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Group Vendor Selfies

Pride in Partnership!

Submit Your Vendor Team Photo Here

Like taking selfies? Submit a group selfie of you and your solution provider team.
Show the LP community your pride!

For $250, here's what you get:     

  •  Your Group Selfie published on the D&D Daily and on (with your logo, tagline/slogan, names and a 100-word-or-less company description).     

  • Your Group Selfie included in various 'Get LP Social' collages published by the Daily and also included in a V-Newsletter e-blast planned for later this year.     

  • Your Group Selfie made into an 11" x 14" plaque (professionally laminated and mounted on mahogany board) - mailed to you so you can hang it up on your wall for when LP visits your office!      


There are a limited number of spots available so let us know if you are interested and we'll get started on production!

*Photo and Logo Requirements for Receiving a Plaque:

Please submit a high resolution photo (300 dpi) and logo, both at 7" wide for your printed plaque, and if you have a tagline or slogan either from your team or from the company, please send it to us as well for inclusion on the plaque and on this website.

Group Vendor Selfie Team Submissions


January 28, 2016

The Profitect Team at the 2016 NRF Big Show

Profitect is the leading provider of prescriptive analytics. They offer a suite of solutions to help retailers easily understand and act on their data to reduce profit leakage at all levels of the organization. The Profitect solution identifies the root cause of inventory distortion, operational risk, shrink/waste/damage, process compliance, etc., and provides actions that allow retailers to move quickly to prevent profit leakage from fraud, organized retail crime, operations risk, internal and external shrink; improving sales and profitability.

January 27, 2016

Protection 1, Solink, Access

2016 Axcess Financial Annual Risk Team Meeting

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Protection 1: Jeff Autry, NAM; Aaron Rogers, Director of Risk; Clinton Vaughn, Manager of Security; Ryan Klompus, AVP National Accounts; Lisa Ciappetta, Sr. Director Marketing Technology

SOLINK: Chad Richards, Manager of Investigations; Aaron Rogers, Director of Risk; Mike Matta, CEO SOLINK; Guy Bisson, Director of Field Services SOLINK

Axcess Financial Risk Team: Shane Owings, DRM; Brian Cramer, DRM; Chad Richards, Investigations; Rick Pennington, VP; Aaron Rogers, DIR; Scott Johnson, Regional; Shannon Towe, DRM; Jennifer Nunn, Security; Troy Cox, Regional; Adrian Contreras, Regional; Darin Lee, Regional; Clinton Vaughn, Security; Pete Nguyen, Manager of Online; Megan Simkus, ARM; Lora Fisher, Investigator; Channa Jarrells, OPS; Marikka Joseph, Investigator; Jackie Gregory, Regional; Maria Torres, Regional; Greg McDermitt, Investigator.

December 23, 2015

InstaKey Dec 23

"Happy Holidays from all of us at InstaKey!"

InstaKey's specialized programs are designed to provide the most efficient and cost effective means possible for managing and administering mechanical locks and keys, regardless of the size or complexity of the Client's keyed environment. By incorporating proven key control cornerstones, we have developed specific marketplace best practices to create program stability, consistency, and cost savings for all of our clients. Learn more at

November 5, 2015

InstaKey Nov 5

Making KeyControl Simple

Personnel (back row, left to right): AJ Sexton, Scott Serani, Kevin Nuss, Ryan Carter LPQ, Tony Seep.
(2nd row from back, left to right): Tom Wolf, Scott Crull LPQ, George Woodruff LPQ, Monica Huff, Dominick Blum, Zach Merling, Eddie Borrego.
(2nd row from front, left to right): Karen Merling, Jessica Lewis, Frank "Fig" Newton, Richard King, James Manzanares, Cita Doyle LPQ, Martha Munoz, Mark Hermansen, Ben Smith, Bill Ryan.
(front row, left to right): Bill Carter, Inez Munoz, Scott Taylor, Jesse Larson LPQ, Sheryl Blish, Ashley Wulf, Jessica Mena.
Not pictured: Tina Molloy & Kevin Venezio.
InstaKey's specialized programs are designed to provide the most efficient and cost effective means possible for managing and administering mechanical locks and keys, regardless of the size or complexity of the Client's keyed environment. By incorporating proven key control cornerstones, we have developed specific marketplace best practices to create program stability, consistency, and cost savings for all of our clients. Learn more at

October 7, 2015


InfoMart: Informing better hiring decisions for more than 26 years

Left to right: Mike Swilley; Chip Esposito; Adam Townsend; Tammy Cohen; JB Wilson; Patrick Kennedy; Julius Williams; Dan Gordon; Amber Soley; Erica Clausen-Lee.

