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Spotlight on Leadership

Dedicated to Improving LP Operations through Technology

Matthew Sack, CEO of Best Security Industries (BSI) has always been fascinated with technology and how it could be used to improve business operations and solve problems. When Macy's recognized his technical savvy and recruited him to join the company nearly 30 years ago, he felt that his IT and Systems background could be an asset to Retail Loss Prevention. Sack was excited to see how new systems and technology could be used to define and combat shortage. 

During his 12 year tenure with Macy's, he held a number of positions including Vice President of Administration, Director of Administration, Manager of Systems and Manager of Fraud. His primary focus was on developing and refining various technology applications and programs for the Loss Prevention, Risk Management and IT areas.

Upon leaving Macy's, Sack joined RuMe Corporation as its President and oversaw the growth of that company. At the time, RuME was best known for providing refurbished electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems and accessories. He also created a leading interactive training company providing patented e-learning to the safety, inventory and loss prevention industry. 

As CEO of BSI and President/CEO of BSA, LLC, a rollup of companies from Blackford Capital and Convergent Capital, Sack still relies on those lessons learned in the early days of his career with Macy's. He strongly believes that technology and data analytics can help retailers define programs that can deliver more productive results for their companies. He holds customer service and relationships in the retail community to be one of a company's most valuable possessions and that by working together everyone comes out a winner.

Another cornerstone of the BSI operations is its certified, pre-owned EAS systems and accessories. Sack has built part of his company on helping retailers realize that their LP assets retain their value for many years and showing them ways to achieve an even greater ROI through reconditioned and refurbished solutions. 

Under Sack's direction, BSI is committed to providing retailers with options for their loss prevention programs. In addition to offering certified, pre-owned EAS systems and accessories, the company also offers Private Label New EAS systems in both RF and AM frequencies, custom engineered IP Video solutions with analytics and a host of specialized services.


These specialized services include an express exchange or repair programs where retailers can send in detachers or deactivators to be repaired or replaced often times with a one day turn around. It offers a Depot program that will remove EAS systems and accessories from closed locations, refurbish them to original manufacturers' specifications and warehouse/depot the inventory until it is needed in new locations. BSI also will buy legacy EAS systems and components or accept trade-ins on new solutions.

Finally, keeping to his mantra of solving shrink problems through the use of technology, Sack and his team recently introduced their new BSI Connect family of services targeted toward curtailing ORC and other crimes against retailers. 

BSI Cloud Connect is a new hosted video solution specifically designed for retail applications. BSI Notifyentails a smart shelf application that can sense and alert on potential ORC activities such as shelf sweeping.BSI Tracking utilizes GPS based anti-theft tags to track and report on the location of expensive, high-end merchandise. And rounding out the series is BSI EAS Manager, a remote diagnostics and reporting tool.

By embracing technology, both new and old, BSI is dedicated to helping retailers improve their bottom line.

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