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Smart Retail Solutions Debuts ProfitTrax BI for Store Operations

 SCOTTSDALE, AZ: Smart Retail Solutions of Scottsdale, Arizona has released its all new ProfitTrax solution for Retail announcing it as a “new generation in Operational Business Intelligence for Profit Improvement.”

Joining Larry Miller at SRS as COO and VP of Customer Success is Dawn Gammon, formerly VP of Retail Consulting Services for Actionable Data Solutions (formerly SmartStore) who is currently doing business as Spark Analytics.

Smart Retail Solutions (SRS) is led by President & CEO Larry Miller, the founder of Shrink Trax (1991-2008) – a 25 Year Industry Leader in Retail Business Analytics, Store Operations Best Practices and Shrink Prevention for Sales and Profit Improvement. Smart Retail Solutions’ debut solution ProfitTrax is dedicated to serving Retail Operations, Loss Prevention and Merchandising with a simple mission: Helping Retailers to Run Better Stores.

ProfitTrax is a Business Intelligence Platform for Store Directors and Department Managers that simplifies and interprets storewide data and performs multi-dimensional correlations with a state-of-the-art “Data/Practices Correlator” Engine. Once data is imported, ProfitTrax decodes and translates the data into Plain English Diagnostic Narratives and Daily Action Statements that are distributed directly to store teams to fix sales and profit leaks while tracking store progress. SRS has found that their solution positively modifies user behavior to produce real, sustainable Sales and Profit Growth.

According to SRS President & CEO, Larry Miller, “We believe that true Business Intelligence occurs when there is a convergence of People, Analytics and Practices that achieve a simple, repeatable and sustainable change in the way store teams can consistently grow sales and profit. Simply: most Business Intelligence of the last 5 years is not very intelligent. ProfitTrax changes that.”

Dawn Gammon, had this to say: “Store Managers are constantly being asked to more and more with less and less. We designed ProfitTrax to lighten their daily lift, provide clear focus on the vital best practices for sales and profit growth, and make technology a friend of store teams, loss prevention and merchandisers in all segments of retail.”

Retailers at recent NGA and FMI conventions had these comments: “This is a very exciting step forward in operational BI and Best Practices. When I first saw ProfitTrax I thought it evolutionary, but it’s actually revolutionary. This will give us real benefits in a tight labor market, I’ve never seen any other program that does this. ProfitTrax is different and will really help Managers operate smarter.”

About Smart Retail Solutions
The SRS Team of Retail Operations and Loss Prevention Experts guarantee Profit Improvement and Compounding ROI. They sum-up their retailer success formula as: People + Analytics + Best Practices = Profit Improvement.

ProfitTrax BI is the only Advanced Analytics Software with Embedded Operational Best Practices, Plain English Analytics, and Action Alerts. SRS trains Store Managers to use the ProfitTrax BI software in conjunction with their Total Store Manager Best Practice program to achieve store performance improvement and sustainable profit gains.

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