Whitelist Instructions

After you've subscribed to The D&D Daily eNews, we want to make sure you get your daily newsletter in the right place, so here are a few tips for ensuring our emails make it to your inbox based upon your email provider

For all providers, be sure to add "d-ddaily@downing-downing.com" to your contact list.


  • Choose Contacts (from left hand side 'Mail' drop-down)

  • Choose New Contact (right hand side)

  • Enter d-ddaily@downing-downing.com into the "Email" field

If you ever find an email from the D&D Daily in your Spam folder,

  • Check the box next to the D&D Daily message(s)

  • Choose Not Spam at the top

If you are using the tabbed inbox, the daily emails may be pushed to the 'Promotions' tab. To get updates from The D&D Daily direct to your primary inbox:

  • Drag and drop your newsletter to that tab.

  • If you get the prompt "This conversation has been moved to Primary. Do this for all future messages from d-ddaily@downing-downing.com (D&D Daily)?", select Yes.

  • If using mobile, select the newsletter in your inbox, tap move from the dropdown menu and select Primary

Outlook 2003 (or higher)

  • Open your newsletter

  • Select, Add the Domain @downing-downing.com to Safe Senders List


  • Right-click on the newsletter (in the list of emails).

  • Click Junk E-mail.

  • Click Add Sender to Safe Senders List to finish.

Android devices

  • Open your newsletter

  • Tap Add to Contacts

  • Select OK

iOS devices

If you have any issues or questions about this, feel free to email us at info@downing-downing.com.

Have a different email provider?

Instructions not working for you?

Constant Contact offers a complete list
with clear instructions!


If your company has an internal IT department, Constant Contact offers a list of IP addresses they use to send out mail blasts. Send this page link to them and they can ensure everyone in your company receives the D&D Daily News every business day!

Mail from Constant Contact can be found by the following characteristics for whitelisting:

"Envelope from:" domains:


Sending IPs:

All mail from Constant Contact is sent from:

IP Range: -

Specific IPs sending from this range:          coi001.confirmedcc.com          coi002.confirmedcc.com          coi003.confirmedcc.com          coi004.confirmedcc.com     coi104.confirmedcc.com     coi103.confirmedcc.com     ccm22.constantcontact.com     ccm23.constantcontact.com     ccm24.constantcontact.com     ccm25.constantcontact.com     ccm134.constantcontact.com     ccm135.constantcontact.com     ccm26.constantcontact.com     ccm27.constantcontact.com     ccm38.constantcontact.com     ccm39.constantcontact.com     ccm165.constantcontact.com     ccm166.constantcontact.com     ccm167.constantcontact.com     ccm168.constantcontact.com     ccm169.constantcontact.com     ccm170.constantcontact.com     ccm171.constantcontact.com     ccm172.constantcontact.com     ccm173.constantcontact.com     ccm174.constantcontact.com     ccm175.constantcontact.com     ccm176.constantcontact.com     ccm177.constantcontact.com     ccm178.constantcontact.com

Specific IPs sending from this range:     ccm179.constantcontact.com     ccm180.constantcontact.com     ccm181.constantcontact.com     ccm182.constantcontact.com     ccm183.constantcontact.com     ccm184.constantcontact.com     ccm185.constantcontact.com     ccm186.constantcontact.com     ccm33.constantcontact.com     ccm34.constantcontact.com     ccm35.constantcontact.com     ccm36.constantcontact.com     ccm197.constantcontact.com     ccm198.constantcontact.com     ccm200.constantcontact.com     ccm201.constantcontact.com     ccm202.constantcontact.com     ccm29.constantcontact.com     ccm30.constantcontact.com     ccm31.constantcontact.com     ccm32.constantcontact.com     ccm229.constantcontact.com     ccm230.constantcontact.com     ccm231.constantcontact.com     ccm232.constantcontact.com     ccm233.constantcontact.com     ccm234.constantcontact.com     ccm235.constantcontact.com     ccm236.constantcontact.com     ccm37.constantcontact.com