety solutions into the Lyft platform.  Read more

'I'm Out': PG&E Blackouts Stagger Californians
No Power No POS - Food Spoilage - Curfews

The first two days of the shut-off for PG&E's residential and commercial customers could cost the state economy between $65 million and $2.5 billion.  Read more


Documents reveal details on Target's 'modernization' plan; Workers say it has backfired spectacularly

The modernization program has changed their stores for the worse, making their jobs unbearably stressful and, in some cases, unsafe.  Read more

Domino's Is Using A.I. Surveillance to Manage Store Performance

Domino's insisted that DOM Pizza Checker is not a surveillance technology but rather a training tool.  Read more


Chicago, IL: With Rise In Shoplifting, Some Retailers Criticize State's Attorney's Approach

Thefts from stores have been on the rise in Chicago for years - up 34 percent since the start of 2015.  Read more


Lowe's workers say morale is reaching an all-time low

They cited the eliminations of positions like loss prevention, maintenance, and assembly associates and more.  Read more

Seattle, WA: 'System Failure' report: Closer look at Seattle's broken justice system

The case of Seattle's Uwajimaya on 5th Avenue South is a representative example of what is, and isn't happening within a broken system.  Read more


California's Back in the Stone Age
Red Flag Warning: No Power No POS No Customers

Hundreds of thousands lost power when California's largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, shut down a vast web of electrical lines as a precaution against wildfires.  Read more

Top News

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A Look at the Pricing of Cybercrime Goods, Services
It should matter to security and risk professionals how much a digital stack of credit card numbers sells for within cybercrime communities.  Read more

Protecting Walmart: Q&A with Retail Cyber Security Veteran
In a Q&A interview with his new company Flashpoint, Mike talks about his 25+ years experience in the operations and security field.  Read more

'Mind Your Own Business Act'
Holds Corps, Execs Accountable with Steep Fines, Jail Time

Wyden's bill contains some of the most comprehensive protections for Americans' private data ever introduced, and goes further than Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Read more

History made: Walgreens takes off with first drone delivery
Walgreens is officially in flight with a pilot of on-demand drone deliveries in Virginia.  Read more

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$300K worth of sunglasses stolen after thieves cut holes in Tanger Outlets store wall

The suspects cut holes through the wall of the Sunglass Hut, stealing more than $300,000 worth of merchandise.  Read more


Orlando, FL: Disney World costume theft; ex-employee sold over $29k of stolen goods

Authorities have released photos and videos of costumes and other props that were reported stolen from Disney's Haunted Mansion.  Read more


Oro Valley, AZ: PCSD deputy arrested for organized retail theft, fraud schemes

"Basically it was like a barcode switch," she said. "He was allegedly scanning barcodes that were not consistent with the product."   Read more


Cheyenne, WY: Police Searching for Women in $18,000 Multi-State Theft Scheme

Cheyenne police are searching for three women who they say made $18,000 worth of fraudulent returns.  Read more


Bloomington, IN: Theft from Macy's leads to police pursuit, crash, felony arrests

A woman suspected of theft from Macy's crashed her car into another vehicle while being pursued by the Bloomington Police on Friday.  Read more


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