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Delta Lock - Taking Locks to the Next Level

Alan Rabinowitz, Executive Vice President, Delta Lock
Bob Bonstrom, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Delta Lock

Delta Lock was founded on the belief and principles that make a positive difference with their customers and employees by understanding and meeting their respective needs. As a Total Solutions Provider, Delta Lock offers and supports Turnkey Products, mechanical and electronic locks, designed to meet customer requirements, applications, and how these products must work and function.

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Taking Mechanical and Electronic Locks to the Next Level Using AI Technology

In this first video, Alan Rabinowitz and Bob Bonstrom tell us about two new products Delta Lock is bringing to the market – Mobi, a retrofit “smart key”, and SAL, an electronic “invisible” lock.

Powered by artificial intelligence, these devices create audit trails in real-time to reduce shrinkage and provide both forensic and marketing analytics for retailers.

Delta Lock’s Differentiators: Customization, Universality and Total Turnkey Services

In this second video, Alan Rabinowitz and Bob Bonstrom tell us about the “Delta Difference” – a customer-first mantra that has helped Delta Lock become the industry leader in custom lock manufacturing.

Learn why they’ve been so successful over the years by always listening to the customer’s needs and exceeding expectations.

Open Sell Challenges and Solutions: Hook Locks and Hold Downs

In this third video, Alan Rabinowitz and Bob Bonstrom tell us how Delta Lock has responded to the challenge of “product sweeps” committed by shoplifters in stores with their Hook Locks and Hold Downs.

Learn how they can custom-design these solutions to meet their retail customers’ specific requirements.  

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