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Formerly Protection 1

Bob Oberosler on  ‘Want to be a Senior Leader - There's a Price’

Filmed and live streamed while Bob was the Group VP of LP for Rite Aid.

Engaging – Passionate - Straight Forward & Very Candid

In this LPNN interview, filmed & live streamed in NYC during an NRF Big Show, recently retired Bob Oberosler shared his thoughts on ‘the price one pays’ to become an industry senior leader and an icon in the industry.  

As a former VP of LP & SR. VP Ops with several successful retailers and the executive who started and initially built the Lowe’s LP effort, he’s traveled across the U.S. for his career, worked seven days a week building LP programs and more hours than he can count taking on extra projects and responsibilities to advance in his career.  Listen in on this thoughtful, fun interview and hear a real story of an executives’ rise to the top.

If there's an executive who's paid the price, Bob is the perfect model.

Rex Gillette, Vice President Sales at ADT Commercial:

Bob has been a great Partner of ADT Commercial over the years and outside of business, a close personal friend of mine.  On behalf of ADT Commercial, wishing Bob a well-deserved, healthy and happy retirement.

Hats off for Bob Oberosler – You made it a lot of fun!

Formerly Protection 1

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