InfoMart is an industry leader in background screening services that has been informing better hiring decisions for over 25 years. InfoMart is a pioneer in developing innovative technology and screening services, from criminal history searches to verifications of employment. Accredited by the National Association of Professional Background screeners (NAPBS), a designation earned by only 10% of the industry, InfoMart has also been recognized on Security Magazine's Security 500 and Workforce Magazine's Hot List of Professional Background Screeners. The company prides itself on its customer dedication, technological innovation, and accurate reporting. For more information about InfoMart, please visit

October 2, 2015


The Agilence Community Coming Together

Retail 20/20 users and members of the Agilence team gather on the steps of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia during their second annual user conference. Every year Agilence brings their family of users together to share success stories, exchange tips and tricks, learn unique uses of the application, and network with like-minded professionals. Users also had the opportunity to meet face to face with Agilence developers, creating a direct line of communication between the people who use the application and the people who create it.

Agilence is an industry leader in data analytics and reporting solutions for operations and loss prevention. Agilence develops the cloud based 20/20 reporting solution, a highly flexible and powerful application that provides organizations with a complete view of their business, allowing them to increase efficiency and prevent fraud across the enterprise.

October 1, 2015

Monument Security

Monument Security's 
Group Vendor Selfie

Monument Security is a national provider of loss prevention agents, investigative services, and security guards. We maintain the same local customer service and the highest standards that our clients have come to expect throughout the United States. With Monument Security you have the confidence of knowing our management teams have the experience to rise to every security challenge you face, while at the same time you have the comfort of partnering with an organization that takes your security as personally as you do. Visit us at

March 16, 2015


Retail Background Screening,
Drug Testing &
Onboarding Solutions

Front row - left to right: Brad Carlson, Raymond Conrad, Alicia Jones, Matt Robbins, Rod Puterbaugh, Marinell Harper, Jaime Blalock, Patrick Espie, Bethany Hysmith, Lori Webb
Middle row - left to right: Chris Lemens, Shane Solheim, Sabrina Champagne, Nate Gableman, Joe Kurta, Sharon Mann, Craig Kessler, David Bartley, June Davis, Steve Walter, Neil Schulman
Back row - left to right: Brantley Evans, Morgan Hayes, Jim Dammann, Allison Sestak, Albert Bueno, John Lawrence

GIS provides LP and hiring solutions, including background screening, drug testing and onboarding, to some of the world's largest retailers. In our drive to be your partner, not just your provider, we use our 49 years of experience to guide you to the solutions that meet your needs. Part of this is our annual Retail Industry Background Screening Benchmarking Report. To ensure that your niche is represented, be entered to win a prize, and receive extra content plus an advanced copy of the report once it's available, take our survey at

February 10, 2015


eConnect Inc

Big Data Meets Video

Left to Right: Craig Frizzell, Robert Conde, Marcus Kelley, Paul Bitters

eConnect is a cutting-edge technology company that improves businesses' profits through data and video intelligence analytics. The company uses digital video surveillance to view financial transactions and uses behavioral analysis from point-of-sale (POS), casino systems, people counting and other data sources to help business operators directly improve profitability. eConnect offers measurable ROI within months of system deployment. The software tools are world-renowned for their ability to discover previously unknown problems, thereby reducing financial losses and improving operational efficiency. For more information visit

February 2, 2015

shortcircuit electronics

Short Circuit Electronics, Inc.

"Prepare, Perform, Prevail"

Front Row Kneeling: Phil Michael, Director of IT; Jacque Judon, Technical Support Representative; Jennifer Graves, Customer Service Supervisor; Danielle Hoover, Technical Support Representative; Natalie Schwartz, Field Service Supervisor; Brett Rains, Technical Support Representative; Lili Granger, Accounts Payable Clerk; Brandi Dameron, Billing Specialist

Second Row: Susan Kattner, Technical Support Representative; Nikki Mobley, Technical Support Representative; Steve Hornbeck, National Accounts Manager; Tom Capranica, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor; John Kupka, Repair Technician; Doug Taylor, National Accounts Manager; Stacy Derks, Technical Support Representative

Third Row: Rob Wright, Repair Technician; Mark Barrett, Repair Technician; Chrissy Miller, Customer Service Supervisor; Don Stroh, Director of Business Development; Jason Hamlin, Shipping and Receiving Clerk; Matt Setter, Technical Support Representative; Rich Adams, Director of Operations; Nate Wetmore, Application Engineering; Mike McCluskey, Repair Supervisor; Ed Campbell, Technical Support Representative; David Israel, Vice President; Clark Hart, Purchasing Coordinator; Jeff Rogers, Technical Support Representative; Lance Overfield, Technical Support Representative; Susan Kennedy, Technical Support Representative

The Short Circuit Electronics team, founded in 1988, is based out of Kansas City and provides CCTV equipment installation, removal, on-site service and repair for 73 national organizations at over 75,000 locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Each number on a team member's jersey represents the year they joined the company.

January 22, 2015

se-kure controls

Celebrating Se-Kure Controls 50th Business Anniversary

Bill Titus, Price Waterhouse Coopers; Gus Downing; Roger Leyden, Se-Kure Controls; Greg Saputo, Se-Kure Controls

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